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Infographics provides software solutions to efficiently manage dynamic organisations, complex resourcing and mobile working. The FloSuite business process and case management software, used by UK Legal 200 firms, industry regulators and emergency services, is built on .NET technology and enables legal specialists to define, deploy and continually evolve solutions for any suitable work-type. This flexibility allows FloSuite to support cross-discipline legal case management and team-based collaboration, as well as automating processes like file opening.

infolaw offers a range of legal information services for lawyers, including legal information, legal document services, publishing services, website services and SEO. infolaw's Lawfinder is a gateway to the UK legal web. You can browse a resources database, search across resources, get latest feeds, submit your site and advertise your site. FormsPlus are infolaw's flexible, adaptable, fillable court forms in Word. The Precedent Store focusses on legal precedent documents on CD and online which may be purchased from the store online; plus information and links to Online Services for law firms and businesses and a Blog covering new products and developments.

Iken Business is a specialist case management, time recording, workflow and document management application for public and private sector lawyers. It is the leading supplier of legal case management to local government with over 150 client councils in the UK as well as clients in North America and Europe. Iken works with a number of shared services and ABS legal teams nationwide providing a fully SRA compliant service with partners Quill Pinpoint as well as an automated court bundling system producing digital bundles. They also have clients in the private sector and work with a range of teams outside legal including HR, property, childcare and police teams.

iLaw, based in Brighton, has helped law firms of all sizes with their software needs for the last 16 years. They provide a robust and tactile case & practice management solution, with all the tools required for billing, integrated accounts, documents, risk management and COLP and COFA reporting and an annual customer retention rate of over 95%. In 2014 iLaw was rebuilt from the ground up making digital working a seamless reality and enabling firms of all sizes instant access to digital files no matter where they are. There is a seamless exchange integration, an industry first ‘interactive attendance note’ creator, and a powerful set of trial presentation tools.

InfoTrack offers a platform that allows conveyancers to complete all of their key conveyancing tasks under one roof, saving them from having to access multiple sites, using multiple logins. Users can complete their conveyancing searches such as SDLT and AP1 in a single window, with a single log in. InfoTrack is an offshoot from an Australian company and, having only opened in 2015, they already have 350 customers.

Inpractice UK is a specialist consultancy, helping legal practices across the UK to grow and improve their business, with a focus on enabling lawyers to add value to their services for clients; opening up new opportunities and improving profits. They have a team of 12 specialists covering
a) Selection and implementation of legal technology;
b) Client relationships, from client listening and workshops that enable lawyers to develop new “value added” service propositions, to introducing CRM systems;
c) Improving legal and business processes to deliver the services clients want more effectively, and introducing “Lean” thinking to help lawyers think differently and more routinely about “process”;
d) Development of people (lawyers, managers and support staff) to give them the new skills they need to deliver better value for clients, with supporting tools to improve performance management and to introduce a more flexible and cost effective “blended” approach to Learning and Development.

Insight Legal is a Legal Accounts, Practice Management and Case Management system designed for small to medium sized law firms. Built by one of the few remaining independent software suppliers, it is a modern system for today’s legal practices unencumbered by legacy technology and thinking. Offering a simple 30 day rolling contract with no prohibitive upfront costs, the software can be deployed locally or in the cloud. The software is easy to use and there is a cost effective and comprehensive data migration offering. With a strong emphasis on customer care, Insight Legal is viewed as a valued partner by its users and not just a software supplier as indicated by the fact that they have won the Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM) Solicitors’ Software Users Award for 2016.

Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM) is a not for profit organization dedicated to the education, support and promotion of excellence for everyone working in the legal finance and management sector. They Offer professional qualifications, training seminars and on-going support to assist and enable members to remain up to date with current law practice management and legal finance. They release annually with the Jan/Feb edition of their journal Legal Abacus an impartial Legal Software Suppliers Guide. This guide which is also available to members online allows users to compare like for like data on a range of software providers.

Isokon is by far the largest supplier of software for Probate, Trusts and Power of Attorney and is the only effective supplier of software for Court of Protection (Deputyships). The software can be scaled for large firms or small ones, and for large estates and smaller estates. It is used by more than 2,000 individual practitioners at more than 160 firms. The company employs a team of former practitioners and tax experts who actually help users to do the work. 94% of their support queries do not concern the software at all but how to do the work. Template letters, workflows, reminder tasks, estate accounts and a number of other features requested by the customer are amended by Isokon free of charge.

IT Governance is a global provider of information security solutions. They have helped hundreds of organisations around the world to achieve certification to ISO 27001. They understand how important data security is to legal firms and their clients; they have worked with some if the top law firms in the country including Eversheds, Freshfields, and Slaughter and May. ISO 27001 for Law Firms is a free paper provided by the company on how the top law firms use ISO 27001 to grow their client base and why stringent data security in the legal sector is a key business enabler and competitive differentiator.


Jaeva Legal a division of Jaeva Management, specialises in providing professional services and consultancy to law firms. Services they provide include Project Management & Systems Implementation, Training to End Users, Cashiers and Administrators, Change Management & Business Process Consultancy, Management Reporting Consultancy, Risk Management and Compliance (specifically aimed at the COFA and COLP within an organisation) and PMS System Review and selection process management.

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