Justis and vLex together building better legal research services

At the end of March, global legal research company vLex acquired Justis Publishing, established for 33 years in the UK legal research marketplace. Both vLex and Justis are legal technology companies who believe in the ability of technology to provide greater insights into legal information, and there is great potential in how their existing technologies and content can work together to bring new ways to search, interpret and analyse legal information.

The case law collection from Justis covers over 25 jurisdictions, including the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the EU and the Caribbean. With the content offered by vLex containing both primary and secondary material from over 40 jurisdictions, including continental Europe, South America, the United States of America and India, there is a lot of potential for enabling existing Justis and vLex customers to conduct more comprehensive cross-jurisdictional research.

Together, Justis and vLex offer a wide catalogue of advanced search and analysis tools, such as Justis Browse and Precedent Map and vLex’s Vincent and Iceberg AI. This acquisition brings together the knowledge and experience behind these powerful tools to develop more unique and powerful tools for customers.

Masoud Gerami, Managing Director of Justis, says:

“Justis has always played a key role in the modern era of information dissemination in the UK and other common law regions by being innovative and disruptive. I am delighted that being part of the vLex group will give me and my team the opportunity to continue our aims and visions, and build on the strengths that the previous ownership afforded us. I strongly believe that the combination of the two organisations’ data coverage, technology, skilled teams and visions will offer the global alternative that has long been overdue.”

While it is at the early stages, work is underway to bring the two companies closer together and work towards building better services for legal practitioners around the world.