Money and tax


The Chartered Institute of Taxation provides tax information for beginners and for experts.

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group is an initiative of the Chartered Institute of Taxation which gives a voice to those who cannot afford to pay for help with tax and tax credits. There is useful information on the site particularly for Pensioners, Students and Low income workers.

Tax Assist Accountants is a national network of accountants who work specifically with small businesses and taxpayers needing a tax return in the UK. There are articles and news items on the site with information on these topics.

Free UK Tax Rebate Help provides lots of tax help for individuals, including information on national insurance and tax rebate calculators in different circumstances (e.g. becoming a student or being made redundant). There is also a separate site about the Unique Tax Payer Reference Number (UTR). Apparently, millions go unclaimed each year in overpaid taxes and many people are given unnecessary fines from the Inland Revenue.

Robert Newey & Co. – London, provides information on UK taxation, including VAT, employment and international tax issues.

Taxcafe is an advice site offering various inexpensive guides on tax issues, aimed at individuals and small businesses. There is also a useful directory of websites on tax topics under the “Links” section.

Winston Financial Planning is a firm offering financial advice on investments insurance protection, pensions and mortgages regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The site provides free initial information on different types of investment products, pensions, bonds and gilts and the firm will provide a free initial consultation.

Tax Disputes comes from LEXLAW Solicitors, and provides information on a whole range of topics, including MTIC Carousel Fraud, VAT Evasion, VAT Repayment Fraud, Diversion Fraud, Duty Fraud, Smuggling, Goods seized by HMRC, Phoenix Company Fraud, Oils Fraud/Road Fuel Fraud, HMRC Interviews, HMRC Penalties and Recovery of EU Taxes by HMRC (MARD). There is also a site from the same firm on Winding up Petitions