Internet Newsletter for Lawyers
March/April 2004, by Delia Venables

Latest Specialised Websites
by Delia Venables

Specialised sites are still coming onto the web at a good rate! Here are the latest ones I have come across:

  • is a web-site belonging to a firm of specialist employment law solicitors called GMH, based in Birmingham, West Midlands. The site provides a great deal of free information on employment law relating to dismissal and Employment Tribunals. The user fills up a form about the situation and GMH give initial advice and quote fees for further work. GMH does not have a "brochure" site - just this specialised one.

  • Employ-claims is a site from the specialist Employment Law division of Oxford and Reading firm Pearce West (again, no "brochure" site). The site covers claims relating to Unfair Dismissal, Wrongful Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Breach of Contract, Race and Sex Discrimination and Advice on Compromise Agreements.

  • Higgins & Co. of Birkenhead is another firm without a separate general brochure site but instead has three specialised sites:, and
    Each of these contains a great deal of information on the relevant topic.

  • divorce-lawfirm is a new site from Stratford-upon-Avon firm Woolley & Co. The new site provides over 40 pages of free information on divorce and related topics. There are case studies, questions and answers, leaflets and articles and a flowchart of divorce as well as links to other resources including a calculator to work out child maintenance on the child support agency site. There is a special section on divorce for British Expats.

  • Fox Williams now provide a whole series of specialised sites:
    Fashion Law, Britinvest, bestlawjobs, cyberlaw, hrlaw, llplaw and agentlaw.
    The sites are by no means all developed from the same formula - some are simple, some have lots of pictures and some are quite "flashy", but they mostly share the characteristics of having a FAQ section and a useful links section (related to the special topic). In most cases, the sites have their own url (thus maximising success in search engines) but are then redirected to a section of the main site (presumably making it easier to keep the sites up to date and under control).

  • Lawdit Solicitors of Southampton offer several specialised sites relating to IT law -
    * The Trade Mark Room for taking trademark registration requests online
    * Police and Protect for assisting in internet brand protection, and
    * Lawdit Resolve an alternative approach to litigating matters and resolving disputes.
    The sites, all linked together, provide a veritable cornucopia of information on these topics.

  • Coal Compensation is a site set up by Hugh James Solicitors to assist (and attract) people with claims relating to coal mining. Apparently, the firm has been litigating against and negotiating with British Coal and its successors, now effectively the government, for over 30 years. There is lots of information about different types of claim - chest disease, vibration white finger, deafness, subsidence and nuisance.

  • is a service from Briffa, Intellectual Property and Information Technology lawyers. The low cost service (£40 for a year, just intended as an admin charge) provides designers with checklists of information and an informal log of their designs which provides protection in subsequent copyright disputes. There is also a "design shop" which provides standard forms for design businesses including graphic and industrial designers. Users of the service who then want to formally register their designs at the Patent Office can instruct Briffa to carry out the work.

  • Road Law has been set up by former criminal solicitor Martin Davies who runs Law on the Web. There is lots of free information on the site including guidance on possible penalites and motorists can also obtain legal advice and representation throughout England and Wales at fixed prices. Firms who specialise in road traffic law can join the panel of firms associated with the site for a fee.

  • Education Law Unit of Govan Law Centre has an extensive site covering educational issues. The unit, partly funded by Glasgow city Council, describes itself as "the national expert legal resource for anyone who advises either children with special educational needs or their parents. Working in partnership with the voluntary, statutory and independen≠t sectors, we seek to increase the quality and availability of training, information and advice available to such advisers and to support and assist them in making the rights of children with special educational needs a reality." As well as the material on special educational needs, the site covers Scottish Educational news generally and developments in legal issues with frequent updates.

    If you have a really good specialised site which I have not mentioned recently, please let me know!

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