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I-COM.net AlphaBiolabs Medical/legal services: Legal DNA Testing, Immigration DNA Testing, Paternity Testing, Legal Drug Testing and Legal Alcohol Testing.
Typeout legal transcription
Transcription services for the legal profession.
Cost effective, accurate and confidential typing services.
We offer excellent audio transcription, dictation and PACE recordings. We'll give you a quote!
LEAP - a case management and accounting solution for small firms
Wildy & Sons, law Booksellers
The World’s Best Stocked Law Specialist
Visit www.wildy.com.

New in the Precedent Store

Drafting Commercial Agreements 5th edition
Negotiating Software Contracts 5th edition
Drafting and Negotiating IT Contracts 3rd ed.
Elderly Clients: A Precedent Manual 4th edition

Language courses in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese, held in several central London locations for lawyers and other busy professionals.
See Languages2000 and then email me for detailed times and locations! Susan Isaacs.
Legal Techie - web design, copywriting and SEO for solicitors and barristers

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