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Custodians and gatekeepers: maintaining access to public legal information

The ICLR was set up in 1865 by members of the legal profession with the object of -

"preparation and publication, in a convenient form, at a moderate price, and under gratuitous professional control, of [The Law] Reports of Judicial Decisions of the Superior and Appellate Courts in England" (Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1870)

The main publications of the ICLR (The Law Reports, The Weekly Law Reports, The Industrial Cases reports, The Business Law Reports and the Public and Third Sector Law Reports) are published online by ICLR, as well as being available from Westlaw UK and, in the case of The Law Reports, from LexisNexis.

ICLR Online is the hub of legal authorities dating back to 1865 and is a dedicated case law platform presenting the cases that matter in a comprehensive and readable format. This combines ICLR law reports with the powerful Citator+ index cards to present all the relevant case information in one screen, making legal research easier than ever, and ICLR judgments are triple checked for accuracy and presented with absolute clarity.


  • Unlimited court ready PDFs
  • Unlimited daily Case Notes
  • Fully integrated Citator+
  • Weekly content email updates
  • BAILII integrated
  • Customer product training
  • Customer user stats
  • Online account management
  • WLR Daily Case Summaries
  • SC judgments reported within 24hrs
  • Platform optimised for easy access on tablet, mobile and desktop devices

    A free case search

    Most of their products are only provided by subscription but they do provide a free case search on their website, with access to all WLR Daily Case Summaries from 2009 onwards here. You can sort the results by case name, publication reference, neutral citation or date of judgment by clicking on the relevant field header. This is a new version of the previous free service called Daily Law Notes, and covers all cases intended for full reporting. A subscription is required for a wider search going back to 1865 or for the full case reports and case notes of unreported cases.

    For more information on ICLR products, contact or 020 7242 6471.

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