Second Set of Advanced Internet Studies for Lawyers
by Delia Venables

This is a course with 5 hours CPD for reasonably experienced internet users exploring topics with legal relevance, mainly related to international resources - USA, Europe and worldwide. Note that the first and second sets cover different material, qualify for separate CPD points and can be taken in either order. Now available in an August 2009 edition.

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The materials (part reading matter and part online tutorials) can be used to qualify for CPD hours as follows:
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority - accredited for 5 CPD hours
  • Bar Standards Board - accredited for 5 hours

There is a straight forward test required for this course, submitted online. See below for more details.

Course Aims and contents

Study One - Most Important Legal Sites in Europe

The Study looks at the most important sites in Europe - the Europa site, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights (particularly the searchable database of Human Rights Opinions) and the International Court of Justice.

Study Two - Most Important Legal Sites across the World

The Study starts with the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) which has become the model worldwide for the dissemination of free legal information, including the British and Irish Legal Information Institute, BAILII. It then looks at important sites in the USA and also gives some tips as to how to find legal information in other countries, using a number of worldwide legal "compendium" sites.

Study Three - Specifically Scottish Legal Sites

The Scottish Parliament has been in operation for several years now and the study looks at the way it is presenting Parliamentary Information. The study also looks at Scottish Legislation, the Scottish Courts Website, the Scottish Government site and the Scottish Law Society site.

Study Four - Legal Resources Provided by Barristers

Several chambers are now providing very useful (free) legal resources on the web. From a chambers point of view, this is a good way of proving expertise. The study looks at some of the most important legal resources provided by chambers.

Study Five - Legal Resources Provided by Solicitors

Many firms of solicitors provide information on their web sites for potential clients but some firms have gone beyond this to provide a free standing legal resource which is of use not only to potential clients but also to the legal community at large. The study looks at some of the most important legal resources provided by firms of solicitors.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, you will have an awareness of:
  • The most important legal web sites in Europe
  • The most important legal web sites across the world, in particular in the USA and the commonwealth;
  • How the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government sites are represented on the web;
  • How some chambers are providing legal resources on their web sites;
  • How some firms are providing legal resources on their web sites.

Course Test

There is a straight forward test required for this course, submitted online. The questions are not on substantive issues of the law but are designed to check that you have read the materials provided, visited some of the main legal web sites described and considered the issues involved.

The questions are provided online and the practitioner can see the questions whilst going through the materials (but should note that the questions change from time to time).

There are ten questions. Most of the questions consist of two parts.

I am normally able to mark the tests, and send an email indicating whether or not you have passed, within 2 working days.

The pass rate is 70 percent and practitioners may submit one further set of questions if they fail the test the first time.


The Second Set of Advanced Internet Studies for Lawyers costs
  • £60 plus VAT for an individual licence
  • £150 plus VAT for an Intranet/Multiple Use licence. Licences last for one year and allow up to 5 people to take the course and obtain the CPD. Additional people can take the course and obtain the CPD for a £15 plus VAT fee.
I am happy to accept orders by email - just give me your name, firm/chambers, postal address and phone number and I will send you the printed part of the material with an invoice. (You use the printed material together with a special area of my web site to do the Studies).

Combined Price

You can purchase both sets of Advanced Internet Studies for Lawyers for £95 plus VAT for an individual licence or £225 plus VAT for the Intranet/Multiple Use licence. (You can see details of the First Set of Advanced Internet Studies for Lawyers

Special Bonus

As a special bonus we will include a complimentary subscription to the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers & Law 2.0 until the end of 2010 (usual price £45) with any two courses purchased. This essentially keeps you up to date with legal web developments for a whole year. If you already have a subscription to the Newsletter in the same name, your subscription period will be extended to the end of 2010.

Course Evaluation

There is an online form available for this purpose, which the practitioner can fill in after submitting the online test. Questions asked:
  • Has this course met its aims and intended learning outcomes?
  • Have you found the course interesting?
  • Did you find the printed material useful?
  • Did you find it easy to access the tutorials online?
  • Did you find it easy to submit the test answers?
  • Are there any points relating to accessibility which you would like to make?
  • Did you find the course good value for money?
  • Any other comments you would like to make.
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