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Accidents and Injuries, including Health and Medical Negligence

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Organisations providing free information on accidents and claims

  • Citizens Advice Bureau provides extensive and detailed information.
  • Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) is a non-profit making organisation set up by solicitors specialising in road accidents and compensation claims. Members are bound by a charter setting minimum service standards. The site offers extensive information on what do do if you have an accident, how to make a claim and how fee insurance works. You can locate a local member of the society from the site.
  • Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website, run by the charity Law for Life, the Foundation for Public Legal Education. It provides information on rights and the law.
  • AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) is an independent charity which promotes better patient safety and justice for people who have been affected by a medical accident. A 'medical accident' is where unintended harm has been caused as a result of treatment or failure to treat appropriately. This includes where the care has been negligent, but does not necessarily mean that it was. AvMA believes that whatever the cause of a medical accident, the people affected deserve explanations, support, and where appropriate, compensation. The site includes a directory of firms of solicitors they have assessed and approved.

    Firms of solicitors providing free information on their sites

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    No Win No Fee  Personal Injury Claims   
    Clinical and Medical Negligence Claims

  • Accident Claim Expert comes from Kevin Bolton, solicitor, of Manchester. There is a very large amount of information on the site about virtually every type of accident.
  • Accident Claims Advice, part of JF Law Limited, Upton, Wirral, provide extensive information on road traffic accident compensation claims, accident at work claims, sports injury claims, and slips, trips and falls.
  • Accident Solicitors Direct (ASD) of Sheffield have set up a very extensive Advice Centre. The site covers general personal injury (with detailed descriptions of many types of injury), road traffic accidents, accidents at work and industrial disease. The site provides good information which does not talk down to the viewer.
  • Actons - Nottingham, also provide a special site here on compensation for injury.
  • Amanda Cunliffe - Macclesfield, Cheshire, provide lots of information aboout different types of accident including accidents at work, road traffic injury, industrial disease and medical injury.
  • Antony Hodari & Co. - Manchester, provide information on personal injury claims, road traffic accidents, car accident injury claims, bike & motorbike accident claims, whiplash claims, brain, spinal, head injury claims & work accident claims.
  • Asbestos Law Partnership - Halifax and Birmingham, provide a great deal of information on all asbestos related topics
  • from Simpson Millar - Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Manchester, Wimbledon and Gateshead, provide useful information
  • from Thompson & Co., of Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, cover what the disease is, why it occurs, different medical conditions and what you can do to claim compensation.
  • from Hamers - Hull, Leeds, Doncaster, Hessle and Sheffield, with information on asbestos and injuries related to asbestos.
  • Asbestos Victim Advice comes from We Solicitors of Manchester. There is lots of information about injuries due to asbestos and also legal news on this topic.

  • Bartletts of Liverpool, Chester and Ellesmere Port, offer a specialised site with detailed information on many types of work injuries.
  • Bonallack and Bishop - Salisbury, Andover, Amesbury, Verwood and Warminster provide information about how the No Win No Fee Agreements work, on their special site
  • Boyes Turner - Reading, have special sites for Cerebral Palsy, Asbestos and Industrial Diseases, covering (across these three sites) Asbestosis, Asbestos related lung cancer, Dermatitis, Diffuse pleural thickening/fibrosis, Malignant Mesothelioma, Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus, Occupational asthma, Pleural plaques and Vibration white finger/hand arm vibration syndrome.
  • Brain & Spinal Injuries comes from Leigh Day a specialist claimant personal injury law firm. The site provides a series of case studies, using video reports from the members of the family of the injured people and descriptions of the legal processes involved from the lawyers handling the cases. The style is straight forward and informative and would be very useful to families wondering what to do next.

  • Carrs, based in Bolton but handling claims across the UK, provide detailed information on their site of many types of injury at work.
  •, part of JF Law Limited, Upton, Wirral, provide extensive information on accidents at work, accidents on holiday, accidents involving an emergency services vehicle, animal injuries, asbestos compensation, building site injuries... and that's just accident types beginning with A and B.
  • Claim Time - Birmingham, provides information on many types of injury and claim.
  • Clear Answers from Thompsons Solicitors (with branches around the country) provide a large amount of information on many personal injury topics.
  • Coles of Northallerton and Thirsk, North Yorkshire, provide information on their site about different types of accident and injury.
  • C&S of Bridgnorth, Shropshire and Bewdley, Worcestershire, provide information on accidents and injuries on their injuries site
  • Cycle Aid is a site from Simon A Holt & Co of Preston which provides lots of good information on cycle accidents

  • Express - Northenden, Manchester provide information on many injury types and in particular, on two special sites: The Cerebral Palsy site and The Serious Injury site

  • Fisher Jones Greenwood - Colchester, provides information on the site.
  • Fletchers - Southport, offers information on medical negligence, serious injury and motorcycle and bike accidents

  • Hayward Baker - Portsmouth, provide information on different types of claim, how long the process may take and how much it will cost
  • Higgs & Sons - Brierley Hill and Kingswinford, West Midlands, have a special site Head Injury UK with extensive information on this type of injury.
  • Hugh James - Cardiff, provide information on many types of personal injury including accidents at work, brain injury, BT Deafness, harmful Products, holiday accidents, medical negligence, military deafness, spinal cord injury, sport & leisure injury and workplace disease & illness.

  • Irwin Mitchell, a major firm with many branches across the UK, provides a great deal of information on this topic especially on medical negligence at (medical negligence)

  • JMW Solicitors in Manchester and Altrincham provide information on the law and process of clinical negligence claims and also detailed information on such topics as A&E negligence, orthopaedic errors, erbs palsy, cerebral plasy, neonatal conditions, cancer misdiagnosis, surgical errors, obstetrics, gynaecology and psychiatric negligence.

  • KLS Law - Warrington offer a specialised site with a great deal of useful information on cycle accidents and what to do if you have one.

  • Lampkin & Co. - Deeside, Flintshire provide information on Car accidents, Motorcycle accidents and Taxi cab accidents.
  • Lanyon Bowdler provide information on different types of injury and also give some interesting reports of awards they have won for their clients.
  • Lawson-West - Leicester, Wigston and Market Harborough, provide downloadable guides on accidents at work and road traffic accidents.
  • Leigh, Day & Co. of London, provide extensive and detailed information on personal injury topics including medical negligence.
  • Levenes - London, Birmingham and Cardiff, provide answers to the most often asked questions and a form for viewers to fill in their queries.
  • Macks Solicitors offer a series of particular sites:, and

  • Marsons - Bromley, Kent, have a specialised site Marsons Injury with extensive information.
  • Norrie Waite & Slater of Sheffield, Rotherham and Killamarsh, offer lots of information on different types of accident at

  • Pannone provide Pannone Clinical Negligence blog

  • Specter Partnership - London and Cheshire, provide a great deal of information on their web site about different types of injury and different types of claim.
  • Stephen Wood - Norwich, describes the different sort of no win no fee arrangements available and how they work. It is not as easy as it sounds.
  • Sternberg Reed Taylor & Gill - Barking, Essex, clinical-negligence
  • Stewarts of London and Leeds provide a site called which gives a very large amount of information on this topic.
  • St Helens Law - St Helens, Merseyside, provide information on different types of injury on their specialised site nd also offers free initial advice by email.

  • The Claims Connection offered by Winston Solicitors of Leeds offer free advice on accident claims, medical negligence, dental negligence and endowment complaints.
  • The Claim Solicitors - based in Chichester, offers a nationwide network of solicitors and medical experts.
  • TJL - Manchester, have a special site on cosmetic surgery problems and claims at
  • Tom Street & Co. of Frome, Somerset, have a specialised site which provides information on many types of accident and injury.

  • Wilson Nesbitt - Belfast and Bangor, also offer a guide to damages in Northern Ireland at ABC Claims

    Scottish firms providing information and services about claims in Scotland

    Bonnar Accident Law, personal injury specialists One of Scotland's leading personal injury law firms: road traffic accidents, accidents at work, industrial diseases, head & brain injury.
    Free information on compensation claims!

  • Accident and Injury Claims Centre set up by Frazer Coogans, Ayr, provide information on their site on road traffic, accidents at work, slip and trip, industrial diseases, and other types of accident.
  • Accident Compensation Scotland
  • Bonnar & Company, with offices around Scotland, provide extensive information on their site on car and motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, construction site accidents, industrial disease claims, sports and leisure injuries and claims resulting from slips, trips and falls.
  • Conway Accident Law Practice - Glasgow have a good FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) section on accident problems.
  • Lawford Kidd, Edinburgh, provides useful Scottish personal injury information on many different types of accident and injury, as well as advice for claiming.
  • Waterman's, with offices around Scotland at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling & Inverness, provide extensive information on the site about different types of injury.

    Claims Firms providing information and services

    Claims Firms are companies offering information on Accidents and Injuries and offering claims handling facilities. They all offer a free initial assessment. These companies generally use solicitors and in some cases are run by solicitors but they are not firms of solicitors as such - they are set up as companies.

    Note that the Ministry of Justice now provides the statutory framework for the regulation of claims management activities. You can see their site (Claims Management Regulator) here. You should ensure that any company used to assist you with your claim is registered with this body. Solicitors (in the sections above) are regulated by the Law Society (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

    Injured in the UK? Accident Claims Web advise on all aspects of personal injury law and have expert Brain Injury Claims Lawyers, Accidents at Work Solicitors and Car Accident Claims Lawyers.

  • provide information on their site on many types of claim.
  • Accident Claims UK provide information on their site on many types of claim.
  • Axiclaim specialise in Medical Negligence.
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome Compensation Claims
  • provides information on many types of injury and types of claim
  • provides information on many types of claim
  • Claims4Free provide information for road accidents, criminal injury, industrial accidents and other types of injury.
  • Claims Helpline provide information and services on many types of claim
  • Claims Squad provides information on many types of claim
  • Direct2compensation provide information on many sorts of accident and some useful articles on the claims process
  • Medical Negligence Lawyers - information on many types of medical negligence claim
  • provide information of many types of medical negligence, including birth injury claims, claims against a GP, misdiagnosis, hospital negligence and surgery claims. They have offices in England and Wales,
  • Negligence Claimline have set up an extensive Advice Centre with articles on many types of medical negligence claim as well as providing information generally about the law and the process of making a medical negligence claim.
  • No Win No Fee describes how the "no win no fee" claims work and indicates which types of case can be taken under this arrangement. It tells you how to read the small print.
  • Quittance are a national network of medical negligence and injury solicitors. There is a description of many types of injury and how to claim, on the site.
  • UK employment Law Solicitor John Eastwood offers no win no fee compensation claims relating to employment matters
  • The Accident Compensation People
  • The Accident Claimline provides information on various types of injury claims in the UK and provides a number of local and specialist sites.
  • You Claim - information and news on different types of claim
  • Wheels at Once

    Dental injuries and claims

    Dental Claim Solicitors deal with dental negligence claims e.g. undiagnosed gum disease, poor root canal treatment, substandard crowns, restorations, bridgework...
    No Win No Fee may be available. Call 01694 722134.

  • Dental Law Partnership - Nantwich, Cheshire, provide legal representation for dental patients in dental negligence cases.
  • Dental Claim Solicitors - Church Stretton, Shropshire, are specialists in dental law and dental negligence claims. They also provide a great deal of free information on their site.

    Benefits and Welfare

  • Coventry Law Centre can only advise speople who live in coventry but it has information on welfare benefits, employment, housing and immigration topics. There is also an extensive set of links to other online resources in each of these areas.
  • The Citizens Advice Bureau is an entry point to information and advice.
  • The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy. There is information on these topics and links to further information elsewhere.
  • Law Centre (NI) is a not for profit agency working to advance social welfare rights in Northern Ireland. Although designed for Northern Ireland, most of the information is also applicable to the rest of the UK.
  • Benefits and Work is a site run by Steve Donnison , a freelance welfare benefits trainer and writer. He provides free, very detailed, step-by-step, downloadable guides to claiming disability and incapacity benefits. There is even a 2 minute test to help someone decide whether they are eligible. He also provides very competitively priced welfare benefits and employment law training courses.
  • Help the Aged offer a free welfare rights service for seniors. Thre are also lots of reports and advice notes which can be downloded from the site in a text format or in pdf.
  • Ferret Information Systems was established in 1987 and is the largest company in Europe in the field of law dealing with welfare benefits and similar areas of determinative, compliance, and regulatory law.
  • For problems relating to the Child Support Agency, there is an organisation called Durham Legal Services which gives free advice and can also take on cases on a paying basis.
  • Neil Bateman has set up a "welfare rights resource centre" which is an extensive set of links to resources involving benefits, welfare rights and advice on these topics. Neil himself provides training and publications on these topics.

    Business (early stages, family business, SME)

    Employment law specialists in all areas of employment law. Our Legal advice for employers includes constructive dismissal, whistle blowing and harrassment at work.

    For information for larger and established companies, see my
    Companies section.

    For information on tax matters and financial planning for smaller firms, see the section for tax.

  • Adlex Solicitors advise businesses on every aspect of trading online, website law and internet law. The firm was founded in 2001 by internet and domain name lawyer Adam Taylor, former partner and head of E-Commerce and Technology Group at City of London solicitor firm Withers. He is a Nominet and WIPO domain dispute panelist and the site provides information on all these topics. Adlex are also happy to provide free initial advice by telephone.
  • Arnold Hill & Co. are an established and proactive firm of Chartered Accountants with over one hundred years of experience advising clients on tax and business issues. There is free information on the site relating to many business topics, and in particular, an extensive Glossary of Accounting Terms aimed at helping small business owners understand the financial terms used in meetings with banks and accountants.
  • B P Collins of Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, provide provide information designed to assist new and established businesses manage a range of key tasks and issues.
  • Cousins Business Law are champions of the SME as all of their clients are small to medium sized businesses, very often family owned and run. They particularly specialise in dispute management, directors duties and responsibilities, commercial property and licensing. They offer a free initial telephone case assessment and have an Ask A Lawyer facility on their website. They also have a blog covering business law topics.
  • Silverman Sherliker LLP offer a specialised site with information on trade marks and registration and case studies of people who did not do this. As a special promotion, the firm is also offering free trade mark searching at the moment and fixed fee trade mark registration in the UK, EU and Internationally. There is also an additional site with further in-depth information about Trademark Registration including trademark news and a blog on trademarks.
  • Quick Formations Ltd offer online company registration services using the Electronic Filing facilities at Companies House. There is information about limited companies and the requirements for setting them up and then operating them.
  • Company Wizard is an online resource providing electronic company formation services and business products for use in the UK.
  • Teneric business Plan Limited is a company help that helps small businesses starting up prepare solid and professional business plans to get business finance and generate new opportunities. They also offer a range of comprehensive, complete sample business plans online, many of them free, that can be instantly downloaded. They also offer a site called SmallBusinessPro which provides small business start up guides and information to new and existing business owners on all aspects of starting and running a business.
  • UK Corporator is an expert system for generating limited company formation documents online. The system operates on a question and answer basis to obtain the information needed for the forms, providing full explanatory notes at each stage so that the user understands the process of preparing the documents, and takes account of the relevant Companies Act provisions. There is also a considerable amount of free information available on the site.
  • Shareholder Rights is a site set up by Brabners which aims to outline the legal position of shareholders in a Private Limited Company, the pitfalls, the precautions that can be taken and what can be done if it all goes sour. There are major sections on company structure, rights of a shareholder, selling your shareholding, shareholder disputes and valuing a shareholding.
  • The Company Warehouse provide Limited Company Formation, VAT Registration, Domain Name Registration, Web and Print Design with Free Phone Advice and Support. Very competitive prices for all documents and services.

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