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Thomson Reuters have a new web site covering all their legal solutions, products and services for the UK and Ireland.

The subsections of the "Legal Solutions" part of the site are: BPM & Case Management, Business Development and Marketing, Commentary & Analysis, eBilling & Project Management, Federated Search & Knowledge Management, Human Resources, Legal Research, Legal Updates & Currency, Risk Mitigation and Training & Online Learning.

Of these, the ones best known to lawyers so far are probably Commentary & Analysis (Sweet & Maxwell books and eBooks, see also below), Legal Research (Westlaw), Legal Updates & Currency (Lawtel) and Training and online Learning (CPD Webinars).

The "Legal Solutions" section describes the products generically but there is also a section called "Products & Services A to Z" which enables the viewer to locate the particular product or service they are looking for, irrespective of generic type.

Sweet and Maxwell

With over 200 years of history and heritage in legal publishing, Sweet & Maxwell offers detailed and specialist knowledge, understanding, interpretation and commentary across a wide range of subjects. Their publications use a variety of formats to meet customers' needs including books, journals, periodicals, looseleafs, CD-ROMs and online services.

Sweet and Maxwell, together with Lawtel and Westlaw UK, are part of Thomson reuters.

Press release London, May 6th 2014

Case management and electronic filing for the court system

  • C-Track is Thomson Reuters' court management and filing solution designed to capture, track, process and report on court information and keep cases moving through the judicial process. The web-based software, designed to solve the complexity of appellate and trial court case flow, can be configured to operate with multiple agency or partner products to ensure a seamless and efficient workflow solution. Thomson Reuters has won the contract after an extensive procurement exercise. Apparently, the software has been developed and extended over a 15 year period and will now be deployed across the jurisdictions within the Rolls building.

    Note: The Rolls Building, formally opened by the Queen in December 2011, is a massive court complex in London that is used by the High Court of Justice and houses the commercial and property business of the Chancery Division (including bankruptcy), as well as the Admiralty Court, Commercial Court, and the Technology and Construction Court. The building has 31 courtrooms, including three "super courts" for high-value cases, and four landscape-oriented courtrooms for multi-party cases.

    Press release London, December 15, 2011

    Sweet & Maxwell Launches eBooks for Thomson Reuters ProViewTM eReader App

    Sweet & Maxwell has announced the launch of its initial eBook for Thomson Reuters ProView, the new professional eReader application for the iPad®. Covering many of the most widely used references on both civil and criminal law, the Sweet & Maxwell eBooks on ProView mark a significant step forward in the delivery of legal information to the profession.

    Thomson Reuters ProView is the first platform for eBooks that was built from the ground up specifically for professionals. The ProView iPad app can be downloaded free at the Apple App Store.

    Sweet & Maxwell’s first eBook title available on the ProView platform is Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice. One of the UK’s most widely used legal reference books; Archbold has been in publication since 1822. It offers the most authoritative and comprehensive coverage of practice and procedure within the Crown Court.

    Sweet & Maxwell eBooks will enable barristers and solicitors to conduct their preparatory and in-court research more effectively as even the most detailed background material can now be easily accessed from any location.

    According to the company’s own research, 23 percent of solicitors that specialize in litigation are already using an iPad to access legal information with a slightly higher usage among barristers. The research reveals that the legal profession is exploring how it can make more use of tablets and that lawyers are embracing the benefits of mobile technologies.

    With Thomson Reuters ProView, lawyers with access to Sweet & Maxwell eBooks can make notes or email sections immediately to clients or colleagues, and they can search the textbook without having to leave the page they are reading.

    With fewer hefty documents to bring to court or client meetings, as well as faster and more advanced ways to access reference material, Sweet & Maxwell eBooks will both save lawyers valuable time and literally lighten their load.

    Additional ProView benefits include the abilities to:

    • Search the entire eBook without leaving the current page
    • Update content as new editions are published
    • Add notes to the text, which will automatically transfer to later purchased editions
    • Highlight sections of text easily
    • Copy sections of an eBook straight into an email for clients or counsel
    • Hyperlink to relevant sections via links within the text
    • Quickly find and review references at a later date via bookmark or flag
    To find out more about Thomson Reuters ProView and Sweet & Maxwell’s new eBooks, visit proview or talk to Paul Sandell, PR & Communications Manager, Thomson Reuters, Tel +44 (0)207 393 7386, email

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