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France is a site from solicitors Russell-Cooke which aims to demystify the rules governing French property purchases. The site features guides to buying or renting property in France, the latest legal developments in French property law, frequently asked questions and a glossary of useful French property terms.

Lawyers in France are a team of experienced French lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law, public procurement law, criminal business law, industrial and labor relations, as well as topics for individuals. There is a very large amount of basic information on the French legal system, e.g. a short guide to French Courts, Civil Law in France, power of attorney in France, opening a business, buying property, debt collection, VAT in France, taxation and many other topics.


Duncan Grehan & Partners – Dublin, provides a great deal of information in German about practical issues of Irish law including breach of contract, product liability, investment, residential property, company formation, employment law, insolvency and debt collection.

Ireland – See also a page of Irish Solicitors

Lawyer ie provides a guide to the law in Ireland. There are over 100 pages of content covering different practice areas including family law, personal injury, medical negligence, defamation, employment law, taxation and property law. Apparently, 500,000 visitors have consulted the site over the last year. The information is provided by barristers, solicitors and other accredited legal professionals. The prime publisher of the site is Roddy Tyrrell who is also the Principal of Tyrrell Solicitors in Dublin 4.

Duncan Grehan & Partners – Dublin, provide free information on many practical issues of Irish law including breach of contract, product liability, investment, residential property, company formation, employment law, insolvency and debt collection.

Irish barrister Kieron Wood, covers Irish divorce law and a description of legal terms used in the Irish system.


Caroli & di Bitonto specialises in private international law, providing legal services for international customers who are seeking legal representation and services in Italy as well as legal representation to Italian customers operating abroad. The firm was founded in 2005 in Bergamo, Italy by Lucrezia Caroli, and now also has Deborah Di Bitonto, an expert in Italian commercial law and corporate law.

Cavaliere & Cavaliere – Rome, deals with British-Italian litigation and transactions. Francesco Cavaliere is admitted in both Italy (Avvocato) and England and Wales (Solicitor).

Claudio Del Giudice is a dual-qualified lawyer with a London practice but specialising in Italian legal work. The site contains articles and information on buying a property in Italy, avoiding the pitfalls, the new Italian Inheritance Tax, wills involving Italy and other Italian legal topics.

De Tullio Law Firm are specialists in Italian Property and Inheritance Law. Based in Rome, they also have a London branch to serve UK clients. The web site offers extensive descriptions in PDF form of the Italian legal processes involved in buying or selling property in Italy as well as an Italian Succession Guide. There are also helpful video descriptions of these processes and a series of detailed articles on particular topics in these legal areas (all in English by the way). A first consultation is free.

Italian Real Estate Lawyers are specialised real estate property lawyers based in Rovigo, Italy. They cover all of the regions in Italy and will guide purchasers of Italian property through the whole process. They provide an advisory service for anyone wanting to purchase property for personal use or as an investment.


Lita Gale – London, Lisbon, Madeira and Spain, is a UK firm specialising in Portuguese law with several lawyers speaking Portuguese, Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic and Africaans. Information on buying property in Portungal and a set of links to useful Portuguese sites.


Darie, Manea & Associates specialises in establishing Romanian companies, opening Romanian branches, obtaining business licenses and opening bank accounts. They also provide services relating to Romanian citizenship. They provide virtual offices in Bucharest. They have a network of websites for international clients interested in opening a company abroad including Lawyers-Bulgaria, Lawyer-Turkey and Company Formation Turkey.

Gradeanu & Partners is a full-service Romanian law firm with clients in Romania, Italy, UK and Israel. The range of services provided includes many commercial and business areas.

Spain for your guide to law in Spain
A Spanish Lawyer is happy to answer questions, without charge.
See our Property section written by Spanish Property Lawyers.
You can also hire lawyers in Spain from our panel of lawyers.

Alberto Perez Cedillo is an English firm, based in London, but also has Spanish lawyers. They cover the full range of civil and commercial practice for business and private clients with links to the English and Spanish legal systems.

De Cotta McKenna y Santafe is a Spanish law firm (Madrid and Costa del Sol) with some of the lawyers who are also qualified in the UK. provides real estate legal services in Spain and is a general resource for property-related legal matters.

Lawbird Legal Services offers a great deal of information to English and Irish people with an interest in spanish Property and/or Immigration. All the lawyers are English-speaking Spanish solicitors. There are also two additional sites, and NIE Number Direct.

MJ Carillo are Spanish Lawyers specialising in property transactions of all sorts. Their site contains a great deal of information (in English) on buying and selling property in Spain.

Spain Company Formation, based in Madrid, provides legal information for business related to accounting, taxes, payroll and virtual office. They are focused on supporting startup businesses in Spain and helping small businesses succeed.

Spanish Lawyer Liverpool, Enrique Sanchez, is an independent, English speaking Spanish Lawyer working in the UK and Spain. He is registered with the Law Society of England & Wales and also with the British and Spanish Law Association. He regularly visits Spain to carry out legal work on behalf of English and Spanish clients and can represent clients in the Spanish Courts. He now has an additional web site – (about his new Costa Del Sol office).

Strong Abogados is a bilingual Spanish Law firm with a website which is available in English as well as Spanish. There is information for individuals, as well as people wishing to do business in Spain.

Tejada Solicitors is an English speaking law firm based in Malaga (Costa del Sol). They provide services for planning investments in Malaga and southern Spain, preparing the legal conveyancing for purchasing a new house, renting out property legally for touristic purposes, applying for a Spanish residency or Spanish NIE number and managing your private wealth and assets. There is a lot of useful information on the site, particularly as regards buying and renting out property.


TAJI & REKAN (“TNR”) is a full service Indonesian law firm with expert Indonesian lawyers and attorneys. They are committed to advancing the interest of their clients throughout Indonesia and they have provided legal services to individuals, corporations, multi-national companies and international NGOs in many areas including not only Indonesia itself but also Malaysia, China and the USA.


Legal Japanese Translation is a site set up by Jeremy Rosenberg, an English solicitor living in Manchester who has also spent several years in Japan where he has achieved the highest examination possible for foreign learners of Japanese. On the site, he identifies useful Japanese legal articles and translates them with comments. He is also available for translation of legal documents from Japanese to English.


Mattar Law Firm is a major law firm in Lebanon. The site provides information on the legal system in Lebanon, significant cases, legal news and facts about the country as well as describing the legal services which the firm can offer.

Rasamny & Saadi Law Firm, based in Beirut, Lebanon provides legal services for individuals and organizations on the local, regional and international level.

New Zealand

Smith & Partners, based in West Auckland,New Zealand, cover Business Employment Law, Property Law, Family Law, Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Estates, Elder Law and Wills & Trusts. They provide many articles on their site on legal topics and legal processes in New Zealand affecting private individuals, New Zealand businesses, charitable trusts and family trusts. They also provide a list of Useful Legal Resources for New Zealand

Turner Hopkins is a well established and successful law firm based in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. They provide practical legal advice and service to a diverse range of New Zealand and International clients.They have three partners and 22 support staff. They cover a wide variety of legal areas in business law as well as legal matters for individuals including enforcement of foreign judgements. The site provides legal news relating to legal matters in New Zealand.

Wynyard Wood is one of the oldest legal firms based in Auckland, New Zealand having their origins from the late 19th century. They have three locations around the Auckland area covering all aspects of legal services. Their main office is based in the Highbrook business park, Tamaki south of central Auckland, concentrating on commercial matters. Their office in central Auckland centres around family law, divorce law, will and estate planning while their office in Warkworth concentrates on property law and conveyancing. Latest legal developments are covered in their blog.


Jus Privatum is a full service international law firm, based in Moscow. The Latin phrase jus privatum (“private law”) highlights the main area of expertise, i.e. property and related personal law. There is quite a lot of information about Russian law and legal topics on the site.


Crawshaws Solicitors, on Koh Samui, Thailand offer their clients an international law service with English professional standards. Situated in the fast-developing Bophut area of Koh Samui our resident lawyers and consultants are qualified in England and Wales, Hong Kong, Australia and of course Thailand. Now, Crawshaws Solicitors are proud to announce their recent merge with Legal giants DFDL Mekong. There is basic informationon the site about legal topics related to Thailand.

Siam Legal International is Thailand’s largest legal service network. The law firm can assist with visas of all types both for Thailand and for other countries and there is extensive information on visas, on the site. They also provide other personal legal serivces, business legal services and services relating to property.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Griffiths & Partners offer a range of legal services including family law, corporate and commercial services, intellectual property, real estate and banking and financial advice. They have deep knowledge and industry expertise in these areas.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Expatriate Law Practice, based in Dubai, is run by a British qualified solicitor, Alexandra Tribe. There are also branches in Abu Dhabi and in London. The firm provides advice for British expatriates and those with a connection to England and Wales on divorce and other family law matters including child abduction. The firm also advises on Sharia law and its implications for expatriates living in the region.