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New - Scottish titles from PLC
  • Practical law Company (PLC) are now publishing many of their book titles in English law, Scots law and tax titles online. The books have been licensed from legal publisher Bloomsbury and this is the first time that the books have been available online. The book content is integrated within PLC's own content so users can search for content within the books from the general PLC search and the books are listed under related PLC topics. You can browse the catalogue here and there is a free chapter available to view for each book. The books are made available on a subscription basis and all new editions are made available without additional charge during the period of the subscription. You can see more about this here.

    A wonderful new Scottish resource!

  • The Scottish Council of Law Reporting (SCLR) is a “not for profit” charitable company limited by guarantee, established by the Scottish legal profession to manage publication of Session Cases and other materials intended to help promote the best practice of Scots law. The Council makes its publications available to as wide an audience as possible, at as low a cost as possible. Now the SCLR is bringing this admirable aim into the internet age! It has commissioned a series of five linked short films about law reporting in Scotland and the place of law reports in Scottish legal practice and made these available on You Tube. The celebrated case of Donoghue v. Stevenson provides a useful theme as the role of precedent in the work of lawyers and the courts is explained. The films are presented as a free educational resource, especially useful for those seeking to understand the role of law reports as a primary source of law. The five films are:
  • Donoghue v. Stevenson: The History of Law Reporting
  • The Law of Judges: Precedent and the Criteria for the Reporting of Cases
  • Anatomy of the Law: The Authority, Authorship and Arrangement of Session Cases
  • In the Case Of: Using the Reports
  • Books and Bytes: Accessing the Reports
    They are suitable (for example) for sixth form students, students of law (in the early stages) and the general public (if interested). And the standard of the films is very high - comparable to well produced TV programmes.

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