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Here are some social media tools available relating to legal matters. The author of this page is Alex Heshmaty.

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This page was last updated on 4th March 2015

Lawyers are increasingly using social networking to take advantage of the latest trends in online marketing. By adopting a social media presence, law firms can gain important web credentials. Aside from allowing them to engage with their client base, a well planned social media campaign can also improve the ranking of a law firm within Google, leading to more prospective clients! This page covers the various social media tools which are available for use by solicitors and barristers.

Latest news, as of 4th March - Google+ is taking a back seat at Google

  • After nearly 4 years of hype and effort, Google+ as a social network is being sidelined by Google, with the emphasis switching to the two other parts of Google+ which are doing well - Photos (which has been very successful) and Streams (a competitor to Facebook). Bradley Horowitz, Google VP and one of Google+’s key architects, is now in charge of “Google’s Photos and Streams products" and agreed that Google+, as we know it, is being phased out. As always, Google's announcements are opaque but commentators are pretty clear as to what is happening. Here are four sources of information (and conjecture):
  • Wired
  • threepipe
  • Yahoo Tech
  • Mashable

    Law Society Guidance
    The Law Society issued a set of Practice Notes on Social Media in December 2011 (although not updated since then).The paper describes the main types of social media and distinguishes between them (some are more appropriate to professional use than others); describes the benefits of social networking in terms of being open to contacts with clients and potential clients but also the risks; how to keep professional and private uses separate; how to apply professional standards to these new media; and how to set up a social media policy for the firm.
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     Social Media Management Tools

     Analysing Social Media

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    Alex is legal copywriter and journalist, with a particular interest in legal technology and DIY legal services. He runs Legal Words (previously Legal Techie), a niche Bristol based company providing copywriting and content creation services for the legal sector.

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