Road traffic law, driving law and car crime

Carter Moore Solicitors(CM) are specialist road traffic solicitors dedicated to defending drivers charged with road traffic offences. There is extensive available on the site covering all types of offence, the likely outcome and what the person can do to make the best of the situation.

Hammond Trotter, Solicitors, provide information on different types of driving offence – and defence.

Driving Law is a company providing extensive free information on different types of driving offence and what action to take. They also provide a free initial answer to a query by email and/or a fixed price phone conversation (up to 30 minutes) with a qualified solicitor or barrister.

Hewitts Solicitors have a specialised site Motor and Transport Law which provides information and guidance on many motoring offences. They also provide a Freephone 24 hour advice line for urgent advice.

Motor Defence Solicitors offer a comprehensive database of offence information with details of the relevant penalties and summary information on possible defences. Topics include Reversing on a Motorway, Pillion Riding, Number Plate Offences and Parking at Night. The provide information on the site and then expert legal assistance in dealing with any Fixed Penalty Notice, Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), driver identity questionnaires, speeding tickets and prosecution for all levels of road traffic and motoring offences. They also have an additional site White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors.

MJP of Liverpool and Birkenhead, have a great deal of information on their web site on different types of motoring offence – speeding, careless driving, drug driving, excess alcohol, failure to stop, no insurance etc.

Motoring Offences Specialists is a site with lots of information on these topics from Norrie Waite & Slater of Sheffield, Rotherham and Killamarsh.

Geoffrey Miller of Manchester has two extensive specialised sites,, subtitled “Defending Drivers Nationwide” and, a specialised site for alcohol related offences. Each of these sites has a massive amount of useful (free) information which would provide essential reading for someone with a problem in these areas. They provide a free telephone assessment of a case, including evenings or weekends. They also provide information (in cooperation with legal publisher Lawpack) on fighting lesser motoring offences and parking tickets.

Motoring Lawyers Online, from Solicitors Forrest Williams, provide information on Speeding, Drink Driving, 12 Points Totting Up, Careless Driving, Dangerous Driving and other offences. As well as information on the site there is a blog called Motoring Solicitors with regular postings about Speeding, Drink Driving and Motoring Law.

Patterson Law – Newton Abbot, provide a great deal of information about different types of road traffic offence and how the system works.

Roadside Lawyer provides free legal guidance online on all aspects of road law in the UK, both for accidents and if accused of a motoring offence. You fill in your question online in a special form and the answer is returned to you. Questions and answers (without personal details) are also published on the site. The service is free.

Rothera Sharp – Nottingham have a special site which provides information on what you can do to keep your licence.

Stephen Oldham (“The Driving Solicitor”)- Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, provides information on driving offences of all kinds, with nationwide coverage.

Motoring law in Scotland

McSporrans are Edinburgh Solicitors & Legal Aid lawyers specialising in all types of criminal defence, with a particular expertise in road traffic offences. There is a great deal of free background information about road traffic law, speeding, drink driving and related topics on the site.

Nationwide Road Traffic Lawyers provide information and assistance to drivers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and throughout Scotland. Led by experienced Scottish defence lawyer Euan Cameron. is a Glasgow firm run by solicitor Richard Freeman. The site offers a great deal of detailed information on many types of road traffic offence. There is a 24 hour freephone help service. is a Glasgow firm run by solicitor Graham Walker. Their lawyers have over 30 years of experience in criminal defence work between them. They deal exclusively in road traffic law. The site offers a great deal of free information on road traffic law in Scotland and how to protect your licence. They will provide a free assessment of your case. is a site from Glasgow firm Michael Lyon. The firm covers traffic cases throughout Scotland from drink driving to speeding. They will provide free initial advice/assessment.

Scottish Driving Law of Annan, Dumfries and Galloway, provides a great deal of information about different types of offence, aspects of pleading guilty or not guilty and all about penalty points.