Internet Newsletter for Lawyers January/February 2019

In the latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers:

  • Social media – Paul Bernal examines why privacy is the key to Facebook’s fake news problem
  • Social media – Alex Heshmaty and Nick Holmes consider how lawyers can make good use of the enigmatic Twitter
  • SEO – Eleanor Reynolds of Hallam Internet describes 10 simple checks to help improve your website’s SEO health
  • Drones – Joanne Frears of Lionshead Law explains the regulation of drones and their impact on aerospace
  • Websites – Nick Holmes introduces the new incarnation of Venables Legal Resources
  • This Newsletter – Delia Venables bids farewell as editor of this Newsletter which she founded 20 years ago
  • The web – Nick Holmes explains the concept and ideals of the open web and the threats it faces

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Image cc by Saul Albert on Flickr.