ICLR launch legal information research and development space

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting, official publisher of the authorised law reports of judgments decided in England and Wales has launched ICLR&D, a legal information research and development lab based at their London offices.

The Lab is a dedicated environment for exploring and improving the entire primary law eco-system, with a particular focus on case law. The Lab fuses design, data science, legal scholarship and agile development principles in an open and collaborative setting.

Long-term projects include:

  • Blackstone – Automatic enrichment of unstructured legal text using rules-based and predictive techniques.
  • Endless Blue – A conceptual project focused on modelling the connections between the various sources of English law.
  • Friction – The promotion of open access to case law by analysing and mapping the judgment supply chain.
  • Racounteur – Finding ways to make the law itself more accessible.

Follow ICLR&D on their blog and on Twitter @ICLRanD.