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Legalease and Legal500.com

Founded in 1987, Legalease is a leader in the provision of legal market information. They offer authoritative and in-depth analysis and commentary across a broad portfolio of publications, spanning directories eg Legal 500 global guides, Expert Lawyers guides, Lex 100 guide for UK law students, magazines eg Legal Business magazine, for partners at major law firms, journals eg The Practical Lawyer, as well as online resources such as Practical Conveyancing, an online resource for conveyancers.

They also run GoodLawyerGuide which ranks 50,000+ local solicitors in numerous categories of work.

Legalease remains best known for its hugely successful Legal 500 series of guides reviewing the strengths and strategies of law firms in over 90 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, and the Caribbean. These easy-to-navigate and cross-referenced guides provide research and law firm rankings to enable clients to identify the best law firm for the job.

Their flagship website is Legal500.com. You can reach all the individual Legal 500 series (Algeria, Australia, Austria and so on....) from here and there is also a wide range of articles, briefings and updates.

For further information on Legalease and the products available, please visit Legalease.

Contact kevin.parkinson@legalease.co.uk or telephone 0207 396 9309.

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