Serious injuries after a car accident

Car accidents are hugely unpleasant and stressful – and that’s just the minor incidents. When you’re involved in anything more serious, it becomes time to consider legal action and car accident claims.

Driving can be a real danger. Although the casualty rate after road traffic accidents is continuing to fall, we’re still seeing a large number of road accidents. The Department for Transport reported that in 2018, 1,782 people were killed on UK roads. A further 25,484 serious injuries were reported to police that year.

In the UK, car occupants accounted for 44% of fatalities on the roads and 59% of all casualties. When cars make up 78% of traffic on UK roads, this is unsurprising.

What is a serious injury?

There are some generally accepted descriptions of serious injuries in the UK. When relating to car accidents, these include an injury resulting in you being admitted to hospital for an extended period or having to have surgery.

A serious injury is also one that will have long-lasting – sometimes permanent – consequences for you. This could include causing you to be unable to work, therefore causing a potential loss of earnings. It could also include suffering a permanent disability, therefore affecting your day-to-day life.

The worst kind of serious injury, however, is one that causes death. If this happens 30 or more days after the accident, the injury responsible will be considered serious. Meanwhile, if the injury causes death within 30 days, this is classed as a fatality.

Serious injuries are those causing bone fractures, internal injuries, crushings, concussion, burns, severe cuts and severe shock. You will also have suffered a serious injury if you have experienced a loss of limbs, spinal damage, sight or hearing loss and paralysis.

Dealing with a serious injury

When you’ve suffered a serious injury, you might find that your life is disrupted in any number of ways. You may be unable to work and you may require help getting around – even in your own home.

A serious injury suffered in a road accident will often mean you need to take time off work. It could even mean that you’re unable to return to your job, or that you have to give up working altogether. When this is the case, you might need to look at alternative ways of covering your bills and other expenses.

You may also have to pay for mobility aids. This could include adaptations to your car or your home, helping you get around easier. If your car accident was caused by someone else, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. This will help to cover any loss of earnings, as well as anything you need to pay for to help with your recovery.

After a serious injury, you could have to undergo long-term rehabilitation as part of the recovery process. This can include physiotherapy, among other forms. If you are worried about paying for this treatment, a car accident claim could go a long way towards lifting some of the pressures you’re under.

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