LEAP’s new Litigation Centre of Excellence

Delia Venables questions Christina Grzasko of LEAP about the firm’s new Litigation Centre of Excellence

Q: What role do you believe technology can play in the delivery of litigation work?
A: Litigation is a very public working space as you stand or fall in front of your peers and clients on your feet in court. It’s also an expensive occupation and clients are increasingly price aware. Technology used properly will improve the consistency of litigation work and its success by doing the important things well, like documents, precedents and financial management. Now it will also improve the quality of the skilled work that only a lawyer can do: evidence gathering, research and presentation and in collaboration with other lawyers and counsel.

Q: What is the new Litigation Centre of Excellence?
A: There are serious long-term gains that law firms can achieve through digitalisation and this is why we have set up the LEAP Litigation Centre of Excellence, to help our clients on their journey to digital litigation. Gaining an understanding of our clients’ requirements means we can develop technology and provide expertise, helping litigators work smarter.

Q: What evidence is there that technology is changing the face of litigation?
A: A level of digitalisation is becoming mandatory across family, civil, criminal and commercial courts in so far as issuing and documentation is concerned. The family courts for example are struggling under the sheer volume of paper and need to move to digital processing. The Crown Courts have had their own digital case management system in place for the last two years ensuring that all documents and evidence in the case are centrally available to the courts, prosecution and defence. Some cases now allow for evidence being given remotely and trials of full hearings happening remotely by video are underway.

Q: How does the Litigation Centre of Excellence help the litigator?
A: The LEAP Litigation Centre of Excellence provides exceptional add-ins to the LEAP software that, through automation, simplify the production of Precedent H budgets and Precedent S electronic bills of costs. LEAP software now also integrates with Advocate, a highly sophisticated digital case preparation system, for working with and collaborating on evidence, research and presentation of all types of litigation cases, from criminal shoplifting to complex commercial and contract cases.

Q: What is the driver behind all this development?
A: Experience. We are creating the tools lawyers actually need now, developing our software in conjunction with practicing solicitors and barristers and helping to solve the real issues that confront legal teams transitioning into the realm of digital civil and criminal law. We are providing the very best tools, allowing litigators from small to mid-sized law firms to compete with larger firms, increasing profits, providing a better service and enhancing their reputation through digitalisation.

If you have any further questions Christina Grzasko of LEAP can be contacted at christina.grzasko@leap.co.uk