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Note: This entry was provided by Ted Spilsbury at Jordan Publishing, for Internet Newsletter for Lawyers September/October issue, 2013. The Editor of the overall article, called Keeping up to date with the law, was Nick Holmes.

Jordan Publishing Limited provides a number of law update services for users, both free-to-use and paid-for.

The most popular of these is Family Law Newswatch which receives around 26,000 unique visitors each month. It is a free portal providing updates on recent cases, legislation changes, news, analysis and general guidance relating to the practice of family law, giving users a current awareness resource as well as the opportunity to sample content that can be accessed by signing up to Jordans’ premium services. Having purchased a license to the premium information the practitioner is then able view expert commentary beyond the paywall.

A weekly newsletter linked to the portal provides updates on current affairs, meaning the lawyer can read on the go or while having a coffee at their desk. More in-depth content that a lawyer would use in practice is published through our premium Online Services platform, which contains a number of research tools for users to browse cases, legislation and commentary.

Although Jordans sources its judgments independently, the editorial team uses BAILII as an extra check to ensure that our neutral citations are consistent. In addition to this, we have found that the availability of case and statute law elsewhere provides information seekers with a starting point for further research — free resources acting as signposts to our own premium content. Family Law Newswatch also performs an important branding function. We don’t charge for subscribing to the newsletter or reading our portal content, so Newswatch increases brand awareness for Jordans’ Family Law imprint — directly contributing to Jordan Publishing’s strong reputation as the leading publisher of information on family law.

It is unlikely that free resources will ever be able to provide such authoritative content as that which is commercially available. Jordans’ series of Family Law Reports for example are professionally edited by leading lawyers and judicially approved before publication. Nevertheless, improvements in free services will see them starting to play an even bigger part in the legal information landscape. The legislation.gov.uk in particular provides an increasingly slick user experience, competing with some of the best online legal information services, but lacks the consistency of commercial content. At Jordans, we have a team of legal researchers who update our internal legislation database in order to ensure our publications cite the correct authorities.

Ted Spilsbury is an Account Manager at Jordan Publishing.
Email ted_spilsbury@jordanpublishing.co.uk.

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