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Family Matters, including Divorce and Children, Prenuptual Agreements, Civil Partnerships, Collaborative Law, Women's issues, Gay issues, rights of elderly people and child abuse

Divorce Solicitor, the family law solicitors: Divorce, Separation, Matrimonial, Property and Finance Disputes, Pensions, Children, Inheritance Claims, Contested Probate, Family Wills, Cohabitation, Pre-Nups. We are happy to offer a free half hour consultation!

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See also:
  • Blogs page which includes quite a number of useful blogs on divorce and family law
  • Collaborative Law, which covers sites and organisations related to family law committed to resolving issues without going to court
  • Divorce and Family Matters in Scotland
  • The non-lawyers guide to legal terms used in divorce and family law from Solicitors Pinnington Law.

    Organisations and Portals relating to Family Law and Divorce

  • The Child Maintenance Options service provides information and support to help parents make a child maintenance arrangement that meets their needs. The service is also available to guardians, relatives, friends and child maintenance professionals and can be used anonymously in England, Wales and Scotland. The service provides information on the three options for making an arrangement:
    *making a private arrangement
    *applying to the Child Support Agency
    *going through the courts
    Child Maintenance Options is an impartial service and is available through a freephone national telephone helpline, 0800 988 0988 as well as their website (there are lots of fact sheets, leaflets and FAQ's) and a face-to-face service for those in most need of more personalised help and support. The service is provided by the Child Maintenance Service, the public body that's responsible for child maintenance in Great Britain.
  • Reunite (Reunite International Child Abduction Centre) is the leading UK charity specialising in international parental child abduction and the movement of children across international borders. They operate the only telephone advice line in the UK offering practical, impartial advice, information and support to parents, family members, and guardians who have had their child abducted, as well as parents and guardians who may have abducted their child.
  • Find help to get your child back from abroad or arrange contact is the Central Authority in England and Wales for the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (the Abduction Convention), Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003 (Revised Brussels II) and the European Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Decisions Concerning Custody of Children and on Restoration of Custody of Children (the European Convention).
  • Citizens Advice provides extensive and detailed information on many topics related to families.
  • CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services) looks after the interests of children involved in family proceedings. It works with children and their families, and then advises the courts on what it considers to be in the children's best interests. CAFCASS only works in the family courts. Examples of matters that may be taken to family courts are:
    * when parents who are separating or divorcing can't agree on arrangements for their children
    * an adoption application
    * when children are subject to an application for care or supervision proceedings by Social Services.
    The site provides answers to these types of questions for three groups of people - children, teenages, and adults. There is also a basic explanation of the law about children.
  • Netlaw is a social media forum and information resource offering support to those experiencing relationship and family problems, with the aim of bridging the gap between those requiring assistance and the professionals able to offer expert advice. This allows people to engage directly who otherwise would not have consulted a professional. A key figure in the new forum is Paul Summerbell, Head of Family Law at Warrens Family Law and Founder and CEO of Accord Mediation Services. Viewers are offered the opportunity to open an account (free of charge at present) and to view articles, blogs and posts as an information resource. They can also participate in public forums or notice boards that permit problems to be posted and answers provided.
  • family-lawfirm is the web site of Stratford-upon-Avon firm Woolley & Co. The site provides many pages of free information on divorce and related topics which you access via a search mechanism. There are case studies, questions and answers, leaflets and articles. There is a special section on divorce for British Expats. There is a section called which is designed to try and dispel damaging misunderstandings about divorce and separation. There is a long list of myth categories with examples of statements about each - and an explanation about whether the myth is true or false. It is useful - and amusing as well.
  • National Association for Child Support Action (NACSA) is the leading organisation within the UK providing help in all areas of the Child Support Act and the new Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (CMEC). They provide affordable help to parents and their families who suffer difficulties with the UK Child Support Act, by offering case specific support to resolve those issues that never seem to be addressed by the CSA. There is a lot of good information on the site and they can also provide a month's access to their helplines (for personal assistance) for a modest price.
  • Wikivorce is an interesting site on divorce which provides an interactive (and wiki-type) experience for those involved in, or considering, a divorce. As well as factual information, e.g. Divorce Guide and Divorce Calculator, there are blogs (several of the existing well known blogs are included), chat rooms and forums. In other words, it is a community based web site where other members of the community do most of the work! It seems to be very popular and already has 10,000 people registered, which for a relatively new, UK based site is pretty good going. There is also a bookstore and a "find a solicitor" section.
  • Pinnington Law of Salford, Manchester, have created a glossary of legal terms in divorce and separation, to help participants understand the legal processes they will need to follow. The glossary includes technical terms involved in court proceedings and legal documents as well as different child arrangement orders and agreements for which the participant can apply. There is general information on divorce and other areas of law on the main Pinnington site here.
  • Family Lore Focus is written by John Bolch, a solicitor with more than twenty-five years' experience specialising in family law. John is a long-time member of Resolution, and a former member of the Law Society's Family Law Panel. John gave up practising in 2009 and is now working freelance as a writer of family law. The content of the site includes news, cases, legislation updates, articles and information about family law. Along with new content, the long-term aim of the site is to make sense of some of the best family law information available on the internet, by providing logical, context-sensitive links to that information.
  • Prenuptial Agreement UK is a specialised site from solicitors Silverman Sherliker that tells the viewer everything they need to know about having a prenuptial agreement, including what benefits an agreement can bring, legal pitfalls to avoid, UK case law involving prenuptial agreements, the current UK legal position on prenuptial agreements and the likely cost of getting a suitable agreement drawn up. There is a facility on the site to ask for free initial advice.
  • The Official Solicitor & Public Trustee provides legal representation for persons unable to act for themselves for some reason, e.g. children and people with some incapacity.
  • Coram Children's Legal Centre is an independent national charity concerned with law and policy affecting children and young people. There is a free and confidential legal advice and information service, covering all aspects of the law affecting children and young people, and a unit providing legal advice and representation to children and/or parents with concerns relating to schools or Local Education Authorities (LEAs). The centre also campaigns for children's rights in accordance with the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and also monitors the impact of armed conflict on civilian children. The Centre is based at Essex University.
    For further sites dealing with education, see the education section.
  • Natalie Gamble Associates - provide an impressive site on fertility law and parenting law in all its manifestations. Overall, the site includes legislation (including the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 (HFEA)), case law, useful links and 30,000 words of detailed written guidance on the law broken down for different situations. It has been designed as a free resource on this complex area of law, providing reliable information accessible to everyone. As well as having unrivalled information on this topic, the site uses attractive colours and photographs. The site includes a blog of current news and comment.
  • Resolution (previously Solicitors Family Law Association) is an association of 6,500 solicitors who agree to follow a Law Society recommended Code of Practice which essentially aims to deal with matters in a way designed to preserve peoples dignity and encourage them to reach agreement. The site provides a searchable directory of members and also an extensive set of fact sheets on family law topics.
  • Divorce Aid is a site run by an independent group of professionals who volunteer their time to help people with divorce problems. Advice is provided, by email, without any payment or promise of further work. There is also a great deal of free information, attractively and helpfully presented, on the site itself (and some attractive graphic designs to go with the sections). They promote mediation and counselling and also promote collaborative law, as a new, more dignified, approach to divorce.
  • is a site provided originally by Abney Garsden McDonald Solicitors but now part of Simpson Millar LLP. The site aims to provide easy access to information for child and adult survivors of physical, sexual and psychological abuse on all aspects of this complex area of law. The site also aims to offer guidance on and understanding of the legal system of England and Wales for professionals working for survivors of abuse. By providing information on the legal rights available to the survivor of abuse in seeking compensation, an explanation of the civil and criminal court procedures and a guide to the Legal Aid system and Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, the site aims to offer a greater understanding of the workings of the Legal system.
  • UK College of Family Mediators is the professional standards-setting watchdog and public information providing body for family mediation in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is information on how family mediation works and information on finding a mediator.
  • Family Mediators Association offers trained mediators to help all couples facing separation or divorce to reach decisions about dealing with children, property and finance. Family mediation is a voluntary process by which couples in dispute, particularly those going through separation or divorce, are helped to deal with arrangements for their future.
  • Alternative Family Law - Southwark, London, a great deal of free information about family law including alternatives to litigation (including mediation and collaborative law), divorce, financial issues (including complext financial cases), international family law, family law issues affecting gay men and lesbians (including civil partnership and parenting) and issues about children and cohabitation. The site provides information in German as well as English.
  • Bridge McFarland, with several branches in Lincolnshire, offers which covers mediation in practice - in particular, how and why it works.
  • Solicitors for the Elderly is a national association of solicitors, barristers and legal executives who are concerned with improving the availability and delivery of legal services to older people. The site contains a list of member solicitors, arranged by town or area, and also a very good set of links to other bodies concerned with elderly people and the law, benefits, health, illness, social services, carers and so on.
  • Families Need Fathers is a registered UK charity which provides information and support to parents, including unmarried parents, of either sex. FNF is chiefly concerned with the problems of maintaining a child's relationship with both parents during and after family breakdown. Thre is a Rough Guide To The Law on the site, covering legislation and advice on many topics related to families and divorce.
  • Getting your Get is a free online booklet, providing information for Jewish men and women in England, Wales and Scotland about divorce according to Jewish law. The booklet, written by Sharon Faith BA (Law) (Hons) and Deanna Levine MA LLB also contains articles, forms and information for their lawyers. The booklet is in pdf form and can be downloaded from the site.
  • Sharing Pensions is a very informative site site focused on the division of pension rights resulting from UK divorce. The website is an independent financial advisers (IFA) view, providing information for family lawyers, their clients, individuals involved in marriage breakdown and divorce, pension scheme managers and those with an interest in retirement planning. The site includes an extensive glossary explaining terms found in marriage breakdown and retirement planning and also offers a valuation service from IFA pension experts.
  • Rights of Women is a womens voluntary organisation committed to informing, educating and empowering women concerning their legal rights. Founded in 1975, they offer free confidential legal advice by phone. The site provides information on the organisation and also a series of information sheets (in pdf) on divorce, child contact orders, child residence orders, and parental responsibility. The site also features downloadable copies of research and policy papers and a set of links in this policy area.
  • SeparatedDads provides help, advice & support for separated fathers. It covers many types of problem - legal, financial and emotional including, for example, how to negotiate with problems about custody and contact, how to deal with child support payments, how to communicate with kids, ideas for things to do when you're all together and even how to introduce a new partner to your children.

    More firms of solicitors who provide useful information on their web sites:

  • Access Law - Southampton
  • Barcan Kirby - Bristol
  • Simon Bennett - Marlow, Buckinghamshire, provides a large amount of detailed information on the site.
  • Crisp & Co. - Guildford & Esher, Surrey, provide extensive question and answer pages on divorce, children, living together, money issues and international topics
  • Fisher Jones Greenwood - Colchester, provides information on the site and also free initial advice by email.
  • Thomas Flavell & Sons - Leicestershire, offers information on divorce and on mediation.
  • Grahame Stowe Bateson - Leeds, provides information on these topics and will provide free initial email advice.
  • David Hodson - Sydney and London, dual qualified family lawyer specialising in international family matters and with a considerable amount of information on his site on these topics.
  • International Divorce Law Office (a USA firm) offers information about divorce in many different countries on the site and the firm offers legal services to people and lawyers around the world.
  • Josiah-Lake Gardiner - London, have a special site which provides useful information on divorce topics.
  • Norrie Waite & Slater of Sheffield, Rotherham and Killamarsh, provide a great deal of information on family law and divorce, including grounds for divorce, arrangements for children, financial aspects of divorce, domestic abuse, the rights of unmarried fathers and other topics.
  • Penny Raby - Pershore, Worcestershire
  • Silverman Sherliker - London, provide detailed information on their divorce site
  • Stafford Young Jones - London, provide a guide to divorce and a guide to finances on marriage breakdown.
  • Terry & Co. - Essex, provides information and free initial advice by email.
  • Tony Roe - Reading, provides information on divorce, family, civil partnerships and financial topics.
  • Ursula Bagnall, Divorce & Family Law Solicitor provides information on divorce, separation, mediation, cohabitation, childrens' disputes, financial and property issues, pre-marital agreements, pension sharing and inheritance issues.

    Divorce and Family Matters in Scotland

  • The Right Kind of Divorce - Scotland is a wide ranging portal for advice on this topic aimed at ordinary people with marital problems. There are links and descriptions of organisations which can help (both UK-wide and Scottish), information on separation, children, division of money and property, cohabitation, divorce, and the various routes to "sorting things out" available to the individuals concerned. The site is offered by Anne Dick of Family Law Matters, Shona Templeton of MTM Family Law and Alan Susskind of Harper Macleod solicitors, all based in Glasgow. The site is a mine of useful and impartial information.
  • Family Law Matters Scotland is a very useful resource covering divorce, separation, cohabitation, civil partnerships, children and the financial practicalities of all these topics.
  • McCarthyLaw - Glasgow, also and The sites provide information on a wide variety of family law topics in scotland.
  • My Scottish Law blog comes from Bruce de Wert, a Scottish solicitor at Georgesons Solicitors of Wick and Thurso in Caithness. The blog is updated frequently with postings on Scottish Divorce, Scottish Powers of Attorney, Scottish Wills and topics relating to Property Law and Estate Agency. Bruce also offers a number of spcialised sites for the purchase of wills, powers of attorney and divorce services in Scotland, all at very reasonable rates with a particular emphasis on family law.
  • Simplicity Law provides useful information on negotiation, mediation and collaboration for resolving divorce disputes. They provide fixed-fee legal advice in family law, divorce & child custody matters.

    Commercial Sites relating to Divorce and Family Law:

  • Durham Legal Services (Child Support Act)
  • Divorce-Online
  • Family Solicitors (search for a family law solicitor)
  • Inside divorce
  • quickedivorce

    Foreign and International Law Firms for your guide to law in Spain
    A Spanish Lawyer is happy to answer questions, without charge.
    See our Property section written by Spanish Property Lawyers.
    You can also hire lawyers in Spain from our panel of lawyers.

    Note: Lawyers in non-EU countries with a special interest (and sometimes also a location) in the UK can be found


  • is a site from solicitors Russell-Cooke which aims to demystify the rules governing French property purchases. The site features guides to buying or renting property in France, the latest legal developments in French property law, frequently asked questions and a glossary of useful French property terms.

  • Lawyers in France are a team of experienced French lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law, public procurement law, criminal business law, industrial and labor relations, as well as topics for individuals. There is a very large amount of basic information on the French legal system, e.g. a short guide to French Courts, Civil Law in France, power of attorney in France, opening a business, buying property, debt collection, VAT in France, taxation and many other topics.


  • Duncan Grehan & Partners - Dublin, provides a great deal of information in German about practical issues of Irish law including breach of contract, product liability, investment, residential property, company formation, employment law, insolvency and debt collection.

    Ireland - See also a page of Irish Solicitors

  • Lawyer ie provides a guide to the law in Ireland. There are over 100 pages of content covering different practice areas including family law, personal injury, medical negligence, defamation, employment law, taxation and property law. Apparently, 500,000 visitors have consulted the site over the last year. The information is provided by barristers, solicitors and other accredited legal professionals. The prime publisher of the site is Roddy Tyrrell who is also the Principal of Tyrrell Solicitors in Dublin 4.

  • Duncan Grehan & Partners - Dublin, provide free information on many practical issues of Irish law including breach of contract, product liability, investment, residential property, company formation, employment law, insolvency and debt collection.

  • Irish barrister Kieron Wood, covers Irish divorce law and a description of legal terms used in the Irish system.


  • Caroli & di Bitonto specialises in private international law, providing legal services for international customers who are seeking legal representation and services in Italy as well as legal representation to Italian customers operating abroad. The firm was founded in 2005 in Bergamo, Italy by Lucrezia Caroli, and now also has Deborah Di Bitonto, an expert in Italian commercial law and corporate law.

  • Cavaliere & Cavaliere - Rome, deals with British-Italian litigation and transactions. Francesco Cavaliere is admitted in both Italy (Avvocato) and England and Wales (Solicitor).

  • Claudio Del Giudice is a dual-qualified lawyer with a London practice but specialising in Italian legal work. The site contains articles and information on buying a property in Italy, avoiding the pitfalls, the new Italian Inheritance Tax, wills involving Italy and other Italian legal topics.

  • De Tullio Law Firm are specialists in Italian Property and Inheritance Law. Based in Rome, they also have a London branch to serve UK clients. The web site offers extensive descriptions in PDF form of the Italian legal processes involved in buying or selling property in Italy as well as an Italian Succession Guide. There are also helpful video descriptions of these processes and a series of detailed articles on particular topics in these legal areas (all in English by the way). A first consultation is free.

  • Italian Real Estate Lawyers are specialised real estate property lawyers based in Rovigo, Italy. They cover all of the regions in Italy and will guide purchasers of Italian property through the whole process. They provide an advisory service for anyone wanting to purchase property for personal use or as an investment.


  • Lita Gale - London, Lisbon, Madeira and Spain, is a UK firm specialising in Portuguese law with several lawyers speaking Portuguese, Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic and Africaans. Information on buying property in Portungal and a set of links to useful Portuguese sites.


  • Darie, Manea & Associates specialises in establishing Romanian companies, opening Romanian branches, obtaining business licenses and opening bank accounts. They also provide services relating to Romanian citizenship. They provide virtual offices in Bucharest. They have a network of websites for international clients interested in opening a company abroad including Lawyers-Bulgaria, Lawyer-Turkey and Company Formation Turkey.

  • Gradeanu & Partners is a full-service Romanian law firm with clients in Romania, Italy, UK and Israel. The range of services provided includes many commercial and business areas.

    Spain for your guide to law in Spain
    A Spanish Lawyer is happy to answer questions, without charge.
    See our Property section written by Spanish Property Lawyers.
    You can also hire lawyers in Spain from our panel of lawyers.

  • Alberto Perez Cedillo is an English firm, based in London, but also has Spanish lawyers. They cover the full range of civil and commercial practice for business and private clients with links to the English and Spanish legal systems.

  • De Cotta McKenna y Santafe is a Spanish law firm (Madrid and Costa del Sol) with some of the lawyers who are also qualified in the UK.

  • provides real estate legal services in Spain and is a general resource for property-related legal matters.

  • Lawbird Legal Services offers a great deal of information to English and Irish people with an interest in spanish Property and/or Immigration. All the lawyers are English-speaking Spanish solicitors. There are also two additional sites, and NIE Number Direct.

  • MJ Carillo are Spanish Lawyers specialising in property transactions of all sorts. Their site contains a great deal of information (in English) on buying and selling property in Spain.

  • Spain Company Formation, based in Madrid, provides legal information for business related to accounting, taxes, payroll and virtual office. They are focused on supporting startup businesses in Spain and helping small businesses succeed.

  • Spanish Lawyer Liverpool, Enrique Sanchez, is an independent, English speaking Spanish Lawyer working in the UK and Spain. He is registered with the Law Society of England & Wales and also with the British and Spanish Law Association. He regularly visits Spain to carry out legal work on behalf of English and Spanish clients and can represent clients in the Spanish Courts. He now has an additional web site - (about his new Costa Del Sol office).

  • Strong Abogados is a bilingual Spanish Law firm with a website which is available in English as well as Spanish. There is information for individuals, as well as people wishing to do business in Spain.

    Lawyers in non-EU countries with a special interest (and sometimes also a location) in the UK

  • TAJI & REKAN ("TNR") is a full service Indonesian law firm with expert Indonesian lawyers and attorneys. They are committed to advancing the interest of their clients throughout Indonesia and they have provided legal services to individuals, corporations, multi-national companies and international NGOs in many areas including not only Indonesia itself but also Malaysia, China and the USA.


  • Legal Japanese Translation is a site set up by Jeremy Rosenberg, an English solicitor living in Manchester who has also spent several years in Japan where he has achieved the highest examination possible for foreign learners of Japanese. On the site, he identifies useful Japanese legal articles and translates them with comments. He is also available for translation of legal documents from Japanese to English.


  • Mattar Law Firm is a major law firm in Lebanon. The site provides information on the legal system in Lebanon, significant cases, legal news and facts about the country as well as describing the legal services which the firm can offer.

  • Rasamny & Saadi Law Firm, based in Beirut, Lebanon provides legal services for individuals and organizations on the local, regional and international level.

    New Zealand

  • Smith & Partners, based in West Auckland,New Zealand, cover Business Employment Law, Property Law, Family Law, Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Estates, Elder Law and Wills & Trusts. They provide many articles on their site on legal topics and legal processes in New Zealand affecting private individuals, New Zealand businesses, charitable trusts and family trusts. They also provide a list of Useful Legal Resources for New Zealand

  • Turner Hopkins is a well established and successful law firm based in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. They provide practical legal advice and service to a diverse range of New Zealand and International clients.They have three partners and 22 support staff. They cover a wide variety of legal areas in business law as well as legal matters for individuals including enforcement of foreign judgements. The site provides legal news relating to legal matters in New Zealand.


  • Jus Privatum is a full service international law firm, based in Moscow. The Latin phrase jus privatum (“private law”) highlights the main area of expertise, i.e. property and related personal law. There is quite a lot of information about Russian law and legal topics on the site.


  • Crawshaws Solicitors, on Koh Samui, Thailand offer their clients an international law service with English professional standards. Situated in the fast-developing Bophut area of Koh Samui our resident lawyers and consultants are qualified in England and Wales, Hong Kong, Australia and of course Thailand. Now, Crawshaws Solicitors are proud to announce their recent merge with Legal giants DFDL Mekong. There is basic informationon the site about legal topics related to Thailand.

  • Siam Legal International is Thailand's largest legal service network. The law firm can assist with visas of all types both for Thailand and for other countries and there is extensive information on visas, on the site. They also provide other personal legal serivces, business legal services and services relating to property.

    Turks and Caicos Islands

  • Griffiths & Partners offer a range of legal services including family law, corporate and commercial services, intellectual property, real estate and banking and financial advice. They have deep knowledge and industry expertise in these areas.


  • American Attorney Services is a small niche American law firm based in Bristol providing U.S. legal services including US immigration, US civil litigation, Florida property, trust and probate, US personal injury and notarial services.

    For information on immigrating to USA, see Individual Topics under Immigration and also for USA sites generally see Sites and resources in the USA.

    United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Expatriate Law Practice, based in Dubai, is run by a British qualified solicitor, Alexandra Tribe. There are also branches in Abu Dhabi and in London. The firm provides advice for British expatriates and those with a connection to England and Wales on divorce and other family law matters including child abduction. The firm also advises on Sharia law and its implications for expatriates living in the region.

    International Divorce

  • International Divorce Law Office offers information about divorce in many different countries on the site and the firm offers legal services to people and lawyers around the world.

    Human Rights

  • Your Rights is a site from Human Rights and civil Liberties organisation Liberty on Human Rights topics. Founded in 1934, Liberty is a membership organisation at the heart of the movement for fundamental rights and freedoms in the UK. The site provides information from Liberty's legal team on many topics, including the Protection of Property Rights, the Right Not to be Discriminated Against, the Right of Free Expression, the Right of Peaceful Protest, the Right to Know, the Right to Privacy, the Rights of Children and Young People, the Rights of Defendents, the Rights of Immigrants, the Rights of Parents, the Rights of People with Mental Disorder and the Rights of Prisoners, the Rights of Suspects, the Rights of the Bereaved, the Rights of Travellers, the Rights of Victims and Witnesses and the Rights of Workers. The site also covers ways in which the English legal system approaches these topics (civil action, judicial review, government, local government, courts, the media, police etc.) Most recently, the site looks at the effect that Brexit will/may have on Human Rights There is a comprehensive list of organizations and publications, a FAQ section and information on how to ask further questions on an individual basis (Liberty apparently already respond to around 5,000 individual questions a year). There is also a discussion forum.
  • Deighton Pierce Glynn is a highly respected civil rights and judicial review litigation firm. They work with campaign groups and advice agencies, as well as individuals, particularly relating to judicial reviews. There is a large amount of information on the site on many human rights issues and current developments.
  • Leigh, Day & Co. of London, are a key human rights firm. As it quotes on the home page "Firms like Leigh Day are essential to redress the balance between big organisations and 'the small man' seeking justice." and "If you believe your human rights have been denied to you, Leigh Day’s human rights and civil liberties team is one of the leading team of practitioners in this specialist area in the country." There is a large amount of information on the site covering many human rights topics and development.
  • See also my "other" section on Human Rights, designed for Lawyers. That section is is more technically oriented but would be useful for an individual with some legal knowledge.

    Immigration, visas and work permits, for the UK, the USA, and (to a lesser extent) other countries

    for UK immigration, tier 2 sponsorship, extradition law, nationality, EU law and human rights law. We assist international business executives, private and public companies, banks, investors and individuals.

    Genetic Testing Laboratories provide Ministry of Justice accredited DNA Testing for Immigration & Family Law. Fast, accurate results - GTLDNA.

    Official bodies of involved with Immigration

  • UK Visas and Immigration is responsible for securing the United Kingdom borders and controlling migration. They manage border control enforcing immigration and customs regulations. They also consider applications for permission to enter or stay in the UK, citizenship and asylum. The site is an extensive source of information UK Immigration control, citizenship and asylum and provides information for people overseas as well as for people already here. There is a good set of links to other bodies involved in this area. There is now also a section on "Status of EU citizens in the UK: what you need to know".
  • Citizens Advice provides information on immigration and on British Citizenship. Search on the key words.
  • Coventry Law Centre has set up a detailed advice section on immigration, welfare benefits, employment and housing. The briefing sheets can be downloaded in pdf or Word formats. There is also a very extensive set of links on legal advice centres and resources in each of these areas.
  • The Electronic Immigration Network (EIN) is a charity relating to immigration, refugee and nationality law and practice in the UK. The site provides an online resource for immigration practitioners and for others with an interest in immigration, including immigrants and asylum seekers, students, journalists, judges, academics and researchers. The free part of the site gives access to general news and updates on immigration, as well as events and immigration law jobs. The Best Practice Guide to Asylum and Human Rights Appeals and the ILPA & EIN Experts Directory are also both freely available on the public site. There is further and more detailed information available on a subscription basis.
  • The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is an independent public body set up under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. It is responsible for ensuring that all immigration advisers fulfill the requirements of good practice. The site contains a facility to search for regulated organisations and advisers by area although this only includes advisers regulated by OISC - not solicitors or barristers. Parts of the site are available in many different languages.

    Firms of Solicitors and other organisations in the UK offering free legal information on their site relating to immigration

    See further down for Immigration to the USA, Canada and Australia

  • Aston Brooke is based in Harrow, Middelsex, and also has four branches in Pakistan. There is information on the site relating to business visas, family visas, work permits, student visas, carers and appeals procedures.
  • Danielle Cohen Immigration and Brexit Immigration - Camden Town, London, cover topics of Brexit immigration and other related topics in a series of articles and explanatory articles.
  • DavidsonMorris - London, provides a great deal of information about many types of visa for individuals and for businesses, the processes of applying for visas, appeals and compliance.
  • Direct Immigration Solutions - Norwich, provide information on their site about immigration rules.
  • D J Webb & Co. - London, provides information sheets on many aspects of immigration including an overview of UK residence and citizenship, an overview of visa and immigration, tourist and short term visas, business and study visas, work permits, residence for investors, retirement to the UK, gay immigration, family related visas and residence, training permits, political asylum and refugees.
  • Five Star (International) is a firm of Specialist Immigration advisors based in Glasgow. There is a great deal of free legal information on the site covering current UK immigration requirements for both individuals and companies. Five Star is not a Law Firm but has a team of In-House Specialist Immigration Solicitors, regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. They specialise in Entry Clearance and carry out the preparation of all types of applications. They can offer consultations in English, Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi - face to face, by telephone or Skype.
  • Gherson specialise in UK immigration, nationality, European Union Law, human rights law and asylum. The site is in 3 languages, including Russian and Chinese and there are brochures in another 7 languages. There is a large amount of information on the site on all possible topics relating to UK immigration law and also a library of articles on important current legal developments and a blog.
  • Global Visas works across the world and specialise in visas and work permits for many countries, including the UK but covering also the USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, India, China and the Philippines. They offer services for private individuals and for corporate organisations and provide a great deal of free information on the site on detailed regulations on all these countries.
  • iConsult Immigration provide extensive information on their site about different types of visa and the rules applying to each type.
  • ICS Legal specialise in employer sponsorship licensing, tier 2 work permits, partner visas and dependent visa applications. The site contains up-to-date information about a full range of UK immigration categories and is updated daily with UK immigration related news. ICS Legal is an OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) regulated legal practice, providing immigration advice and visa advice.
  • Immigration and Visa comes from LEXLAW Solicitors, and provides information on a whole range of topics relating to different categories of immigration and related issues.
  • is a site from solicitors Simons Muirhead & Burton of London which provides extensive information on immigration topics.
  • Kadmos Consultants of Wembley Park, London, provide information on different types of immigration and news and articles on current Immigration topics.
  • Life in the UK Test is an advisory blog and website that provides free advice, background information, test questions and related resources for future exam candidates. The sites are provided by a group of experienced university academics who have been through the UK immigration process themselves. The sites provide a comprehensive background and clear overview for Life in the UK Test.
  • PK Immigration Law - Edgware, Middlesex, provide information on many aspects of immigration including an explanation of the main UK immigration routes (from the Home office) of the points-based system consisting of 5 Tiers. Their initial assessment by telephone or email is free.
  • James & Co. - Bradford, provide information on many aspects of immigration, including work permits, family immigration, adoption, Islamic marriages, British Citizenship, becoming British and political asylum.
  • Reiss Edwards specialise in Immigration law and have a team with up to 10 years of experience in the Immigration, Nationality and Asylum field. There is a great deal of information on the site about the many different types of visa both for individuals and for companies. Staff members speak many languages including Arabic, Russian, Gujarati, Hakka, Cantonese, Hindi and Urdu.
  • RLegal - established specialist immigration law firm located in the West End of London undertaking work & investment, family including fiancé, spouse & partner, other individual type visas, appeals and nationality applications. There is detailed information on most types of visa categories available on the site.
  • Smith Stone Walters is a company providing assistance with UK permit applications, nationality law and United Kingdom work permits and UK visa applications. There is information on the site for individuals and for companies on the different types of work permits available and related regulation.
  • Status Solutions, founded by Shabana Shahab, tries to ensure that a solution is found to meet a person's UK Immigration requirements and lifestyle. Whether the person's aim is to like to live and work in the UK or simply become a member of one of the world’s most popular European Countries, the company will give straightforward, honest advice.
  • Stevens Machi are immigration lawyers in London with over 30 years combined experience. They provide free initial legal advice on immigration law, visas and immigration appeals procedures in the UK. There is information on their site covering these areas.
  • thevisaoffice, regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), provide immigration advice for individuals and for businesses and are also expert in advising on EEA Immigration Status. They offer a fixed fee framework, whereby all fees are agreed before work is sarted.
  • UK Visa Experts is a company providing assistance with all types of UK visas, and providing free information on their web site on these topics. You can fill in a form to send to them for a free online assessment. They offer a "No-visa No-Fee" guarantee.
  • Visalogic specialises in employment-related immigration from corporate immigration compliance and employer sponsorship licensing to individual work permits, partner visas and dependent visa applications. The site contains up-to-date information about a full range of UK immigration categories and is updated daily with UK immigration related news.
  • Visa Simple are immigration lawyers in London. The site provides information on many sorts of visa for individuals, families, businesses, students and workers as well as Settlement Visas, Indefinite Leave to Remain and Naturalisation. There is a special expertise in visas to India as well.
  • Westkin Immigration Associates provide free information on their site on many aspects of immigration law, including the Points Based System (including the Tier 1 (General) system (Highly skilled individuals, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Post Study Work), applications for UK Work Permits under the Tier 2 System, as well as Student applications under the Tier 4 system). Also issues relating to Marriage, Civil Partnership, Asylum, Human Rights and European Union Free Movement. You can fill in a form on their site to get free initial legal information.
  • WM Immigration Ltd is a private immigration consultancy firm offering professional advice on all UK Immigration and Visa issues. There is a large amount of useful information on the site on topics such as Indefinite Leave to Remain, Vistors Visas, Employer Services, Family Permits, Settlement Visas, Tier 1 and Tier 2 General Work Visas, Fiancée, Spouse, Marriage and Civil-Partner Visas and Student Visas. They are happy to provide a Free Eligibility Assessment to find out how they can help get someone's visa approved, with a response within 24 hours.

    Immigration to the USA, Canada and Australia


  • Gudeon & McFadden is an American law firm based in London practising exclusively in U.S. immigration and nationality law. There is lots of information on the site and also links to US and other bodies involved in this topic. There is a useful "What's New" page on the site with the latest news.
  • Optimus Law Group - London & Chicago provide a specialised site with information on USA immigration including an extended FAQ section and news of recent cases in the US.
  • US Immigration is a site set up by USA attorneys (Sesini Law firm) providing a practical guide to US immigration policies and procedures, including asylum and refugee topics. Other topics covered include family immigration, fianc visas, student visas, citizenship and naturalization, labor certifications, and deportation/removal defense.
  • United States Immigration is a site set up by David Turner, an American qualified (US Attorney) English national who has practiced United States Immigration Law for more than a decade. There is extensive information on the site, particularly on US Visas and on jobs in the US.


  • Alghoul & Associates, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, specialise in immigration and refugee law in Canada. Their site has some free and useful information on it, and they also take legal aid refugee cases for those who are unable to pay our legal fees themselves.
  • Best Place Immigration is an established firm of Canada immigration consultants based in Vancouver. The site provides information on many Canadian visa categories. The firm's specialities are spousal and family class applications, appeals, and business immigration applications.
  • Canadavisa covers Immigration and Visa Advice provided by Canadian immigration lawyer, David Cohen and the law firm of Campbell Cohen. Aiming to speed up the Canadian immigration application process, Canadavisa features Canada immigration solutions and a free Job Search Tool.
  • Canreach was established in Canada in 1998 with the primary objective of providing quality Canadian Immigration consultancy services for migrants from all corners of the globe. There is information on the site about the different categories of immigrant and work permit.
  • Canada Work Permit maintains extensive information on working in Canada and obtaining a work permit. It has an up to date discussion forum with answers to hundreds of typical questions.
  • Daw Immigration Solutions Inc. are Immigration Advisors or Representatives for your immigration case. Owner Christopher Daw has been working with Immigrants for many years. His first experience was as a volunteer, helping refugees settle in Canada. The site contains information on immigration to Canada and also a news page that is updated several times a week to help people keep on top of changes in Immigration news and policy.


  • Haag Walker Lawyers are Registered Migration Agents and Lawyers practicing exclusively in Australian Immigration Law. They provide a comprehensive range of Australian visa and immigration services, from standard visa applications to High Court Appeals. There is a free Visa Eligibility Assessment tool (VEA) on the site. This offers users a superior online service in providing an instant, accurate and free appraisal of whether they are likely to satisfy particular criteria for an Australian visa.

    General services and multiple countries

  • SkillClear is a company offering services related to immigration, work permits and consultancy generally. There is information about immigration to the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.
  • Migration Expert provides a wide range of services for many visa types and categories, with registered Migration Consultants and Lawyers providing immigration services for entry to Australia, Canada and the UK.

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