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logo saying NEW Internet Newsletter for Lawyers, November/December 2016 issue
  • Jordan Furlong describes the technology-enabled, "intangible" law firm
  • Gavin Ward gives some tips for how law firms should use analytics
  • Laurence Kaye: EU copyright law will remain central to UK digital business
  • Delia Venables considers legal software - cloud-based and non-cloud
  • Paul Magrath describes the most useful legal email alerts for lawyers
  • Alex Heshmaty describes and illustrates the concept of Net Neutrality
  • The Bar Standards Board proposes a new system of CPD for 2017
  • Nick Holmes describes a new open access publishing service from IALS
  • Review of Richard Susskind's lecture to SCL on "Upgrading the law"
  • Quentin Hunt says that private prosecution can be a viable alternative
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