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Internet Newsletter for Lawyers Internet Newsletter for Lawyers - March/April 2014 issue

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Last updated on April 14th.
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Last updated on April 17th 2014.
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barrister's wig Chambers in England & Wales Last updated April 12th.
Direct Access to Barristers (Public Access) ... March 8th.
IT and Marketing Services for Chambers ... Feb 6th.
mouth, speaking Legal Transcription Services..... Last updated April 10th.
Equipment for Digital Dictation and Scanning... April 10th. scales of justice Outsourcing, hosted systems and the cloud .. April 7th.
Westlaw UK - Find the legal information that helps you make the difference
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Delia and Nick's own CPD courses
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Legal Software in Ireland and digital dictation August 1st.
Outsourcing, hosted systems, cloud systems April 7th.
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Last updated on January 19th.
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including referral and marketing panels for firms to join and also legal brands. Last updated on April 16th.
Perfect Software - making smaller firms more competitive
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shaking hands in agreement Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)... Sep 23rd.
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) ...March 10th.
Collaborative Law (Family Mediation)...April 16th.
washingmachine Web Resources for Money Laundering Regulations
Last updated on April 2nd.
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The Legal Internet

A Series of Publications for Training Purposes
and for Keeping Up To Date
by Delia Venables

Information about the site and about my experience are given here.

For any problems with marking the questions relating to the courses, or information on the occasional period when I am not going to be marking, please see the Problems and Delays Page.

Internet Newsletter for Lawyers - Read it online! (no password required) Highlights of the March/April 2014 issue:
  • Marketing - Susan Hallam of Hallam Internet shows how law firms can get good results in local searches
  • Legislation - John Sheridan explains what the Big Data for Law project aims to achieve for legal researchers
  • Social media - Mindy Gofton of I-COM describes what social media monitoring is and the best tools to use
  • Languages - Susan Isaacs looks at readily accessible European language resources covering legal topics
  • Twitter - Claire Cavanagh at ECJ Legal shows how Twitter can be used to best effect for law job seekers
  • Websites - Jon Curtis of Ironmonger Curtis shows how law firms can develop SaaS and the benefits of doing this
  • Resources - Ruth Bird of the Bodleian Law Library on free European law sources and Cathryn Hopkins on the UKSC Blog
  • Software Feature from DPS: Efficiency through integration. "Joined up" software is critical.
  • Legal Web Developments 2013 a course for barristers and solicitors by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables
    (Accredited for 2014). You can gain 5 CPD hours from the Bar Standards Board or the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
  • Keeping up to date with legislation and case law - contributions from several independent legal publishers
  • Developments in government online - getting to grips with the (ever changing) GOV.UK
  • Developments in justice online - the Justice web site and developments in online dispute resolution
  • Key legal resources for all lawyers - and also specific resources in criminal, family, property and civil
  • Getting the most from technology and the web, with DropBox, Surface, Skype, Google Drive and Chromebook
  • Legal Web Issues 2013 a course for barristers and solicitors by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables
    (Accredited for 2014). You can gain 5 CPD hours from the Bar Standards Board or the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
  • Information law issues and press regulations (for web publishers and bloggers)
  • Cloud computing issues - particularly data protection issues - do not let the hype cloud your judgment
  • Digital media issues - themes shaping the legal agenda
  • Social media and the courts and the misuse of social media by employees
  • Access to judgments, efforts to bring the statute book up to date and the "Good Law" initiative
  • Solicitors and the Internet 2013 - a course for solicitors by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables (all new material).
    You can gain 5 CPD hours from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (not the BSB).
  • Competition in the legal market – new “brands” and groups of firms as well as DIY Law and Direct Access Barristers.
  • Some innovative ways to improve the way that a firm runs the “business” by using client feedback effectively, re-engineering the work process and becoming at least a bit virtual.
  • Ways to improve a firm’s web site by being accessible to different types of device and by using news pages and blogs.
  • How Pay Per Click works and whether you can afford it; and whether solicitors can learn something from retailers.
  • Practical issues of cloud systems for lawyers – how and when to get into the cloud and issues to consider.
  • Cloud systems used by everyone (not just lawyers).
  • No longer being sold, but included here for reference
    Developments in the Legal Web 2012 - a CPD course for barristers and solicitors by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables.
    You can gain 5 CPD hours from the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Bar Standards Board.
  • Developments in case law online
  • Developments in open justice
  • Development of Public Access – how successful has it been so far?
  • Keeping up with tech, media and IP law
  • Getting the most from technology and the web
  • No longer being sold, but included here for reference
    Legal Web Issues 2012 - a CPD course for barristers and solicitors by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables.
    You can gain 5 CPD hours from the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Bar Standards Board.
  • Web law (e-commerce, domain name) issues
  • Digital media and IP Issues
  • Social media and the law
  • eBooks for law – formats and options
  • Accessible law – up to date? and legal apps
  • computer with software Work Out What Legal Software You Need! I have been a computer consultant giving advice to lawyers for quite a few years and a creator and editor of various publications related to the Internet for Lawyers. Details of my experience are given here. I have spent a great deal of time looking at software for lawyers - particularly solicitors. I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what software works, and what does not work, for solicitors. This section includes descriptions of all the key software for lawyers.
    These courses are no longer being sold, but are included here for reference:
  • Solicitors and the Internet 2012 (just for solicitors)
  • Legal Web Resources 2011 (for solicitors and barristers)
  • Legal Web Issues 2011 (for solicitors and barristers)
  • Making the Most of the Legal Web 2011 (for solicitors only)
  • Information about Delia Venables, Computer Consultant for Lawyers and writer on the legal internet.
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