Internet Newsletter for Lawyers
March/April 2006, by Delia Venables

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Search Engine Optimisation by Nick Holmes
Note: the full article by Nick Holmes can be downloaded as a pdf file from here.

Clerksroom - how does it work? - by Delia Venables and Jonathan Dingle

Google and Censorship in China - by Jody Tsigarides

Home Information Packs and Law Society Initiatives by Michael Garson

More on Sharepoint - case study from a small firm by Laurence Kaye, Julian Baker and Alastair Morrison

What do you want to read (here)? query from Delia Venables

Talk is Cheap(er) with VoIP by Chris Spencer

Instant Messaging by Rupert Kendrick

ALEX - an Intranet Experience at Law South - by Anne Bailey

Advertisements in the Newsletter:
JustCite - search from just one place
Weekly Law Reports now on Westlaw UK
Kemp on Lawtel for Personal Injury Lawyers
DeadMan's Handle - stops data theft in its tracks
Lawyers Online - new 24MB Broadband available
UK Typing offers outsourced typing for lawyers
Introduction to Blogging, Podcasting and Video Casting

Newsletter and CPD courses
Internet Newsletter for Lawyers - subscription details
Delia's Training Courses - with CPD
Whither the Legal Web? - a new e-book by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables (with CPD).

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    SEMINAR - an introduction to Blogging, Podcasting and Video Casting

    Wednesday 12th April, Lansdowne Club, Green Park, London, 1 to 5 p.m.

    Justin Patten, of law firm, Human Law, is offering a seminar called "Blogging for Beginners" on Wednesday 12th April 2006:
  • What is blogging and why it can benefit you and your firm or practice?
  • How do you set up a weblog?
  • What are the risks of blogging and how do you minimise them?
  • Which blogging software should you use?
  • What is podcasting and video blogging and how do you do it?

    By the end of the seminar, you will be able to weblog (guaranteed) and you will understand why this is such an important marketing tool in the 21st Century. Places are limited to 10 people. The cost is £199 plus Vat for 4 hours and includes quality sandwiches before the seminar. If you are not satisfied with the event, you can have a full refund! This is not an accredited CPD course but it can qualify for the uncertified part of the CPD requirement.

    Registration and lunch will take place from 12 noon with the seminar proper starting at 1 p.m and finishing at 5 p.m. To book a place, please e-mail Justin Patten at with your name, address and a contact telephone number.

    Justin Patten is a Solicitor and principal of his firm, Human Law. His weblog Human Law has featured in Law Society Gazette and The Times.

    UK Typing offers outsourced typing for lawyers
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    Whither the Legal Web?
    A new e-book by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables - with CPD

    Two of the UK's best known independent legal website authors, commentators and publishers have come together to describe where the legal web is today and where it is going.

    Whither the Legal Web? is published as an e-book (in pdf) and is designed for use in any of three ways:

    The e-book is published in two parts, with practical articles written by Nick and Delia and other leading experts in their fields.

    Part 1: Legal Information

    Part 1 covers the public provision of law on the web and ongoing initiatives to improve it: BAILII and the Statute Law Database, EU Law and the Europa site, the UK Parliament, e-Government, access to justice, devolved parliaments and legislation, FOI and public sector information, how legal publishing is developing and new technologies for accessing legal information on the web such as law blogs, webfeeds and wikis.

    Part 2: Legal Practice

    Part 2 covers the way that the web has affected Legal Practice and will continue to affect it. The opening article is by leading legal commentator Charles Christian on the transformation of communication. This is followed by articles on managing email, electronic signatures, a virtual law firm, a virtual chambers, practice developments made possible by the internet, e-government, harnessing web resources for knowledge management, web marketing for law firms, web marketing for chambers, selling legal services online (including for the corporate client), new risks, e-conveyancing and pro bono on the web.

    CPD course

    You can use the e-book as a course, at your convenience, with a straight forward test at the end to qualify for the CPD. You can see the Questions for Part 1 and Questions for Part 2 although you will not be able to answer them and obtain the CPD unless you have purchased the e-book or you are using a multiple use licence purchased by your organisation. The questions will change from time to time.


    Each part costs 40 plus VAT and includes the use, by one person, of the e-book as a course, qualifying for 5 CPD points per part. Both parts, if purchased together now, cost 60 plus VAT (Part 2 will be available in September).

    A multiple use licence, suitable for organisations with several people likely to use the e-book and including the licence for up to 5 people to take the course, costs 100 plus VAT for each part or 150 plus VAT for both parts purchased together now.

    You can access further details and purchase the e-book here. Purchasing is by secure credit card processing and allows immediate access to the e-book. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, other payment methods can also be accommodated on the infolaw site.

    This e-book is another "first" on the UK legal web for Nick and Delia!

    Between them Nick and Delia have accounted for many UK legal web firsts over the last 10 years:
    • the first legal portal in the UK came from Nick in early 1995 and Delia provided the second in mid 1995
    • the first online accredited CPD course Delia's Guide to the Internet for Lawyers in 1996
    • the first newsletter about the legal internet Delia's Internet Newsletter for Lawyers in 1996
    • the first book about the legal web Researching the Legal Web, Butterworths 1997, by Nick and Delia
    • the first web version of a printed publication Delia's Internet Newsletter for Lawyers in 1999
    • the first online forms service, Nick's infolaw Formfinder, and then the comprehensive Lawfinder in 2001
    • one of the first UK legal weblogs and the first legal metadata webfeed from Nick in 2004

    Internet Newsletter for Lawyers

    Prices are:
    • £40 plus £3.50p VAT for normal subscribers - a printed copy and access to the online version.
    • £70 plus £12.25 VAT for Firms/Chambers/Universities with Intranets or multiple online access; this includes a printed copy.
    Or 65 euros for the individual licence and 110 euros for the Intranet/Multiple Use licence.

    You will always find the address of the web version of the Newsletter on the front of the printed version, in the left hand column - all subscribers are welcome to use this!

    Delia Venables' Courses (with CPD)

    I now offer a complete range of training materials - a Beginners Guide and two sets of Advanced Studies. Each course involves printed material as well as online sessions, using a passworded area of my website. You do these in your own time. Each course can be purchased either in a single user version or in the multiple user/intranet version, allowing everyone in the organisation to take the course and obtain the CPD from the Law Society or the Bar Council. Multiple Use licences last for 1 year. All these courses provide very low cost CPD - and they are good fun too! I update the courses about every 6 months, so they are always current.

    Note - as of January 1st 2006, all these courses require a simple test in order to claim the CPD. This is because of increasingly stringent requirements from the Bar Council and the Law Society. Note that these questions are not on substantive issues of the law but are straightforward questions about the topics and sites described in the materials. You can print out the questions beforehand and keep them by you as you read the materials.

    Beginners' Guide to the Internet for Lawyers

    This consists of 2 parts - a substantial Introductory Section which you read in an armchair or on a train, and the Online Tutorials which you carry out seated at a computer with an Internet connection. The full text of the Tutorials is available in a passworded area of my web site. You can claim 8 hours CPD from the English Law Society or the Bar Council.

    Price is £60 plus VAT for the single user licence and £120 plus VAT for the Intranet/Multiple User version i.e. anyone in the organisation can use the material and obtain the CPD hours.
    Or 100 euros for the individual licence and 180 euros for the Intranet/Multiple Use licence.

    If you have direct web access, there is more information about the Guide and Tutorials here.

    First Set of Advanced Internet Studies for Lawyers

    Five Internet Studies for experienced Internet users exploring topics with legal relevance. The Studies cover:

  • Parliament and the Legislative Process
  • Government Online
  • Free Sources for Legal Research Online
  • Publishers' Sources for Legal Research Online
  • Selling Legal Services Online

    The Studies qualify for 5 CPD hours from the Law Society for England & Wales and the Bar Council.

    Cost is £50 plus VAT for an individual licence or £120 plus VAT for an Intranet/Multiple Use licence, i.e. anyone in the organisation can use the material and obtain the CPD hours.
    Or 80 euros for the individual licence and 180 euros for the Intranet/Multiple Use licence.
    If you have direct web access, there are more details here.

    Second Set of Advanced Internet Studies for Lawyers

    Five More Internet Studies for experienced Internet users exploring topics with legal relevance. The Studies cover:
  • Legal Sites in Europe and particularly Ireland
  • Legal Sites across the World
  • Specifically Scottish Sites
  • Marketing Legal Services on the Web
  • Legal Resources Provided by Barristers

    The Studies qualify for 5 CPD hours from the Law Society for England & Wales and the Bar Council. You can take the two sets of Advanced Studies in either order and claim separate CPD - they cover different topics.

    Cost is £50 plus VAT for an individual licence or £120 plus VAT for an Intranet/Multiple Use licence, i.e. anyone in the organisation can use the material and obtain the CPD hours.
    Or 80 euros for the individual licence and 180 euros for the Intranet/Multiple Use licence.

    If you have direct web access, there are more details here.

    Special offer for the two Sets of Advanced Internet Studies for Lawyers

    Each set qualifies for 5 CPD hours - they cover different material and you can get CPD (Law Society or Bar Council) on either or both of these.

    Usually, each set costs £50 plus VAT but, if you buy both sets together, the total cost will be only £80 plus VAT. For the Intranet/Multiple Use licence for these products, both sets together will cost £200 plus VAT instead of £120 each.

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