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    logo saying NEW Internet Newsletter for Lawyers, January/February 2015.
  • Timothy Hill of The Law Society considers how technology can improve access to justice even in hard times
  • Judith Townend from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies introduces the new Centre for Law and Information Policy
  • Paul Richmond of Richmond Chambers describes the way that technology is supporting his barrister-only ABS
  • Catherine Bailey of Bar Marketing helps us get to know the Google Analytics service and the facilities it offers
  • Mark Gould of Mark Gould Consulting describes how he uses social media for professional and personal development
  • Allan Carton and Frank Manning of InPractice explain the current options for cloud computing
  • Alex Heshmaty of Legal Words describes some of the most useful apps for lawyers
  • Short updates on The Big Advice Survey and CPD changes for 2015
  • Glenda Harding of Kaplan Altior describes the new undergraduate level legal apprenticeship (Newsletter Feature)
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