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This site provides a comprehensive set of links to useful legal resources, designed to be of use to the legal community in the UK and Ireland. It was set up in 1995 and is still going strong as one of the very few independent legal web sites in the UK.

Until October 2006, I did not accept advertising of any kind. However, I now feel that some advertising is acceptable to most viewers and, quite honestly, it is nice to generate a bit of income from this site!

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Here is a particularly nice comment about the site From Mr Sahota, of Sahota solicitors, Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts, Civil):
"If you ever want a testimonial to the wonderful resource that you provide the legal fraternity (and the wider public no doubt) you have only to ask - I can give you an honest quote, I am definitely near the top of your fanclub list!"

About Delia Venables

Delia Venables consults and writes on IT and internet topics relating to legal applications. Her web site (this one) was one of the first legal resources to arrive on the UK legal web in 1996 and it is still going strong.

Together with Nick Holmes, she jointly writes and edits a series of online courses which goes under the general name of The Legal Web. Details of these courses can be found on Nick Holmes' site here.

Together with Nick Holmes, she also edits and produces the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers which is a bi-monthly newsletter covering how lawyers can make the best use of resources online (particularly free ones), how they can use the internet for improving service to their clients, how it is changing legal practice, how lawyers can market themselves and also sell legal services online, legal aspects of e-commerce and IT issues relating to all these topics. Details of the newsletter can be found here.

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