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Legal research; web resources

Selling and marketing legal services

How the web is changing whole areas of legal life

Legal aspects of websites and of e-commerce

email and online activities in a firm - management, legality, risks; also phone lines

New sites and general interest

Legal research; web resources

Ongoing Series on Developments from the Major Legal Publishers
Butterworths by Caroline Phelps, July/August 2003
Context by Justin Needle, July/August 2003
Sweet & Maxwell by Katy Adelson, May/June 2003

Reviews and News of Scottish Research Services
LexisNexis Butterworths Scotland Review by John Craske, January/February 2003
Westlaw UK Services for Scotland Review by Gillian Leslie, January/February 2003
Scottish Session Cases Appearing Online by Anthony Kinahan, July/August 2003
Scottish Online Services by Laurence Kennedy, July/August 2001

Reviews and News of Irish Legal Research Services
FirstLaw by Nuala Byrne, July/August 2003
Westlaw IE by Nuala Byrne, May/June 2003
Irish legal research on the Internet by Jennefer Aston, July/August 2002
Context launches Irish Reports and Digests on the Web, July/August 2003

Major Web Resources for Particular Work Areas
Legal Resources Online for Criminal Lawyers by Andrew Keogh, March/April 2003
Company Research Online by John Craske, March/April 2003
Mediation Resources on the Web by Christopher Butterworth, January/February 2003
Human Rights Update from One Crown Office Row by Delia Venables, November/December 2002
Electronic Immigration Network (EIN) Site Relaunched by Delia Venables, November/December 2002
Web Resources for the Family Lawyer and Client by David Hodson, September/October 2002
Local Government and the Internet by Ross Hussey, July/August 2002
Welsh legislation on the web - the Cardiff Law School Project by David Lambert, July/August 2002
Public International Law by Khawar Qureshi, May/June 2002
Human Rights Material on the Internet by Khawar Qureshi, March/April 2002
Property Law Resources by Gary Webber, November/December 2001
E-Commerce Resources by Paul Sillis and Robert Ungar, September/October 2001
Data Protection and Privacy Law Information by Stewart Dresner and Sandra Kelman, September/October 2001
Personal Injury Resources on the Internet by Rebecca Lambert and Lesa McKnight, May/June 2001

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII)
News from BAILII by Joe Ury, May/June 2003
Presentation to the Bar Report by Delia Venables, January/February 2003
Where We are Now by Lord Justice Brooke, January/February 2003
Be a BAILII Sponsor March/April 2003

Case Alerter - new service from Casetrack by Clair Woodward, July/August 2003

Occasional series on what English language resources are available for legal material in other countries
Translations of Russian Legislation by Alexander Nikiforov, March/April 2003
The French Legal Web by Michael Haravon, January/February 2003

The Story of Law-index and now Lawindexpro by David Swarbrick, May/June 2002

Knowledge Management by Derek Sturdy, March/April 2002

XML and the Law by Roger Horne, January/February 2002

The "Athens" Access Management System by Daniel Bates, November/December 2001

The Legal Profession in Northern Ireland and the Internet by Barry Phillips, May/June 2001

Ongoing Series on Print or Electronic Resources?
The Chambers Library by Sonia Michaels, January/February 2002
Leading Regional Firm by Kathy Jones, March/April 2002
Sole Practitioner, Major Irish Firm and Local Law Society by Montagu Martin, Thérèse Broy and Ruth Martin, Nov/Dec 2001
City law Firm, Provincial Firm and Academic Library by Hilary Green, Steve Harris and Sarah Carter, September/October 2001

Selling and marketing legal services

On-line Legal Services - are they a Dead Duck? by Michael Kaye, July/August 2003

Developing a Portal for your Law Firm by Delia Venables, July/August 2003

The Story of Divorce-Online by Mark Keenan, May/June 2003
Comment on Divorce-Online by Lawrence McNulty, July/August 2003

Barristers can have Intranets too by Michael Mclean, July/August 2003

Developments in Irish Firm Sites by Siobhan Heaney, July/August 2003

What is a Deal Room? by Kevin Doolan, March/April 2003

Fewer High Street Firms Selling Legal Services Online by Delia Venables, March/April 2003

Series on Case tracking Online- Solicitors Using the Web to Develop New Client Services
Case Tracking Online by Delia Venables, January/February 2003
Suppliers Offering Case Tracking Online, May/June 2003
Note on Case Studies, March/April 2003:
Note on Case Studies, May/June 2003
and then the actual case studies.....
Axxia - Morton Fraser by Ian Thomson, May/June 2003
DPS - Stanley Tee by Ian Fretwell, May/June 2003
EasyConvey - Chartahouse by Nick Hawkins, May/June 2003
Linetime - LCL Collections by Ian Longbottom, May/June 2003
Norwel - Lees Lloyd Whitley by Tony Nicholls, May/June 2003
Pericom - Franklins by Michael Franklin, May/June 2003
SellersLink - Bates & Partners by Matthew Clark, May/June 2003
AIM - AMS Law by Steve Williams, March/April 2003
Solicitec - Yuill + Kyle by Stephen Cowen, March/April 2003
Solicitec - Fitzpatricks by Tom Fitzpatrick, March/April 2003
Pracctice - Sykes Anderson by David Anderson, March/April 2003
Videss - Sills & Betteridge by Paul Cowen and Gary Phillips, March/April 2003
DIY - Wilson Nesbitt by Kieran Gilmurray, March/April 2003

Dotpro Domains Restricted by Tim Brown, May/June 2003
Are the new dot-pro domains worth it? by Tim Brown, September/October 2002

Barristers on the Web by Delia Venables, September/October 2002

Solicitors say "No thanks" to marketing sites by Delia Venables, July/August 2002

Selling Legal services on the web - why are the Irish lagging behind? by Siobhan Heaney, July/August 2002

Website Disclaimers by Claire Griffiths, July/August 2002

Three linked sections...
Web Site Design and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 by Stephen Mason, May/June 2002
Community Legal Services Quality Mark by Adrian Miles, May/June 2002
Will Your Site Be Legal? and free email newsletter on accessibility issues, May/June 2002

Ten Sins of Website Design for Lawyers by Delia Venables, May/June 2002

HotDocs - Offine and Online by Don MacAskill, March/April 2002

The Future of Legal Services on the Internet by Martin Davies, January/February 2002

Scottish Top Twenty Sites by Delia Venables and Kevin Crombie, November/December 2001

Best Scottish Property Sites by Kevin Crombie, September/October 2001

Legal-Island Story by Mary McMahon, November/December 2001

Ongoing series on Bright New Ideas for Websites
Keeping a Website Alive and Kicking by Louise Rutherford of Golds, November/December 2002
People Buy People by Jackie Reiss of Collyer-Bristow, November/December 2002
Linking up with a Business Transfer Agency by Maria Cordina of Sherrards, September/October 2002
Providing an Interactive CD about the Firm by Bill Jones of JMW, September/October 2002
A Network of Small Firms Working Together by Nicholas Openshaw of xlsis, September/October 2002
A small Irish firm with a dual language site by Duncan Grehan, July/August 2002
A niche site born of enthusiasm - gardenlaw - by Richard Smithies, July/August 2002
The Conveyancing Room by Graham Ross, May/June 2002
Norton Rose and Emplaw by Tim Russell, March/April 2002
Winward Fearon and Construction Law by Tim Gulliver, March/April 2002
Osborne Clarke and gamesbiz - by Paul Gardner, March/April 2002
Landlord-Law Online by Tessa Shepperson, January/February 2002
Hugh James ford 7 Simey and by Alun Jones, January/February 2002
Fitzpatricks and Conveyancing File Chaser by Tom Fitzpatrick, November/December 2001
Canter Levin & Berg and Online Conveyancing Quotes by Martin Malone, November/December 2001
Yuill & Kyle and Credit Control by Stephen Cowan, November/December 2001
Scottish Law Online and Multilingual Facilities by Kevin Crombie, November/December 2001
Beauchamps and by Shaun O'Shea, November/December 2001
Sykes Anderson & Marketing on Other Peoples' Websites by David Anderson, September/October 2001
Firstlaw and Managing Tenders by Ben Horton, September/October 2001
Boyes Turner and Dual Marketing by Ian White, September/October 2001
Sinclair Abson Smith and the SAS by John Cook, September/October 2001
Rooks Rider and Women's Interests by Lucy Riley, September/October 2001

How the web is changing whole areas of legal life

Digital Rights Management by Laurence Kaye, July/August 2003

Locating an Expert Witness by Clive Lougher, May/June 2003

Voluntary Sector Providing Legal Information on the Web (or not, as the case may be) by Steve Donnison, May/June 2003

Forms on the Web by Nick Holmes, March/April 2003

The Changing Face of the Official Record by Martin Bangs, January/February 2003

Gambling on the Web by Lindsey Greig, January/February 2003

Richard Susskind's Talk on Online Government by Delia Venables, November/December 2002

Online Dispute Resolution by Graham Ross, November/December 2002

Legal Discussion Groups on the Internet by John Antell, November/December 2002

Court Lists, CourtDiary and CourtCommentary by Delia Venables, November/December 2002

e-conveyancing and Property
NLIS Update by Mark Riddick, November/December 2002
Old Meets New in Property Group by Maitland Kalton, September/October 2002
A practitioner's view by Alastair Rhodes, July/August 2002
A secretary's view by Jackie Jones, July/August 2002
A consultant's view by Allan Carton, July/August 2002

"Clerksroom" Explained by Stephen Ward, January/February 2002

Legal aspects of websites and of e-commerce

New Laws for E-privacy by Eduardo Ustaran, May/June 2003

Jurisdiction on the Internet
The Internet Is Not Special by Louis Joseph, January/February 2003
Internet Defamation - In what Jurisdiction Can An Action Be Taken? (Irish Case Report) by Louise Gallagher, January/February 2003

Current Legal Developments in Ireland relating to the Internet by Patrick Ryan, November/December 2002

Recent E-Commerce Regulation in the UK by Kolvin Stone, May/June 2002

Review of Tolley's Domain Names, September/October 2002

Recent US Case Law by Maitland Kalton, May/June 2002

Web Site Design and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 by Stephen Mason, May/June 2002

Internet Law and Regulation by Graham Smith reviewed by Eduardo Ustaran, May/June 2002

Mistakes in Online Transactions by Daniel Bates, March/April 2002

Electronic Signatures Explained by Stephen Mason, January/February 2002 and..
Electronic Signatures in Ireland

E-Commerce Resources by Paul Sillis and Robert Ungar, September/October 2001

email and online activities in a firm - management, legality, risks; also phone lines

E-Privacy and Online Data Protection - new book by Eduardo Ustaran, November/December 2002

Nightmares of the Net for Law Firms by Rupert Kendrick, September/October 2002

Review of Cyber-Risks, September/October 2002

Review of Email and Internet Access solutions, September/October 2002

Email Disclaimers by Claire Griffiths, September/October 2002

Harnessing Internet and Email by Dominic Watson, September/October 2002
Draft Email/Internet Usage Policy (Microsoft Word document), September/October 2002

ADSL - how was it for you? by Keith Arrowsmith, July/August 2002
ADSL at the Office by Keith Arrowsmith, September/October 2002

Email - Beware the Trojan Horse by Stephen Hammett, March/April 2002

Emails: Use, Abuse and Regulation by Paul McGrath, November/December 2001

New sites and general interest

New Site for the Lord Chancellor's Department by Mike Wicksteed, May/June 2003

European Judicial Network, May/June 2003

Historical Irish Parliamentary Papers on the Web, March/April 2003

Legal Aid Practitioners Group by Richard Miller, March/April 2003

Criminal Justice System Online, July/August 2002

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