Building better business habits webinars from Osprey

Osprey Approach is hosting a series of webinars entitled the Build Better Habits Webinar Series. To remain competitive modern law firms need to implement successful business habits and streamline their legal operations. Osprey believe there are four fundamental mindsets and associated habits that firms should adopt, which are explored in the four-part webinar series. Osprey are joined by experts in the legal sector to discuss the top operational challenges faced by SME law firms and how building better habits can help improve long-term success.

1. Think ‘digital-first’: How modern law firms can remain competitive with a digital operational strategy

What does is mean to have a truly digital operational strategy? The importance of utilising digital tools for long-term success and where to start in digitalising your legal operations.

2. Be client-focused: How modern law firms can manage client communications and expectations

59% of SME law firms ranked managing client expectations as their number one operational challenge. How law firms can improve collaboration and service for clients with the right digital tools and habits in place.

3. Continuous improvement: How modern law firms can improve long-term success

Optimising your firm’s operations isn’t a one-time project, but a process of continuous innovation. The importance of reviewing existing habits to stay competitive.

4. Empower employees: How modern law firms can attract and retain talent

Whilst salary remains a key factor when hiring new staff, it’s a firm’s culture that can ultimately make or break the practice. How empowering employees helps to win and retain talent.

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