Maintaining our safety as restrictions ease

As the weather starts to improve and we gain an hour of daylight in the evenings, we start spending more time outside. The gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions is also set to contribute to our outdoor spaces being busier than they might ordinarily.

We are now permitted to gather in public spaces or private gardens in groups of up to six or two combined households, if that is a larger group.

Outdoor leisure facilities have reopened and we can resume playing outdoor sport, such as tennis and golf.

But as we regain these freedoms, we must continue to pay attention to matters of safety – both around Covid-19 and avoiding physical injury.

Paying attention to hazards

As we start to re-enter the world, we may do so with high levels of excitement. This could serve to distract us and we may take less care than we would in more normal circumstances. When the days are warmer and brighter, we may enjoy a socially distanced drink or two with friends we haven’t seen for many months.

In addition, many of the most clinically vulnerable individuals will no longer have to shield at home. This will add to the increased levels of people out in public, making the more popular spots busier than they have been for months.

All this may cause us to miss warning signs and other red flags that would otherwise alert us to hazards. This could be a spill on a shop floor that could result in a slip or it could be a car driving too fast to stop at a pedestrian crossing.

This makes it important to pay careful attention in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Taking legal action

Remember that it is only possible to pursue legal action for any injuries suffered if there was negligence involved. If an accident was unavoidable – such as tripping in a concealed hole in the grass of a park – and not caused by someone not fulfilling their duty of care to the public, then it remains just an unfortunate accident.

However, as we enter the outdoor months, we could expect to see more legitimate legal action taken for injuries sustained while out and about. For example, local authorities are obliged to ensure the grounds they are responsible for are maintained and safe.

So with more people getting out, there may be more instances of accidents caused by poorly maintained roads, pavements and parks. It’s therefore important to focus on protecting ourselves from both Covid-19 and more everyday harm.

Image copyright: BABAROGA