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Legal resources on the web for students maintained by Delia Venables, including Law Schools, legal courses, case notes, course materials, competitions, discussion groups (forums), careers, CVs, training contracts, pupillages and links to the main legal resources sections.

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    logo saying NEW Internet Newsletter for Lawyers - Read it online! (no password required) September/October 2014 issue:
  • Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law describes how a small firm can work profitably on the web - and even enjoy it
  • Michael Scutt of Crane & Staples considers possible remedies for SEO bad practice including a charter of good practice
  • Abra Millar of Hallam Internet describes how you can find out who is linking to your site and why it matters
  • Brian Inkster of Inksters Solicitors considers how you can reinvent your law firm - a bit at a time
  • Christina Blacklaws of Cripps suggests that ODR technology should now be introduced for family law
  • Nick Holmes describes the Government's continuing relocation of Justice websites to GOV.UK
  • 2014 Legal Web CPD courses from Nick and Delia for solicitors and barristers - interesting, good value, straightforward
  • Celia Fraser of Law Systems describes Profitable Probate and shows how to use software to increase profit
  • Joe Reevy of Words4Business says that studying data (often of dubious value) should not get in the way of real networking
  • FindLaw UK, part of Thomson Reuters, shares key strategies for solicitors’ website success: visibility, design and content
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