vLex launches new Content Explorer

vLex’s Content Explorer is a valuable tool that has been developed to enable the legal community to discover more information than ever before, in an attempt to aid and enhance research.

vLex’s brand new intuitive Content Explorer discovery tool will allow practitioners, law librarians and researchers to effortlessly browse through vLex’s extensive global collections. The Content Explorer aims to improve the transparency related to the availability of legal information, and operates as a comparative tool that allows users to select and trial products that have the most relevant coverage for them. This helps researchers to make informed decisions about what products to subscribe to from vLex, while downloadable content lists give users the opportunity to examine vLex’s content collections in greater detail.

vLex’s Global Head of Product, Robin Chesterman, explains:

“With over 120 million documents on vLex from over 100 countries, and thousands more added daily, it can be difficult to quickly establish if the information you need is available. The Content Explorer was designed, quite simply, to make the discovery and exploration of the vLex catalogue significantly easier. 

 “However, despite its simple and intuitive interface, behind the scenes, the Content Explorer is an extremely complex tool. Over 440 million connections between documents were analysed as part of the Content Explorer’s development process. This was an enormous technical exercise, but it produced reliable and transparent data that will, without a doubt, aid and improve legal research. We are delighted to provide access to this tool and we hope researchers find real value in it.” 

vLex is a leading provider of award-winning technology and global legal information, providing access to comprehensive primary and secondary collections from over 100 countries, on one intelligent research platform. Founded over 20 years ago, vLex provides a cutting-edge service for thousands of lawyers, law firms, government departments, and law schools around the world. With a team of over 200 lawyers, engineers, commercial executives, and editorial experts, vLex strives to deliver bespoke technology that enhances research and the connectivity of millions of editorially enriched legal documents.

For more information, please call vLex on +44 (0) 20 7284 8080 or email us at hello@vlex.com.