Public Information Online

Paul Magrath wrote this review in the January/February issue of Internet Newsletter for Lawyers:

Public Information Online (PIO) at is an online database provided by Dandy Booksellers, who are well established suppliers of official government print publications. The PIO database collects and provides access to digitised parliamentary papers going back for more than a century.

The material held includes Public General Acts since 1900, House of Lords Papers from 1901, Hansard debates from 1909, House of Commons Bills from 1919, Public Bill and General Committee Debates from 1919, House of Commons Papers from 2006/07, together with more recent collections from the devolved Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly and National Assembly for Wales, as well as Command Papers going back to 1955 and non-parliamentary papers such as Law Commission papers, Audit Commission reports and so on. Although some of this material is available in the public domain elsewhere, eg on Parliament’s own website from the start of the 21st century, or via The National Archives, the fact that it can be searched together in one place is a great benefit.

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