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Car Crime, Driving Law, Road Traffic Law

See also Car Crime, Driving Law and Road Traffic Law in Scotland

  • Carter Moore Solicitors(CM) are specialist road traffic solicitors dedicated to defending drivers charged with road traffic offences. There is extensive available on the site covering all types of offence, the likely outcome and what the person can do to make the best of the situation.
  • Hammond Trotter, Solicitors, provide information on different types of driving offence - and defence.
  • Driving Law is a company providing extensive free information on different types of driving offence and what action to take. They also provide a free initial answer to a query by email and/or a fixed price phone conversation (up to 30 minutes) with a qualified solicitor or barrister.
  • Hewitts Solicitors have a specialised site Motor and Transport Law which provides information and guidance on many motoring offences. They also provide a Freephone 24 hour advice line for urgent advice.
  • Motor Defence Solicitors offer a comprehensive database of offence information with details of the relevant penalties and summary information on possible defences. Topics include Reversing on a Motorway, Pillion Riding, Number Plate Offences and Parking at Night. The provide information on the site and then expert legal assistance in dealing with any Fixed Penalty Notice, Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), driver identity questionnaires, speeding tickets and prosecution for all levels of road traffic and motoring offences. They also have an additional site White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors.
  • MJP of Liverpool and Birkenhead, have a great deal of information on their web site on different types of motoring offence - speeding, careless driving, drug driving, excess alcohol, failure to stop, no insurance etc.
  • Motoring Offences Specialists is a site with lots of information on these topics from Norrie Waite & Slater of Sheffield, Rotherham and Killamarsh.
  • Geoffrey Miller of Manchester has two extensive specialised sites,, subtitled "Defending Drivers Nationwide" and, a specialised site for alcohol related offences. Each of these sites has a massive amount of useful (free) information which would provide essential reading for someone with a problem in these areas. They provide a free telephone assessment of a case, including evenings or weekends. They also provide information (in cooperation with legal publisher Lawpack) on fighting lesser motoring offences and parking tickets.
  • Motoring Lawyers Online, from Solicitors Forrest Williams, provide information on Speeding, Drink Driving, 12 Points Totting Up, Careless Driving, Dangerous Driving and other offences. As well as information on the site there is a blog called Motoring Solicitors with regular postings about Speeding, Drink Driving and Motoring Law.
  • Patterson Law - Newton Abbot, provide a great deal of information about different types of road traffic offence and how the system works.
  • Roadside Lawyer provides free legal guidance online on all aspects of road law in the UK, both for accidents and if accused of a motoring offence. You fill in your question online in a special form and the answer is returned to you. Questions and answers (without personal details) are also published on the site. The service is free.
  • Rothera Sharp - Nottingham have a special site which provides information on what you can do to keep your licence.
  • Stephen Oldham ("The Driving Solicitor")- Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, provides information on driving offences of all kinds, with nationwide coverage.

    Car Crime, Driving Law and Road Traffic Law in Scotland... solicitors - Scotland's leading road traffic law firm is Scotland's leading road traffic law firm. They will provide a free assessment of your case. 90% of their clients keep their driving licences!

  • McSporrans are Edinburgh Solicitors & Legal Aid lawyers specialising in all types of criminal defence, with a particular expertise in road traffic offences. There is a great deal of free background information about road traffic law, speeding, drink driving and related topics on the site.
  • Nationwide Road Traffic Lawyers provide information and assistance to drivers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and throughout Scotland. Led by experienced Scottish defence lawyer Euan Cameron.
  • is a Glasgow firm run by solicitor Richard Freeman. The site offers a great deal of detailed information on many types of road traffic offence. There is a 24 hour freephone help service.
  • is a Glasgow firm run by solicitor Graham Walker. Their lawyers have over 30 years of experience in criminal defence work between them. They deal exclusively in road traffic law. The site offers a great deal of free information on road traffic law in Scotland and how to protect your licence. They will provide a free assessment of your case.
  • is a site from Glasgow firm Michael Lyon. The firm covers traffic cases throughout Scotland from drink driving to speeding. They will provide free initial advice/assessment.
  • Scottish Driving Law of Annan, Dumfries and Galloway, provides a great deal of information about different types of offence, aspects of pleading guilty or not guilty and all about penalty points.

    Consumer Issues

  • Citizens Advice Bureau provides extensive and detailed information on consumer affairs
  • Consumer Protection Rights protects your consumer rights when you buy goods or services; this site enables you to complain about a product or service
  • The Advertising Standards Authority is a useful source of information and you can complain if you think advertising rules have been broken
  • Monitor is an organisation to monitor healthcare providers (i.e. the NHS) in England - you can complain on this site
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to find out about consumer rights with banking, insurance, mortgages and financial advice, and how to complain or avoid scams.
  • The Legal Ombudsman for England and Wales has formal powers to resolve complaints about lawyers, free to the person with the complaint. The service is open to all members of the public, very small businesses, charities, clubs and trusts. It has been set up by the Office for Legal Complaints under the Legal Services Act 2007. The aim is to simplify the system and make sure consumers have access to an independent expert to resolve complaints.
  • Consumer Rights from "Which?" covers what to do if you have a faulty product, a flight delay, a problem with a credit card, a small claim, a second hand car with problems, a problem with a mobile phone contract, unwanted calls and texts, a mis-sold PPI - and many other problems.
  • ConsumerLine is Northern Ireland's consumer advice website.
  • Consumer Rights Expert is a public interest website at focused on understanding peoples' rights as consumers. Topics covered include advertising and selling, credit and store cards, data protection, dining out, financial health, holidays, leisure, propetry, shopping, transportation and utilities. The information is provided in a series of articles written by professional journalists and experts, and new articles are added to the site on a regular basis.
  • Oxfordshire Trading Standards Department provides a large amount of general consumer information.
  • What Consumer provides a large amount of information on consumer topics and also provides a series of forums for users to share information.

    Conveyancing (buying and selling property)

     Here to help you - call 0330 606 9548​
    Conveyancing Services   
    Free Conveyancing Quote   

    Legal advice for buying or selling from our Residential or Commercial property solicitors. With over a dozen locations, we represent you anywhere in the UK.
    Call free: 0800 916 9083

  • The National Land Information Service (NLIS) is a government approved and regulated, electronic land and property searches portal, the only one of its kind in the property searches market. NLIS provides its services by way of a ‘hub’ and ‘channel’ model, operating as a convenient single point of electronic access to a variety of offical sources of land and property information. It connects users directly to land and property information held by local authorities, central government and other organisations that provide official sources of land and property data. NLIS Licensed Channels include Searchflow, Thames Water Property Searches. There are however other suppliers of property searches who are not part of the NLIS system.

    The firms below offer information on conveyancing. However, most of them provide legal services in many areas of law and you may have to search through the services they offer to find conveyancing. Several of these offer on-line conveyancing quotes.

  • Access Law - Southampton, offer general information on conveyancing as well as descriptions of the main types of searches which could be involved and different types of fees likely to be charged.
  • Barcan Woodward - Bristol City Centre, North Bristol, South Bristol.
  • Brethertons - Rugby and Banbury, under the conveyancing section, provide useful information on buying and selling houses.
  • Clutton Cox of Bristol offer useful information about conveyancing on their site.
  • Elliot Mather - Chesterfield, Mansfield & Matlock, Derbyshire, provide information on the conveyancing process with a series of fact sheets.
  • Express Conveyancing provides extensive information on conveyancing, lease extensions, freeholds, property auctions and commercial conveyancing, and offers free initial advice on these topics.
  • Fidler & Pepper - Nottinghamshire, offers a "Beginners Guide" as well as conveyancing quotes on line.
  • Thomas Flavell & Sons - Hinckley, Earl Shilton and Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, offers information on buying and selling a house, first time buyers and remortgaging.
  • Fridays Property Lawyers provide a great deal of information on their site about conveyancing and also provide a service to locate a firm of solicitors near you.
  • MacNamara King - Warwick, provide information on buying brand new properties from builders, buying other properties and selling properties.
  • Pearson Maddin - New Malden and Surbiton
  • Penmans - Coventry, Kenilworth and Wellesbourne, offer with a good FAQ section
  • SAM Conveyancing – London & Home Counties; News section offers conveyancing know-how, tips and diagrams for everyone from first time buyers to seasoned property investors. Subsections include conveyancing, house surveys, mortgages and probate. Articles frequently provide links to official HM Government source material.
  • Terry & Co. - Essex.

  • Which? Mortgage Advisors provide impartial advice on mortgages and will help you find the best mortgage for your requirements. There is a free information telephone number as well. Ireland

  • Duncan Grehan of Dublin, provide information on property purchase (buying and selling) in Ireland and Irish property trends.
  • O'Donnell McKenna - Donegal, offer a checklist of things to consider when buying a house.

    ....and in Scotland...

  • Allingham & Co. - Edinburgh (Marchmont, Buckstone, Colinton), offer a detailed guide to house purchase and to house sale.
  • Georgesons - Thurso and Wick, offer good information on home buying in Scotland.
  • The Edinburgh Solicitors' Property Centre.
  • The Glasgow Solicitors' Property Centre, including free legal advice on property matters.

    Crime, Police and Prisons

    See also the section on Legal Aid in these pages.
    See also detailed sections below: Police, Prisons and Criminal Injuries Compensation

  • Crime, justice and the law is a substantial section on the GOV.UK site, covering Courts, sentencing and tribunals, Prisons and probation, Reporting crimes and getting compensation, Young people and the law, and Your rights and the law. Each of these sections has many sub sections.
  • UK Criminal Law blog is run by a group of barristers who were concerned at inaccurate reports of criminal cases in the press, the lack of public understanding of the criminal justice system and the number of unlawful sentences handed out by the courts. The blog provides a great deal of information about the court system and the legal system generally, particularly with respect to criminal law.
  • The Citizens Advice Bureau provides information on your rights and related issues although it mainly covers civil issues rather than crime as such.
  • Criminal Law Solicitors Association (CLSA) has a directory which enables you to search for a CLSA member solicitor by area (postcode), by name (of the solicitor or of the firm) or by the court.
  • Victim Support is a voluntary agency that helps people affected by crime and provides support and information to help them deal with their experience.
  • Lawtons are Criminal Defence Solicitors in London and the South East. In their Resources section, they provide articles on many topics relating to typical questions asked by people accused of a crime and what to do if arrested or charged. Also covered are detailed sections on different types of crime. The material provided is straightforward and informative.
  • Norrie Waite & Slater of Sheffield, Rotherham and Killamarsh, provide information on their site relating to rights on arrest, being charged and bailed, representation at court and legal aid funding as well as information on how crimes are classified and on each type of crime and how they are treated.
  • Tosswill & Co. - London, provides information on During the Investigation, At Court, Finding a lawyer, Legal Aid and Fees, and other topics.

    Police Sites

  • Crime and policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland provides links to the police forces around the country and related organisations as well as lots of information on the police services generally. This is the official Home Office site on this topic.

    Prisons Information

  • HM Prison Service is the official GOV.UK site on this topic. The site provides information for the families of prisoners so as to "explain" the process of prison life. There is an extensive list of organisations associated with prisons and their families and the full text of "Prisons Service Orders". There is also a list of all prisons with information on opening hours and how to get there, a section "about prison life" and prison statistics.
  • Scottish Prisons Service provides information on prisons in Scotland.

    Criminal Injuries Compensation

  • The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a Non-Departmental Public Body which administers the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Since its introduction in 1964, it has provided some tangible acknowledgement of societys sympathy for innocent victims of violent crime or those injured trying to apprehend criminals or prevent a crime. They receive over 40,000 applications for compensation each year and spend in excess of £200,000,000 per year in compensation payments. The site describes the scheme, provides the forms in pdf format and gives advice on how to apply for compensation.
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel (CICAP) has the role of determining appeals against decisions made by the The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) (as above) solely arising from claims for compensation for criminal injuries made on and after 1 April 1996 under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. You can search for decisions under Eligibility, Compensation and Procedure and then refine the search with keywords and date (decisions are in pdf format). You can also find information about hearings in any particular area and download the form.
  • CICA-UK is a trading name of The Dures Partnership Solicitors, based in Liverpool, acting for clients all around the country. People who have been physically or mentally injured can apply to the CICA for compensation ranging from £1,000 to £500,000 and CICA-UK will assist with this process. There is quite a lot of information about how it all works on their site.
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation works under the guidance of Winston Solicitors, of Leeds, and provides information on the compensation scheme and the process of making a claim. There is a Frequently Asked Questions section and a Criminal Injuries Compensation Calculator.
  • Criminal Injuries Claims provide information on the compensation scheme and the process of making a claim. This service is managed by the Criminal Claims Bureau, a regulated firm providing legal services to victims of crime.

    Debt... and Individual Voluntary Arrangements

  • The Citizens Advice Service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice, and by influencing policymakers. They provide extensive information on debts.
  • Bankcruptcy Clinic is a company providing a service to declare yourself bankrupt, having taken details of your own situation. There is also information on bankruptcy in general on the site and links to Government run services and other advice resources.
  • Pay Plan offers advice, guidance and support for anyone struggling with debt. They try to help people find a way out of debt and enable them to take back control of their money. Many organisations including the Citizens' Advice Bureau, the Police Federation and unions such as Unison refer their clients to this group.There is a related site called Debt Questions which is a free information site.
  • Debt Forum is a support board allowing people with debt problems to share their experiences with each other. Members help and offer mutual support and advice to others facing bankruptcy and similar debt related issues.
  • has been helping people in debt for over 75 years. They aim to help you find the best debt solution for your situation. They are one of the few companies who do not charge extra for setting an IVA up. There is lots of information about debt and about Individual Voluntary Arrangements on the site.
  • IVA Online allow people to apply for an individual voluntary arrangement easily directly with an Insolvency Practioner. Beneficial for people with secured debts such as mortgages and secured loans.
  • Simple Financial Solutions provide information and assistance for many financial topics, including how to handle debts.

    Debt... in Scotland

  • 180 Advisory Solutions is a Glasgow-based firm with many years of experience in both corporate recovery and restructuring and in managing one of the largest and most successful personal insolvency businesses in Scotland. They work with both individuals and businesses needing help and advice and initial conversations are free and without obligation, to explore whether there is anything they can do to help. Fees only charged once a client has agreed to go ahead.
  • provides a forum where members of the public in Scotland can directly, without charge, obtain information and advice from a panel of Scottish insolvency professionals. All members of the advice team are professionally qualified and hold the Certificate in Debt Resolution (CertDR).
  • Scottish Trust Deed provide help and advice on debt solutions for Scottish residents only. They provide a free advice service where consumers can talk through their situation with a qualified advisor/Insolvency Practioner at no cost. People struggling with loans and credit cards will find this service beneficial.
  • Trust Deed Scotland are Scotland's largest Trust Deed Introducers. A Trust Deed actually uses government legislation to enable people living in Scotland who are financially struggling with debts generally over £10,000 to manage their debts within a realistic timeframe. The duration of the repayment period is typically 36 months and you will pay an agreed monthly contribution based on your affordability and then when this arrangement comes to an end, all of your remaining debts are legally written off. There is lots of information in this topic on the site.

    Discrimination and Disability

  • The Citizens Advice provides information on discrimination and disability issues; search on what you need, from the main page.
  • Disability information from the Government with information on the legal situation, policy, programmes and links to other bodies.
  • Rights of Women is a womens voluntary organisation committed to informing, educating and empowering women concerning their legal rights. Founded in 1975, they offer free confidential legal advice by phone. The site provides information on the organisation and also a series of information sheets (in pdf) on divorce, child contact orders, child residence orders, and parental responsibility. The site also features downloadable copies of research and policy papers and a set of links in this policy area.
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission works to eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality, protect human rights and to build good relations, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to participate in society. This new organisation has been made up of previous commissions: the Equal Opportunities Commission, the Commission for Racial Equality and the Disability Rights Commission, to cover and co-ordinate action against all these types of ineuqality.
  • Ashby Cohen provide a great deal of information on discrimination for both employees and employers covering Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Sex Discrimination and Sexual Orientation.
  • Solicitors for the Elderly is a national association of solicitors, barristers and legal executives who are concerned with improving the availability and delivery of legal services to older people. The site contains a list of member solicitors, arranged by town or area, and als? a very good set of links to other bodies concerned with elderly people and the law, benefits, health, illness, disability, social services, carers and so on.


  • Fisher Jones Greenwood of Colchester have an extensive section on education law.
  • Nicholas Hancox, Solicitors is a firm which specialises in the law relating to schools and colleges. They advise local education authorities and independent schools, church schools, faith schools, FE colleges, nursery schools, extended schools and special schools. There is a great deal of information on the site covering all these types of education and also admissions and exclusions, independent appeal panels, parental complaints, accidents at school and pupil misbehaviour.
  • Turner's Education Law Specialists - Bridgend (Solicitors), provide information on Special Educational Needs & Statementing, Bullying, Exclusions, Disability Discrimination and other problems in schools; ther eis aso a FQ page for common problems.
  • SENLegal is a firm of solicitors in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, dealing specifically with Special Educational Needs. There is good background information on this topic.

    In Scotland

  • The National Advice Centre for Special Educational Needs in Scotland covers the Educational System in Scotland generally and problems of Special Educational Needs (SEN) in particular, from the parents' and childrens' point of view.
  • Additional Support Needs looks at the rights of disabled pupils and pupils with additional support needs in scotland.

    There are further sites on Education Law described in the section for lawyers, here.


    Reculver Employment Solicitors
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    For Settlement Agreements, Redundancy & more

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    Employment Advice   Employment Contracts   Settlement Agreements Redundancy   

    Government, Trades Union and Charities providing information on employment issues

  • worksmart is a new site from the TUC providing a comprehensive guide to employment rights. The site is laid out as a series of fact sheets, each leading to a series of options for more detailed information. The site is free but there is also a section to encourage people to join a union and a "union finder" which lists unions by the industry or business sector.
  • Citizens Advice provides extensive and detailed information on employment matters (search for "employment").
  • Coventry Law Centre has set up a detailed advice section on employment, welfare benefits, housing and immigration topics. The briefing sheets can be downloaded in pdf or Word formats. There is also a very extensive set of links on legal advice centres and resources in each of these areas.
  • GOV.UK enables you to search for employment tribunals.
  • The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) is designed to consider appeals from decisions made by Employment Tribunals. An appeal must be on a point of law, i.e. it must identify flaws in the legal reasoning of the original decision. They will not normally re–examine issues of fact. EAT is a 'court of record' i.e. its judgments set precedents and may be used in support of Employment Tribunal claims. The database contains all judgments transcribed from full hearings since 1999 plus selected judgments from other hearings. There is also a section for latest judgments (from the last month). EAT judgments are available on this website as Microsoft Word files or on the BAILII website in html format.
  • Employment Tribunal Claims: tactics and precedents is a blog from barrister Naomi Cunningham to update and supplement her book of the same name. The blog is organised with each posting cross-referenced to the number of the paragraph of the book that it supplements. The book (and the blog) is aimed at claimants in person, unqualified advisers, and inexperienced lawyers. The site also contains links to all the statutory discrimination questionnaires in particular, Disability, Equal Pay, Orientation, Race, Religion or Belief and Sex, which can otherwise be quite hard to track down. The site also has a new page 'getting advice' which gives general guidance on where to look for free or affordable employment advice and representation.
  • Working Families is a national UK charity. They give free advice to employees on their helpline, 0800 013 0313, about family friendly rights e.g. rights at work for pregnant women and maternity leave and they advise on negotiating flexible working.
  • OUT-LAW from solicitors Pinsent Masons, provides a vast amount - 10,000 pages - of free legal news and guidance, mostly on IT and e-commerce, and including employment issues, with many new items posted every day. There are also a large number of quite detailed "Guides" on technology and laws for the technology sector.
    Leading UK employment law solicitor, in all areas of employment law, including constructive dismissal, whistle blowing, discrimination at work. The firm helps large corporations, small businesses & individual employees.

    Firms of solicitors providing free legal information relating to employment topics on their sites:
    See also Firms in Scotland providing free legal information relating to employment

  • AP Partnership - Peterborough, provide an online newsletter on this topic.
  • Ashby Cohen - London provide a database of information on unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal and redundancy, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, racial discrimination and many other employment law topics (take the "Lawsearch" option).
  • Blake Morgan - Fareham, London, Portsmouth, Southampton & Brussels, provide a newsletter.
  • Blandy & Blandy - Reading, offers an employment law newsletter.
  • Brethertons - Rugby and Banbury, provide useful free fact sheets on employment problems.
  • Canter Levin & Berg - Liverpool, Merseyside and Lancashire, offer a special employment law site with information on numerous employment topics.
  • Click Solicitors (Buzz Law) - Sheffield - provide information on different types of employment problem for individuals - bullying, discrimination, redundancy etc, and also types of processes that the employee can invoke within the firm, and beyond. There is also a useful blog on the site.
  • Employ-claims is a site from the specialist Employment Law division of Oxford and Reading firm Pearce West.
  • Employment Law Mailing List is a free email bulletin service contain updates on employment law, sent out two or three times a week by barrister Daniel Barnett. Widely recognised as the leading employment law update resource, this email bulletin currently goes to over 24,000 recipients.
  • Employment Relations Solicitors provide information on Bullying, Harassment and Workplace Stress, Disciplinary hearings and procedures, Making a Grievance complaint, Tribunal Claims, Discrimination Dismissal, Companions and Compromise Agreements.
  • Employment Tribunal Claims ( is a blog from Naomi Cunningham which supports and updates the book Employment Tribunal Claims: tactics & precedents (2nd ed. LAG September 2007) by her and Michael Reed.
  • Fisher Jones Greenwood - Colchester - offers a "calculator" to work out redundancy pay entitlement
  • Gordons - Leeds, Bradford and Keighley
  • is a site set up by Morris Legal (Solicitors) Ltd. The site provides free information on employment law relating to dismissal and Employment Tribunals. The user fills up a form about the situation and receives initial advice and a quotation for further work.
  • Hallett Employment Law Services - Lutterworth, Leicestershire, offer a large number of free factsheets on their site on a whole range of employment law topics. They also provide documents for sale on their site, aimed at small/medium sized business clients. These documents cover issues like redundancy and disciplinary procedures and various policies, such as ones dealing with smoking, use of IT e-mail and Internet, and Harassment and Bullying.
  • Hegarty & Co. - Peterborough, provides a free email alerting service called "employment law e-ssentials".
  • Leigh, Day & Co. - London, provide summaries of many areas of employment law, with updates and RSS feed available for receiving regular information.
  • Martin Kaye of Telford in Shropshire, have two specialist sites providing information on employment topics: (employment law protection), and (for employees with a problem).
  • Nationwide Employment Lawyers have over twenty years experience in employment law claims including discrimination of all types, unfair dismissal, redundancy, compromise agreements, bullying and harassment, stress claims and whistleblowing. They have descriptions of many types of employment issue on their site, together with a FAQ (e.g. what is unfair dismissal), articles on current developments and case studies.
  • Pattinson Brewer - London, Chatham, Bristol and York, offers a series of online "pocket guides" to maternity rights, the disability discrimination act, the rights of casual, temporary and fixed term employees, TUPE, protection from harrassment and labour law updates for trade unions.
  • Reculver Solicitors provide a great deal of information on many topics for employees and employers. There is a particularly useful feature called "Calculate your statutory redundancy pay". This calculates your entitlement to a statutory redundancy payment, your statutory entitlement to notice (or payment in lieu of notice) and provides a comparison with what you might get if your selection for redundancy is unfair, and if it takes you six months to find suitable alternative employment.
  • is a site dedicated to Settlement Agreements. There is a great deal of information on this topic and you can email for free initial advice.
  • Sherbornes of Cheltenham provide an in-depth coverage of legal developments in the employment area. These updates can also be received by email.
  • provides extensive information.
  • Tribunal Claim provide employment representation to employees throughout the UK. They provide information on many types of employment issue including tribunals.
  • Withers offer, which relates to maternity and paternity rights and also adoption leave rights, with calculators which can be used online or downloaded to your own computer. Extensive notes are provided with the calculations to ensure that the right options are taken.

    Scottish firms offering free information on employment topics

  • BBM Solicitors – Edinburgh & Wick, provides Scottish employment law information for both employees and employers on topics ranging from unfair dismissal and breach of contract to employment tribunal representation and settlement agreements.
  • Miller Samuel Hill Brown Solicitors - Glasgow, shares useful Scottish employment law information for both businesses and individuals, regarding discipline in the workplace, unfair dismissal, bullying in the workplace, family friendly rights, redundancy and more. They also maintain a regular employment law blog here.
  • The Glasgow Law Practice – Glasgow, provides employment law advice for people across Scotland on settlement agreements, whistleblowing, contracts of employment, discrimination, social media and the law and more.

    Other organisations relating to Employment Law offering free legal information on their sites:

  • CompactLaw provides legal documents for sale online and a lot of free legal information.
  • Employment Solicitors UK provide information on many aspects of employment law.
  • Hatton James Legal provides information on many employment topics for employers and for employees.
  • Settlement Agreements provides articles and guides on this topic. There is a Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) section and you can ask your own question.
  • WorkingRights covers employee rights at work from discrimination through to what action someone can take when faced with losing their job.

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