Law firm groups

The many groups of UK and international law firms who work together to provide coherent, and often cross-border, legal services.

The AEA International Lawyers Network cover most of the world´s countries. The network has its origin within the European Union and with time, has been expanding to the remaining countries in the world, beginning with the countries that not yet belong to the EU, and followed by the majority of countries of America, Asia and Africa. All the members of the Association gather once a year in a Congress that takes place on a rotary basis in the 27 countries of the EU.

The Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL) is an expanding group of primarily small to medium size law firms with a membership of over 40 law firms operating in more than 30 countries worldwide. Firms provide a full service in all business related legal matters. ABL has an association with Integra International, a worldwide group of accountants, and through this cooperation ABL law firms are able to provide a one stop shop for clients in their international business activities.

Advoc, The International Network of Independent Lawyers, provides access to legal services across frontiers, throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They have over 80 members in more than 60 countries worldwide

Association of European Lawyers The Association of European Lawyers (AEL) was created in 1989 with the object of providing readily available expert services across Europe. Originally established by the combining of resources of five leading law firms in the UK, a network of correspondent firms throughout Europe has been developed, offering a broad range of legal services for business, with high standards of care and efficiency.

Association of Independent European Lawyers is a network of English speaking legal firms across the EU which refer and interact on behalf of clients over the various legal systems. Border countries are included and referrals are available to the expanding Eastern European Markets.

Avrio Advocati is a European based network of law firms, covering practically every major European city. The object of the association is to develop, on European basis, the exchange of the professional know-how, foster legal co-operation as well as legal research on European and international issues. Activities include organization of conferences, website platforms and publications. All activity is dedicated to facilitation of the cross-border legal work on pan-European and world-wide basis.

The Bridge Group is a non-exclusive network of law firms in the United States, England, France, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. The Bridge Group members are all independent firms but they are able to call upon the expertise and services of other group members in order to most efficiently and professionally represent each client.

CMS is a “transnational” legal services organisation, involving (in the UK) Cameron McKenna which now calls itself CMS Cameron McKenna. The site says “As one of the world’s largest legal groups, CMS has the resources and experience to advise on cross-border transactions and address multi-jurisdictional legal issues, backed up by strong domestic practices.”

Commercial Law Group (CLG) has over 400 commercial lawyers providing in-depth knowledge and commercial law expertise throughout Europe. Their 16 member firms ensure personal access to local as well as cross-border and international skills and expertise in all areas of law. Established in 1992, they have continued to build on the success of their member firms and they meet twice a year so as to reinforce their knowledge, understanding and co-operation.

D5 – Excellence in Family Law is a national association of leading niche family law firms working together to combine expertise and knowledge, sharing aims and objectives and promoting excellence in family law for their clients. The group ensures the highest level of staff training and, together, the network ensures that high quality family law expertise is available throughout the country.

Debt Collection Lawyers was established in The Netherlands in March 2011. The site gives information about debt collection in different countries and gives information abouw law firms that are specialized in debt collection or have a dedicated debt collection department.

Eurojuris International – a grouping of over 720 law firms in 18 countries throughout Europe and Scandinavia and covering 650 different cities/locations. The group is composed of 18 national EUROJURIS Associations, bringing together medium-sized law firms from its country.

Euro-Link for Lawyers is now World Link for Law – see below.

European Law Firm – a grouping of EU law firms and non-EU associate members offering legal services throughout the European Union, and across its internal and external frontiers. It brings together some 380 lawyers practising in all areas of business law.

Euro-American Lawyers Group is an International Association of law firms in the US and Europe. Since its inception in 1985 EALG has steadily developed, and now comprises appr 400 lawyers working in 28 different jurisdictions. Each member has their own network of local contacts. With members throughout Europe, Scandinavia, the United States and Central America, EALG provides excellent communication to many of the important commercial centres of the world.

Fidelis International is an informal network of law firms whose members satisfy the criteria of being responsive, commercially minded firms, experienced in handling transactions on behalf of overseas clients and willing to work quickly and efficiently with other member firms to achieve clients objectives. Fidelis International enables law firms to provide services to overseas clients with legal and commercial interests in either the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

Globalaw is a non-exclusive worldwide network of 108 independent law firms, with over 4,500 lawyers located in 160 cities. Its central purpose is to provide the clients of its members with an international legal resource. Globalaw also provides local expertise, lawyer exchanges, connections with local business networks and global friendship. In short, the aim is to develop an effective global legal community.

Integrated Advisory Group International (iag) is a multi-disciplinary group, including lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, real estate advisors, fiduciaries and others. The group is designed for the business person or private individual with cross border transactions or investments to execute or manage.

International Correspondence Lawyers is a directory provided by a German publisher Daten Info Service Eibl GmbH. The directory provides lawyers worldwide with an opportunity to present their company details, correspondence languages and fields of expertise. There is also an associated directory of financial advisors and tax consultants. The site also provides general information on tax rates, legal forms of companies and requirements for setting up a company in more than 70 countries. There is also a section called Law National Organizations which lists significant organisations (Bar Associations, Law Societies, Courts, Parliament, legislation) for all these countries which would be a good starting point for any search relating to legal information. There is a similar listing of International Law Organizations.

IFLR 1000 is an international legal directory of the world’s leading financial law firms. It ranks firms that specialise in financial law in 115 jurisdictions, providing information about recommended firms and highlighting expert individuals. Law firms have the option to take out listings.

International Bar Association, founded in 1947, is the world’s largest international organisation of Law Societies, Bar Associations and individual lawyers engaged in international law. It is composed of over 18,000 individual lawyer members in 183 countries and 173 Law Societies and Bar Associations together representing more than 2.5 million lawyers.

Interlaw, founded in 1981, is an international organization of independent law firms. Today its members number over fifty-four firms and over 3,300 attorneys, with offices in over one hundred major cities spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific regions.

International Alliance of Law Firms (previously known as the Association of Commercial Lawyers International, ACL International) is a network of 56 Member firms in 40 countries. The common aim of the Member firms is to combine positive legal advice with sound commercial judgment and litigation expertise when required. Each Member of the Alliance is an individual law firm which is responsible only for the work which it carries out.

International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) brings together over 100 independent law, tax and consultancy firms with more than 1300 professionals from across the globe. Operating under the auspices of the Center for International Legal Studies, the IBLC cultivates and manages transnational legal knowledge to promote efficient and effective professional services. IBLC members translate local expertise into transnational capabilities. Each IBLC member firm combines its local acumen with international perspective and relationships for the effective and efficient delivery of independent advice and concerted transnational representation — meaning better results for businesses, communities and individuals.

International Bar Association (IBA), established in 1947, is the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. The IBA influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession throughout the world. It has a membership of 30,000 individual lawyers and more than 195 bar associations and law societies spanning all continents. It has considerable expertise in providing assistance to the global legal community.

International Bar Association pro bono website has been created by the International Bar Association “to bring together the global community of professionals of every level who are involved in pro bono legal work on a local and on an international scale.” It is a very comprehensive site with resources (for example, papers from conferences), articles written especially for the web site, information on events, discussion groups and various useful sets of links to other legal bodies worldwide.

International Format Lawyers Association (IFLA) was founded in 2004 by specialist media and entertainment lawyers Dr Marc Heinkelein and Jonathan Coad. They identified the need for the television industry to have access to an international network of leading format lawyers in order to be able to protect the creative and financial investment that goes into developing internationally successful television formats. The IFLA seeks to establish adequate worldwide protection for the multi billion dollar trade in television formats which has now existed for over 50 years so that the creators,and developers of television formats receive appropriate recognition and revenue in the form of license fees from this important source of innovative televison programmes. All IFLA members will be acknowledged experts in the key fields of copyright, passing off and unfair competition; they will have substantial experience of the television industry, and the various legal issues arising from format disputes and transactions. They will also be fluent in English.

Islamic Finance Lawyers (iSfin) is the world’s leading network of Islamic Finance law specialists. The members are all specialists from elite law firms with an international focus and deep understanding of islamic finance. Each member is admitted only after substantial due diligence and peer review procedures. iSfin is a global organization of legal practitioners working in member firms, each of which is an independent legal entity. The alliance covers more than 60 jurisdictions around the world.

Ius Laboris is an alliance of leading law firms, providing specialist services in employment, labor, pensions and employee benefits law primarily for employers. The Alliance is based in Belgium, covering most of the major European jurisdictions and North and South America. Ius laboris now covers 48 cities in 12 countries, with 800 lawyers specialised in these fast moving areas of law and practice. It is the largest group of independent and specialist lawyers ever brought together within this niche practice.

Law Europe International originally came into existence in 1991 as a very loose grouping of a number of internationally minded law firms from some of the member states of the European Union. It soon became clear, however, that its initial objective, the facilitating of cooperation, would benefit from a more formal structure and in 1993 Law Europe was registered in England as a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). The group currently has members in most states of the European Union providing representation across Europe and in due course will recruit member firms in the remaining states. It has also developed strong links with transatlantic law firms.

LawGroup UK – national network of independent solicitors’ firms. The group comprises more than 80 firms and over 200 offices throughout the UK with over 1,000 qualified solicitors.

LAWrope was one of the first of the current trend of international associations of firms which, with a proven track record and a professional reputation, have coordinated their services to offer a complete and international structure with a quality guarantee.

LawNet is a major grouping of firms in many locations throughout the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the Channel slands.

Law South is group of 10 major firms in the South of England which aims to promote best practice within the member firms and assist them in fulfilling their business goals. Each firm in the group is committed to delivering high quality legal services to a range of individual and commercial clients.

Leaders in Law is a UK national law firm network combining the expert knowledge, experience and reputation of some of the country’s top firms. They are currently recruiting like-minded solicitors in many towns and cities across the UK. There is a full business start-up package including business training, all the latest in compliance technology, support plus the backing and lead generation of a national brand.

Legal Counsel International is a network of individual lawyers and law firms which have significant experience and a practical approach to international business transactions and cross border commercial ventures. LCI’s member lawyers are dedicated to providing creative legal and business solutions with a high degree of personal service to companies, individuals and law firms worldwide.

Lexicom is a network of independent commercial law firms based mainly in Europe who have grouped together so as to enhance their legal services to their clients. They seek to attract new clients who wish for a legal service in different European jurisdictions who want to use small to medium sized independent legal practices who emphasise personal service, rather than one large pan-European organisation which may not be so in tune with the client’s objectives.

LexLINK is an international network of lawyers engaged in general practise. Each member of LEXLINK is authorised to practice law within their own country and can provide services there for clients of other members using at least English as a language to conduct matters of corporate and business law, international transactions, commercial ligitation, arbitration and taxation. The members meet annually and otherwise instruct one another on behalf of clients as and when required.

Lex Mundi is a leading association of independent law firms. Member firms are present in 160 countries, states and provinces, with more than 21,000 member firm lawyers worldwide. Membership provides its member firms with extensive global reach and access to legal resources and expertise that enhance their ability to serve their clients. Working together, Lex Mundi member firms are able to provide cost-effective solutions for clients just about anywhere on the globe. Member selection criteria are very stringent. Each Lex Mundi member firm is committed to uniform service standards that provide clients with consistency and confidence.

Mackrell International is one of the world’s first, and most innovative, associations of independent lawyers. Its global network of more than 55 law firms in 32 countries is committed to providing immediate legal advice and assistance wherever in the world it is needed. Law firms are only invited to join if they have demonstrated through working with existing members that their expertise and concern for clients matches the organisation’s exacting standards of integrity and competence.

Matrix International is a group of independent and specialist lawyers covering a wide range of areas of law. They can provide representation in a dispute resolution forum or expert advice on the issues of a case. Matrix has worked in over one hundred countries and are regularly instructed by solicitors, in-house counsel, governments, multinational corporations, international organisations, NGOs and individuals. There are around 80 members of the organisation of which most are barristers. Between them, they speak 12 languages including French, Russian, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic. They have offices in London and Geneva. The UK part of the organisation is Matrix Chambers.

Meritas is a worldwide alliance of nearly 200 independent business law firms with a 12-year record of successful cooperation. Meritas firms offer clients the ability to access high quality legal service worldwide supported by a common technology platform. The firms are subject to a rigorous selection and ongoing monitoring process.

Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) is an association of solicitors’ firms with experience and expertise in the handling of motor accident claims. Member firms are located throughout the UK. The site provides a list of firms which are part of MASS and which can be searched by region.

MSI Global Alliance (previously MSI Legal & Accounting Network Worldwide) is one of the world’s largest networks of independent legal and accounting firms, with over 250 member firms in 100 countries throughout Africa, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America. MSI was formed in 1990 in response to the growing need for cross-border co-operation between professional service firms.

Multilaw is are an association of independent law Firms encompassing over 6000 lawyers in more than 150 commercial centres around the world. The group was founded in 1990 on the premise that a number of carefully selected independent law firms can work together to fulfil clients’ international needs.

PLG International Lawyers (PLG) was founded in November 1988 by lawyers from Great Britain, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy and was Europe’s first integrated international law practice taking the form of a European Economic Interest Grouping. Through a network of independent medium-sized law firms, PLG firms offer all the benefits of a big global firm, while giving clients the advantage of working with traditional local firms, in which partners still keep the personal contact and relationship with their clients. Although originally membership was limited to EU countries, today PLG International Lawyers is present in 25 countries around the world.

South East Europe Legal Group (SEE Legal) is an organisation of leading independent law firms from 10 South East European Countries. Each member firm is an independent law firm and provides professional services on an individual basis.

Solicitors for Independent Financial Advice is open to all law firms which are authorised to conduct investment business or are proposing to become authorised and to firms of financial advisors which are owned by firms of solicitors.

Tax Planet is a global network of legal and accounting professionals focusing on tax (domestic and international). International tax work without a global team of professionals is virtually impossible, even for SMEs and individuals. Tax Planet strives to achieve a global presence in numerous countries with the size of the team in proportion to a country’s size, complexity and international impact. The site has a research section containing mainly tax and tax-related links and information on countries, international organisations and global issues. There are many deep-links to selected pages with useful contents to facilitate research work.

TCS Group International has over 25 years’ experience acting for both private and professional clients incorporating all types of UK companies and providing associated services. They can provide not only UK and International company formation and support services but also legal services in addition to accountancy and tax advice enabling them to act in all aspects of a client’s affairs.

Transatlantic Law International is a specialized international business law service with offices and affiliates throughout Europe, as well as in New York, whose focus is to provide cost effective, business and legal solutions for U.S. and European companies and investors seeking growth, investment or restructuring of operations in the European region (including Eastern Europe and the Middle East). With a full range of legal and related business services, they are specialized in cross border mergers and acquisitions, restructurings and corporate projects, as well as in managing general commercial and regulatory needs consistently across borders.

World Link for Law is a leading international association of law firms. It was established as Euro-Link for Lawyers in the late 1980s and now comprises a network of 70 law firms with 80 offices in 47 countries worldwide. It is one of the largest international law networks in the world. It is formed as an association in Zurich and there are also regional centre firms in Hong Kong, Sao Paulo and Chicago. Their web site provides free business information (country by country) in relation to company formation options, debt collection and enforcement, commercial property acquisition and labour law. They also provide World Trade Links, a business matchmaking service.