LEAP partners with FileMan in the UK

Simple and reliable archive management for law firms

FileMan, the specialists in records management for the legal profession, are launching in the UK this November as a business support partner to LEAP Legal Software. FileMan will enhance the LEAP product by offering archiving for law firms’ closed files offsite. FileMan saves valuable office space and enables the management of storage, handling and destruction of closed files with ease from within their file management system.

When a new matter is opened within LEAP, a one-off disbursable fee is automatically created on the client ledger. This means that there are no costs to the law firm and the service removes the onerous task of managing closed files.

Providing free scheduled collections of paper files to be digitised, scanned, catalogued and uploaded for ease of viewing within LEAP. The integration enables law firms 24/7 access to their archived matters through a simple and secure interface within LEAP and provides peace of mind to the law firm. This improves compliance and reduces risk via its secure file management, while keeping all physical files securely stored to meet legal retention requirements.

Ben Hogan, FileMan’s managing director, said:

“We’re delighted to be launching FileMan in the UK to provide simple, comprehensive and secure file management to law firms. Our statistics show that only around 3% of closed files are ever reopened so why clutter your office with old files?”

Founded in 2005, FileMan has been operating successfully in Australia for nearly 15 years and is a proud partner of the industry-leading Iron Mountain. Specialising in the secure storing, protecting and management of information and assets, Iron Mountain helps both small and large businesses across the UK and the rest of the world.

John Espley, LEAP’s UK CEO, said:

“We are very pleased to be partnering with FileMan and I believe it will bring great value to our clients. We regularly receive feedback that the effective management, retrieval and storage of closed matters can be difficult and we hope this partnership goes some way in overcoming these barriers.”