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These all have a substantial part of their content available for free, online.

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logo saying NEW Internet Newsletter for Lawyers, July/August 2017
Stephen Mason: how electronic evidence is brought into legal proceedings
D.Casey Flaherty of Procertas is sceptical about intelligent robot lawyers
Stephen Ward of Clerksroom describes Billy the robotic junior clerk
Susan Hallam explains how/when to use competitive keyword advertising
Delia Venables asks What are chambers' websites really for?
Alex Heshmaty explains the concept of digital legacies and what to do
Nick Holmes looks at DoNotPay, "the world's first robot lawyer"

Here are the major legal journals, now offering most of their material online:

  • Law Society Gazette provides a very extensive site with a wide variety of information and news. There are a vast number of events described (in summary) and typically over 4,000 legal jobs advertised. There is information on all Law Society Publishing titles, e-books and selected key works from other legal publishers as well as the "Library Knowledge Base", the Law Society's library catalogue.
  • The Lawyer provides daily news as well as the full content of each week's issue. There is a good search facility.

  • Solicitors Journal has current news, as well as features and in depth topics. This is basically a subscription publication (approx £240 per annum) but there is some free access on a trial basis.

    Medical/legal services: Legal DNA Testing, Immigration DNA Testing, Paternity Testing, Legal Drug Testing and Legal Alcohol Testing.

    Here are a number of Legal News sites, Newsletters and Journals providing a major part of their content online and mainly free:

  • Internet Newsletter for Lawyers edited by Delia Venables and Nick Holmes, covers current news and topics related to the Internet and IT for Lawyers.

  • Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM) has a bi-monthly publication Legal Abacus which covers finance and administration
  • Insite Law Magazine - daily online law news and law blogs
  • Law and More - features on entertainment, lifestyle and travel as well as jobs
  • Legalease Law Journals: Commercial Litigation, Employment, Family, Personal Injury, Property, Procurement & Outsourcing, Trusts & Estates, Law & Tax

    Legalease Law Journals

  • - student and trainee website and journal from the Lawyer
  • Legal Futures - daily news coverage new market entrants, regulatory change and innovation in all its forms, often with breaking news
  • Legal Media Week - international financially based journals and material
  • Legal IT Insider - global news coverage of legal technology, ediscovery and social media trends within the legal services sector edited by Charles Christian
  • Legal Week - news, careers, life style and gossip
  • Litigation Futures tracks costs and funding along with related procedural developments in areas such as ADR, experts and e-disclosure.
  • Managing Partner is a legal magazine covering law firm management, strategy and marketing
  • New Law Journal - for lawyers who want up-to-date news and analysis on the future of civil litigation
  • Practical Lawyer - a digest of many legal sources from Legalease which also provides CPD
  • Roll on Friday - news and lighter material
  • Society for Computers & Law Journal (SCL) - journal of the UK's leading community for IT lawyers
  • Today's Conveyancer - a free online newspaper for conveyancers with relevant news, resources and jobs
  • UpperCase from Anya Designs covers Case Law, Civil Law, Civil Liberties, Criminal Justice, Legal Aid, Legal IT, ilaw & Legal Practice Management


  • BBC News Service
  • CNN

    "Ordinary" Newspapers

  • Telegraph
  • Financial Times, a major financial resource online
  • The Times , includes Law Reports
  • The Guardian, designed as a research resource as well as a newspaper
  • Independent
  • The Evening Standard
  • The Scotsman
  • Irish Times
  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal

    Free news sources designed directly for the Internet, often USA-based:

  • Google News
  • NewsNow - online UK news
  • The Register - technology news
  • Newslinx - daily web news, updated constantly, and containing the full text of articles on Internet topics from many (mainly USA) sources. An amazing resource.
  • Internet News -another source of daily news on internet topics.
  • "The Network for Technology Professionals"
  • Newslink - provides links to just about every online newspaper across the world (3,600 at the latest count). You can search by country or by type of media.
  • Computer World offers internet news, constantly updated
  • ZDNet links to many articles and sources of information

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