Scottish law

Scottish Law often differs from the law of England and Wales. The sources below relate to specifically Scottish law as it affects individuals.

The Law Society of Scotland offers information for the general public on Scots Law and a History and Structure of the Courts. There is a comprehensive description of 40 legal topics called Dial-a-Law and a directory of all Scottish Lawyers which can be used to find all lawyers in, say, Aberdeen, as well as to find particular individuals or firms. The list can be used to find accredited experts (solicitors) in specific fields of law, such as IP, employment and so on.

Citizens Advice Scotland provides extensive and detailed information on Benefits, Civil Rights, Communications, Consumer Affairs, Education, Employment, Family Matters, Health, Housing, Immigration, Legal System, Tax, and Travel. The viewer can also search the site for particular topics or keywords. You can find a local office by naming the town or area.

The Right Kind of Divorce – Scotland is a wide ranging portal for advice on this topic aimed at ordinary people with marital problems. There are links and descriptions of organisations which can help (both UK-wide and Scottish), information on separation, children, division of money and property, cohabitation, divorce, and the various routes to “sorting things out” available to the individuals concerned. The site is offered by Anne Dick of Family Law Matters and Shona Templeton of MTM Family Law solicitors, all based in Glasgow, Scotland.

My Scottish Law blog comes from Bruce de Wert, a Scottish solicitor at Georgesons Solicitors of Wick and Thurso in Caithness. The blog is updated frequently with postings on Scottish Divorce, Scottish Powers of Attorney, Scottish Wills and topics relating to Property Law and Estate Agency. Bruce also offers a number of spcialised sites for the purchase of wills, powers of attorney and divorce services in Scotland, all at very reasonable rates with a particular emphasis on family law.

Graham Walker, of Glasgow, offers information on road traffic law in Scotland, and generally how to protect your licence. Specific topics covered are speeding offences, mobile phone offences, drink driving and dangerous driving.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission promotes and protects the human rights of everyone in Scotland. They work to increase awareness, recognition and respect for human rights, and make them more relevant and easier to apply in everyday life. The Commission is independent of the UK and Scottish Parliaments and Governments

Govan Law Centre (Glasgow) provides Scots law ‘basic advice’ pages on consumer affairs, housing, neighbour nuisance, school exclusions, and other topics; a legal resources section including caselaw on small claims, developments on the law of debt (from a debtor’s perspective), basic guide for organisation looking for charitable status etc., and information on free or low cost legal events.

Legal Services Agency is a Scottish charity offering legal assistance to the disadvantaged as well as courses and training in legal subject areas. Housing and social welfare law are especially covered both in the courses and in the advice and all initial advice is free. The Agency is funded by local authorities and the Scottish Office.

Trust Deed Scotland are Scotland’s largest Trust Deed Introducers. A Trust Deed actually uses government legislation to enable people living in Scotland who are financially struggling with debts generally over £10,000 to manage their debts within a realistic timeframe. The duration of the repayment period is typically 36 months and you will pay an agreed monthly contribution based on your affordability and then when this arrangement comes to an end, all of your remaining debts are legally written off. There is lots of information in this topic on the site.

BBM Solicitors – Edinburgh & Wick, provides Scottish employment law information for both employees and employers on topics ranging from unfair dismissal and breach of contract to employment tribunal representation and settlement agreements.

Miller Samuel Hill Brown Solicitors – Glasgow, shares useful Scottish employment law information for both businesses and individuals, regarding discipline in the workplace, unfair dismissal, bullying in the workplace, family friendly rights, redundancy and more. They also maintain a regular employment law blog here.

The Glasgow Law Practice – Glasgow, provides employment law advice for people across Scotland on settlement agreements, whistleblowing, contracts of employment, discrimination, social media and the law and more.

Buying and selling property in Scotland

The Edinburgh Solicitors’ Property Centre (ESPC).

The Glasgow Solicitors’ Property Centre (GSPC)

Georgesons – Thurso and Wick, offer good information on home buying in Scotland.