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The Internet Newsletter for Lawyers covers how the internet presents the law, how it widens access to the law, how it is affecting society and the world we live in, how it is affecting legal practice, getting the best from your website and legal aspects of e-commerce.

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The newsletter is published in printed form, in pdf and online.

The Internet Newsletter for Lawyers has become a community of lawyers who are interested in the legal internet from all its "angles" - how it presents the law, how it widens access to the law, legal aspects of e-commerce and websites, how lawyers use the internet to market themselves and to sell legal services online and IT issues relating to all these topics.

It is typically taken by lawyers interested in how to develop their website and how to make the best use of resources online (particularly free ones), lawyers looking to develop the services they can offer their clients, marketing people within firms and chambers working on raising their profile and getting new work, IT staff responsible for applications related to the internet, and librarians and information-related staff, who circulate the newsletter to those with a special interest in one or more topics.

Highlights of the March/April 2015 issue:

  • Ruth Bird and Natasha Choolhun look at the new SRA competence requirements in the online environment
  • Shireen Smith of Azrights examines whether you should bid on AdWords for a competitor's trade marks
  • Ruth Baker, long-time General Manager of SCL, remembers developments during her tenure
  • Barrister Colin Yeo describes how he uses social media for personal and professional development
  • Sue Bramall of Berners Marketing on how to implement a contact management system effectively
  • Loyita Worley of Reed Smith guides us through the resources available for researching sanctions
  • Nick Holmes reviews the onerous new VAT rules on cross-border sales of digital services
  • Richard Hugo-Hamman of LEAP Legal Software offers 5 practical tips to make the paperless office happen (an online feature)
Highlights of the January/February 2015 issue:
Highlights of the November/December 2014 issue:
Highlights of the September/October 2014 issue:
Highlights of the July/August 2014 issue:
Highlights of the May/June 2014 issue:
Highlights of the March/April 2014 issue:
  • Marketing - Susan Hallam of Hallam Internet shows how law firms can get good results in local searches
  • Legislation - John Sheridan explains what the Big Data for Law project aims to achieve for legal researchers
  • Social media - Mindy Gofton of I-COM describes what social media monitoring is and the best tools to use
  • Languages - Susan Isaacs looks at readily accessible European language resources covering legal topics
  • Twitter - Claire Cavanagh at ECJ Legal shows how Twitter can be used to best effect for law job seekers
  • Websites - Jon Curtis of Ironmonger Curtis shows how law firms can develop SaaS and the benefits of doing this
  • Resources - Ruth Bird of the Bodleian Law Library on free European law sources and Cathryn Hopkins on the UKSC Blog
  • Software Feature from DPS: Efficiency through integration. "Joined up" software is critical.

You can see the newsletters online, free of charge, here.

To subscribe to the print, pdf or multi-user versions, follow the link at the top of that page to "Subscribe". You can pay with your credit card or debit card or pay on receipt of invoice.

Comments from Subscribers

* Richard Susskind...
Keep the Newsletters coming. I'm a big fan!

* Alison Harvey, Gherson...
We are enthusiastic readers of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers which we find very informative.

* Senior Assistant Librarian (Law Lords Library)...
I have found it to be an invaluable resource.

* Fawzi Zuberi (Partner), Lighthouse Solicitors
The newsletters are excellent and have already helped us in terms of giving us ideas on how to develop our I.T systems.

* Michael Haddrell, IT Manager, McEwens...
The newsletter is a brilliant way to stay updated and connected to all the latest issues and developments. Please, definitely continue our subscription and I am sure you will keep up the good work.

* Rowan Alys, Sydney Mitchell.....
It's always interesting and informative - and written in the sort of plain English that I can pass on to the non-geeky lawyers in our practice.

* Elizabeth Graham, Librarian, Brodies, Glasgow.....
I find the newsletter very interesting and informative. Thank you for all your efforts.

* Jill Cave-Browne-Cave....
I do enjoy your newsletter very much - it is certainly the best of its kind that I have ever read. May you continue with this, and your other great publications, for very many years to come.

* Vivian Grainge, Library and Information Services Manager, Freeth Cartwright
I think the newsletter is great.

* Richard Jennings, R.D.Y.Jennings & Co, North Yorkshire
Please renew subscription - and thanks for another good year.

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