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  • Family Mediation Ireland (FMI) is a private client family mediation service. FMI operate nationwide across the Republic of Ireland and use the co-mediation method for conducting family mediations. Mediations are conducted with one male and one female mediator working with each couple in dispute. Family mediation can be used to Agree the terms of a Divorce or Legal Separation, Resolve child maintenance, guardianship, custody or access arrangements, Resolve a family dispute, Divide property and assets by agreement, Resolve inheritance/probate disputes, Agree ongoing methods/means of communication between people in dispute, Resolve passport or travel issues for children and Resolve issues relating to the schooling of children.

  • Helplink Support Services is a non-profit organisation providing Mental Health and Conflict Resolution services - low cost Mediation - online or by teleconferencing. This form of mediation allows persons or parties to engage in dispute resolution from the comfort of their own homes or legal council's office which reduces time, costs and stress for all concerned. Helplink Mediators work with Families, Organisations and Companies that have disputes or are in conflict.

  • Michael D. Cunningham & Co. - Galway provides a special site This provides free precedent sets of documents and letters to complete legal transactions, procedures for various areas of legal transactions and property notes.

  • Legal Panda is an Irish Solicitor directory and law community. Listing every solicitor registered in Ireland, it aims to help connect people and businesses with solicitors. The site also contains a question & answer section with regular opinion and news pieces on the law. Set up in 2012, the site is well designed and easy to use, as well as comprehensive.

  • Net Lawman Ireland is an international company but provides online Irish business documents, legal agreements and legal forms. They also provide legal advice and legal documents drafting services.

    Note to Irish solicitors and others who are selling specifically Irish legal services from their web site - let me know and I will add you to this list!

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