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    redmans Solicitors
    Redmans Solicitors are specialist employment solicitors, unfair dismissal solicitors and compromise agreement solicitors based in London. Our employment law solicitors advise employers, senior executives, directors and employees on their workplace rights. Please contact us for employment law advice or settlement agreement advice.
    Dartford Chambers Dartford Chambers is a virtual Chambers with Family/Children Law practitioners working from home. Clerking services are provided by DartLaw Services, run by experienced Chambers Manager, Elaine Cheeseman.
    See www.dartlaw.co.uk for more info!

    JMW Solicitors

    De Tullio Law Firm provides legal advice for UK and Irish buyers on buying property in Italy

    De Tullio is an Italian Law Firm advising on buying and selling property in Italy for American, UK and worldwide buyers. We offer legal advice concerning Italian Inheritance Law, Italian Succession, Wills and Probates, Retiring to Italy, Private law, Arbitration, Litigation, European Law and Corporate Law.

    You can take these courses right up to 31st December! Each provides 5 hours CPD from BSB:
  • Guide to Legal Web Resources 2014 - legal commentaries online, electronic evidence, European legal resources, internet skills
  • Guide to Legal Web Issues 2014 - privacy, court reporting restrictions, digital copyright, web images, Bitcoin, BYOD, big data
    Recent comment: "Excellent course; highly relevant to practitioners of all ilks. Superb rapid response from you."
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