Electronic Session Cases from Justis

Justis is an independent electronic publisher of legal databases, established in 1986. Justis has secured a leading position in this market, focusing on U.K and European Community law and official information.

Justis.com - Electronic Session Cases

The Scottish Council of Law Reporting has licensed its Session Cases reports and its archive of law reports back to 1930 to a number of online publishers. The first of the publishers to launch the new service is Justis.com.

With coverage starting in 1930, Electronic Session Cases contains all the key appellate decisions, civil and criminal, from the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland, plus selected cases decided at first instance. Also included are all decisions on Scottish appeals to the House of Lords and the Privy Council. All decisions are reported in full, and are checked and revised by presiding judges before publication.

The publication of these essential case reports allows practitioners to locate relevant cases quickly and easily. In addition to being fully searchable, Justis.com offers a range of features, including email alerting and extensive hypertext links to other Justis databases of UK and EU case law and legislation.

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