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Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence was founded by barrister Geoffrey Hall in 1998 to provide accurate information on clinical negligence to lawyers and their clients.

These are the principal areas of the site:

  • Cases: the Medical Litigation Cases [MLC] is the largest online database of medical law reports. Decisions on clinical issues by superior courts of all jurisdictions are included. Accordingly, if word searching, some spelling, eg, anaesthetic/anesthetic, may vary. The texts of cases can be read in Word or PDF and downloaded. A further 1,300 cases are digested in Digest of Pre-MLC Cases 2005 which can be downloaded from the Articles database.

  • Articles: the database contains articles, by lawyers and clinicians, on topical issues in medical negligence and clinical negligence (the terms have the same meaning). You may search the entire database by, eg, name of author, subject, legal issue, clinical procedure, medical condition, medicine, medical equipment and hospital.

  • Links: there is a links database which contain direct links to many important organisations involved in medico-legal issues.

    A subscription is required for these services (except the links database which is free to access).

    Annual subscription rates are:
    £220 Individual subscription
    £400 Network subscription

    Contact geoffhall99@gmail.com or subs.medneg@gmail.com

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