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Fully accredited for 2015.
New CPD Provider ID number is 1277
Earn 5 hours CPD for each course.

Online training materials to keep you up to date with the legal web.

Guide to Legal Web Resources 2014
5 CPD hours from the SRA or BSB.
  • Analysis of the most important legal commentaries available online, provided free by chambers and publishers
  • Justice resources from Government are moving to GOV.UK; where the most important legal resources are right now
  • Electronic signatures and electronic evidence; understanding how they work; authenticity and reliability
  • An analysis of the legislative and case law resources on Eur-Lex, bringing together EU law
  • A description of the most important European institutions and legal resources online
  • Legal news and resources in the USA; and search processes for finding worldwide legal resources
  • How lawyers can learn languages online (for free) and the many language resources available for lawyers
  • A review of the most useful internet skills used by lawyers and a particular study of the benefits of RSS

    Guide to Legal Web Issues 2014
    5 CPD hours from the SRA or BSB.

  • Media law issues: the future of privacy and data protection and the legal framework around contempt of court
  • Issues which will determine the future of digital copyright, and the relationship of copyright and fair use
  • Finding images online is simple, but working out which images are covered by copyright and which can be used is difficult
  • Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) just a jungle or are there issues of ethics and regulation which should be applied?
  • Digital currencies (cryptocurrencies), particularly Bitcoin, and the benefits and risks of using them
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an amazing advance of technology but it makes life difficult for SysAdmins
  • What is Big Data? And what can the Big Data revolution do for law?
  • How law reporting is developing in response to the changing needs of practitioners as well as changes in technology

    Social Media and eBusiness for Solicitors 2014
    5 CPD hours from the SRA (not the BSB).

  • Introduction to the main types of social media used in a business context and a social media glossary
  • Key social media platforms in more detail - Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter - and how to make the most of them
  • How to design your website as a marketing tool first and a thing of beauty second
  • The importance of local marketing and SEO - do not lose your potential local clients to far off rival firms!
  • How to monitor what is being said about you on social media and what to do about it (it's not easy)
  • Google Hummingbird and other (constantly changing) algorithms from Google. How much should you worry about them?
  • A firm that has set up an e-commerce site selling business documents describes how they did it
  • A firm that has developed online HR software to sell to firms and to other lawyers describes how they did it

  • These courses are purchased online from Nick Holmes' infolaw site.

  • The usual method of paying is by credit card or debit card but other payment methods can also be used, including sending a cheque.

  • Very inexpensive! Each course costs £80 plus VAT and qualifies for 5 CPD hours. A multiple use licence, enabling up to 5 people to obtain the CPD, costs £200 plus VAT for each course. There is a special combo price for any two of the courses, purchased at the same time, of £120 plus VAT; £300 plus VAT for a multi-use licence.

  • Do them in your own time, whenever you like, wherever you like (even on holiday?)

  • Learn about what is available for lawyers on the Internet and how to use the resources online. Find out about the key legal issues relating to the internet. Find out how to get the best out of the legal web yourself.

    The courses below are no longer being sold but are included here for reference.

  • Legal Web Developments 2013 (for barristers and solicitors)
  • Legal Web Issues 2013 (for barristers and solicitors)
  • Solicitors and the Internet 2013 (just for solicitors)

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