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Medical/legal services: Legal DNA Testing, Immigration DNA Testing, Paternity Testing, Legal Drug Testing and Legal Alcohol Testing.

Transcription services which are accurate, confidential and cost effective. Consider also our audio transcription, dictation and PACE recordings.
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logo saying NEW July/August 2015 issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers
  • Susan Hallam of Hallam Internet reviews Google's "mobile-friendly" updates
  • Bill Braithwaite QC tells us about his new social media site for lawyers
  • John Sheridan of The National updates us on legislation.gov.uk
  • Delia Venables describes some of the most important free library resources
  • Nick Holmes looks at the sharing economy and how it affects lawyers
  • Alex Heshmaty introduces us to drones and the accompanying legal issues
  • Catherine Bailey tells us about 5 of the best free digital marketing tools
  • Nick Holmes describes changes to CPD requirements for both professions
  • Info on Solicitors and the Internet 2015 - a new CPD/competence course

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