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Note: This entry was provided by John Bolch of Family Lore Focus for the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers September/October issue, 2013. One particular aspect of the article was the relationship of the company with BAILII and legislation.gov.uk. The Editor of the overall article, called Keeping up to date with the law, was Nick Holmes.

Every practising lawyer wants to keep up to date with developments in their subject area. There are many sites that provide free updating services, but the problem with most of these is that they only refer to news items, case reports and articles on their site. What if they have missed a news item or a case and what about articles and blog posts appearing on other sites? In relation to family law, this is where Family Lore Focus comes in.

Family Lore Focus is essentially a site that collects links to freely available family law content from across the web, including news, cases, legislation, articles and blogs. Regularly throughout the day I check every reliable source that I am aware of including family law sites, general law sites, blogs, newspapers, BAILII and many others, and post links to items of interest.

Links to news items go on Family Lore News, links to law reports (complete with a short case summary) go on Family Lore Case Digest, links to family law related articles go on Family Lore Articles and links to blog posts go (you’ve guessed it) on Family Lore Blogs.

The most recent news, cases, articles and blog post links can be found on the front page of Family Lore Focus. Family Lore Focus also provides two other methods for keeping up to date:

  • Links to the most important news items and all of the week’s cases, articles and blog posts are included in the Family Lore Focus Newsletter, a free weekly email sent to all subscribers. You can subscribe to the Newsletter at here simply by giving your name and email address.

  • Links to all news items, cases and articles are fed on to the Family Lore Focus Twitter feed @familylaw. A link to the Newsletter also appears every Monday on the Twitter feed. So, whichever method is most convenient: website, Newsletter or Twitter, Family Lore Focus aims to keep family lawyers fully updated on all the latest developments.

    John Bolch is a family law blogger and writer and publisher of Family Lore Focus.
    Email: john@familylore.co.uk.

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