Road traffic accidents in the UK and how to avoid them

While the UK’s roads are some of the safest in the world that doesn’t stop road traffic accidents happening every day. The latest figures show that 1,784 people were killed on the roads in Britain in 2018, with  on average five people dying every day. More than 25,000 people suffered serious injuries in road traffic crashes and over 160,000 sustained injuries during a crash.

Which type of road user was most at risk?

The largest number of fatalities were car users, both drivers and passengers, who accounted for 777 deaths, or 44%. There were 456 pedestrian deaths, 99 cyclists and 354 motorcyclists. The majority of the deaths happened on rural roads – 58% – but most casualties – 63% – happened in towns and cities

What can you do to keep safe on the roads as a motorist?

When you are driving a car you are in charge of something that can cause serious damage, injury and even death as the figures show. As a result, we all have duty to act responsibly when we get behind the wheel. Some things you can do to stay safe include:

  • Watch your speed and make sure you don’t go over the limit. This is especially the case around schools, for bends or the brow of a hill and bad weather.
  • Stay sober. Don’t drink or take any drugs before driving.
  • Don’t get distracted. Don’t use a mobile phone, fiddle with a satnav or eat at the wheel.
  • Wear a seat belt. Putting a seat belt on is simple and can save your life.
  • Make sure you’re fit to drive. Check your eyesight regularly and don’t drive tired.

What can you do to keep safe on the road as a pedestrian?

Pedestrians are at risk of being involved in a road traffic accident when out and about but there are things you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe:

  • Make sure children are strapped into buggies and keep back from the edge of the pavement.
  • Hold your child’s hand and teach them road safety from an early age.
  • Don’t walk along looking at your mobile or even talking on it as you will be distracted.
  • Pay attention when crossing the road. Stop, look and listen.
  • Don’t try to cross the road between parked cars and try to cross at a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights.
  • Take more care if you have had a drink as your reaction times will be slower.

While the roads are dangerous, if you follow these simple steps you will be much less likely to suffer an accident.