Citizens Advice provides information on housing matters.

Shelter provides housing advice in England, with sections on Homelessness, Private renting, Tenancy deposits, Repossession, Eviction, Repairs, Housing benefit, Council housing and other topics. For advice in Scotland, start here.

Coventry Law Centre provides information on housing, welfare benefits and employment, particularly (obviously) in Coventry. There is also a very extensive set of links on legal advice centres and resources across the UK here.

Nicholas Nicol, Barrister & Mediator of 1 Pump Court, specialises in housing, property and public law and offers case briefings and articles in those areas. He covers the resources available relating to the security and condition of a house/home not owned by the resident, including landlord and tenant law, mortgages, the law relating to homeless people, housing allocation and housing conditions. He also provides a very useful section on Housing resources generally.

Landlord-Law is a membership service for residential landlords and tenants from solicitor Tessa Shepperson. She provides “packaged” advice to landlords and also to tenants. For example, there are documents and forms which can be filled in online, an extensive set of FAQ’s (based on real questions sent in to Tessa), a number of interactive “trails” allowing users to find the answer to problems by question and answer, and a Q and A page where readers questions are answered. Part of the site is free but access to documents and more detailed information requires a modest subscription payment. See also her Landlord Law Blog which has news and articles about landlord and tenant law and practice.

Enfranchisement Solicitors is a site from Bonallack and Bishop – Salisbury, Andover, Amesbury, Verwood and Warminster relating to the legal situation for leasehold property. The site includes information on how to extend a lease, how leaseholders can join together to buy the freehold of a block of flats, how to buy the freehold of a leasehold house and how to take on the management of a block of flats.

Leasehold Advisory Service is an independent advice agency, funded partly by Government grant and partly by the private sector, providing free advice to leaseholders, landlords, professional advisers and others on the law affecting residential leasehold property.

Landlord Doctors is a company providing advice and assistance in eviction processes. The company is owned by a practising lawyer and each member of their expert panel is fully regulated by the Law Society or the Bar Standards Board. They provide a 3 or 4 step tenant eviction process (tailored to suit the client’s individual circumstances) including, if necessary, litigation. They will provide a free initial case review.

Landlord Disputes is a site from Winston Solicitors. There is extensive information on the site relating to evictions, damages, arrears, deposits and terms. The firm provides legal advice for landlords and letting agents, helping clients to manage their rental portfolio regardless of size.

South East Leasehold specialises in residential lease extensions and freehold purchases (enfranchisement) in London and across the South East. There is information on the site about lease extensions, buying the freehold and the legal processes involved. There is also a FAQ section.

Capital Leasehold are RICS Chartered Surveyors and Valuers specialising in Residential Lease Extensions and Leasehold Enfranchisement, working with both Leaseholders and Freeholders in London and The Home Counties. Their site also has a Lease Extension Calculator and a Frequently Asked Questions section.

Sussex Lease Extensions are leasehold extension valuation surveyors specialising in residential lease extensions, buying a freehold on flats & enfranchisement in Sussex, West Sussex & the South East. There is information on the site on these topics.

Commercial Trust is a company encompassing commercial mortgages, buy to let mortgages and bridging loans. They have a section on their site which provides free access to a wide range of landlord forms, documents and landlord letter templates including an assured shorthold tenancy agreement. These documents are accessible for both landlords and tenants.

myleasehold are Chartered Valuation Surveyors providing assistance with lease extension and freehold purchase valuation. There is information on these topics on the site including a useful “jargon buster” to help understand these areas of work.

compactlaw.co.uk is a commercial concern documents on this topic.

LandlordZONE is a portal for landlords involved in letting property – novice and experienced alike. It provides free access to information, resources and contacts of value to residential & small commercial landlords, tenants, letting agents and other property professionals. There is a glossary of legal terms with extensive descriptions and information on each.

Residentiallandlord.co.uk is a source of information and advice for residential landlords, helping them to be well informed property investors and up to date with opportunities, responsibilities and latest requirements. There is news, features, links to sources of information from Government and other agencies, and updates on latest buy to let mortgage offers, auction dates and new property developments. There is a forum and an opportunity to “ask Sharon”.

Dilapidations Direct is a consultancy organisation providing advice on dilapidation topics for Tenants and Landlords throughout the UK. Dilapidations claims are becoming an increasingly specialist area of surveying and legal practice. The site contains information on these topics. The service is managed by Howard Garde, a Chartered Building Surveyor with 20 years experience in the residential surveying field.

Tenant Evictions is a service to assist the landlord with evictions. There is a great deal of information to assist on the site to assist the landlord in dealing with these issues and indeciding whether external assistance is required.

Landlord Recoveries is a commercial service (but using lawyers as appropriate) providing tenant eviction and litigation specialists for landlords. They can assist in all areas of housing law, including evicting problem tenants, squatters and trespassers. They can also assist landlords with residential tenancies including Assured Shorthold Tenancies, Assured Tenancies, Rent Act Tenancies, Regulated Tenancies and Secure Tenancies. There is information on many of these legal areas on the site.

Tenancy Agreement Service provides information on the obligations and rights of both landlords and tenants in Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (these are the most frequently used tenancy agreement by landlords when letting residential properties). There is extensive information on many aspects of these tenancies, a FAQ section and a glossary of terms used in the property market.