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Submitting information for listing

If you wish to submit information or amendments for free listings or suggestions for additional resources, please first read the guidelines below.

Lawyer listings

Lawyer listings are free and will be published for any qualifying law firm, chambers or other law firm group or law association.

Solicitors firms. Please provide the firm’s name, as registered with the SRA, the principal website address and the office locations.

Free initial legal advice. As above and additionally list the practice areas for which you provide free initial advice.

Barristers chambers, law associations and law firm groups. Provide the chambers/organisation name, the principal website address and a brief description of the practice areas/aims of up to 50 words.

Resources for individuals and businesses

The resources For Individuals and For Businesses sections describe sites that provide substantial free or low cost and useful information and online services on legal issues facing individuals and businesses respectively.

We select these resources based on their usefulness. If you wish to suggest a resource for consideration, email us with details, saying why it should be considered and we will review and include the resource if appropriate.

Services for lawyers

The For Lawyers section describes sites that provide legal research, practice resources and tech services for lawyers.

Any bona fide supplier to the legal sector may apply for a listing in this section in one of the existing categories. Just email us with details in a similar format to the existing entries and we will review and include them.


The New sites and developments section provides updates on significant new legal sites and resources and significant developments in services by or for lawyers. We are not interested in moves, deals, achievements, awards, blah blah; just meaty developments in legal sites and online services. If you wish to suggest a new site or service for consideration, email us with details.

In Partner articles and news we publish articles by our partners and other guests on legal and legal tech topics. If you’d like to publish with us, just get in touch by email.


Before submitting details, please note that this is not simply an opportunity for free promotion of your services and we will not consider any submissions for free listings which do not meet our criteria.

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