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Westlaw UK is a comprehensive intuitive online service. Launched in 2000 and continually enhanced since then, it has become the leading online information resource for the legal community. The breadth of content available combined with clever technology that works in the same way as your brain means you get to the content you need, fast.

Key Features

  • Powerful and intuitive search functionality
  • Case law from some of the UK’s most renowned reporting series and over 350,000 case reports and transcripts dating back to 1220.
  • Legislation consolidated back to 1267, and updated daily
  • Users can store documents to My Folders on Westlaw UK for easy access anytime anywhere. The documents are automatically updated, and will not be deleted unless instructed to do so by the user
  • Finest analytical commentary from the entire Common law Library and a range of market-leading books and looseleafs - available as additional content or as separate specialist practice area solutions
  • International news and business information
  • ‘Breadcrumb trail’ tracking every research step
  • Intranet solutions for customised knowledge management systems
  • Compatible with tablets and mobile devices
  • Intranet solutions for customised knowledge management systems
  • Customer support around the clock, every day


    Access to over 350,000 full-text case reports and transcripts with case analyses of all decisions in the UK from 1865 and the EU back to 1954, from your desktop, in the time it takes to click a button.

    Westlaw UK includes reports from some of the UK’s leading names:

  • The Law Reports series published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales
  • Weekly Law Reports & Industrial Law Reports
  • English Reports from 1220
  • Session Cases from the SCL
  • Sweet & Maxwell Law Reports
  • Full-text transcripts covering the Supreme Court (as well as the House of Lords) and Court of Appeal, plus selected High Court and Tribunal judgments back to 1999

    Intuitively laid out to allow you to search through the material with speed and ease, Westlaw UK helps you pinpoint the information you are looking for. Our Case Analysis documents are designed for online research, with links to all related cases, legislation, journal articles and commentary titles; Status icons (positive/ negative consideration or appeal pending) are available in search results, so users are immediately alerted to the status of a case.


    Westlaw UK's legislation service includes fully comprehensive and consolidated legislation dating back to 1267, and SIs dating back to 1948.

    Key Highlights include:

  • Legislation Analysis documentd including Amendment History, Commencement Information, Extent, Modifications, SIs made under the provision, and legislation and cases cited.
  • Prospective versions of legislation allowing you to see what the law will look like in the future, and historic versions letting you view previous legislation without the need for cross-referencing the amending provisions
  • PDF versions of the entire Act/ SI with icons clearly indicating the status of the provision
  • Annotations designed, written and updated only for Westlaw UK giving the most authoritative and up-to-date guidance on the law


    To help you put the law in context, we have added a collection of market-leading commentary titles to Westlaw UK. Rather than just replicating the text of the books, we have added powerful tools that enhance and complement the content, making them easy to navigate and search.

    Titles include:

  • Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence & Practice
  • Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Precedents of Pleadings
  • CIPA Guide to the Patents Act
  • Copinger & Skone James on Copyright
  • Current Sentencing Practice
  • Kerly's Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names
  • Palmer's Company Law
  • Redfern & Hunter ON International Arbitration
  • Renton & Brown Criminal Procedure
  • Renton & Brown Criminal Procedure Legislation
  • Sealy & Milman: Annotated Guide to Insolvency Legislation
  • Terrell on the Law of Patents
  • Totty & Moss: Insolvency
  • The White Book
  • Woodfall: Landlord & Tenant


    Westlaw UK features the most comprehensive collection of full text journals available anywhere; there are over 400 indexed journals including 53 specialist Sweet & Maxwell journals.

    All journals are indexed in the Legal Journals Index (LJI) - an extremely popular service which is unique to Westlaw UK. All material is categorised with Sweet & Maxwell's Legal Taxonomy and you can see at a glance the key points of an article along with direct links to relevant case law and legislation, plus links to the full text where available.

    Current Awareness

    Westlaw UK’s Current Awareness service contains daily information on cases, legislation, and legal developments derived from official publications, press releases and legal news relating to the United Kingdom. Current Awareness is updated every 15 minutes throughout every working day. The information remains in Current Awareness for 90 days and can then be found by searching the Current Awareness Archive.

    Superior Functionality

    The Westlaw UK homepage is clearly laid out and easy to use. It has intuitive search templates and content-specific browsing options. Browsing through content is a breeze; a wealth of navigation options assists the user in navigating easily around the site, and search terms appear clearly within search results. What’s more, users can search for legal terms and phrases that have been defined in Legislation, Cases and Journals, which assists in clarifying the judicial meaning of terms.

    Westlaw UK Customer Support

    Help on technical, subscription or research related questions is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call the Customer Support Team on 0800 028 2200 or email customer.service@westlaw.co.uk.

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